Saturday, February 13, 2016

ARC REVIEWS It's All About Samantha Chase!

First up we have a three for one. The Baby Arrangement/ Baby, I'm Yours/ Baby Be Mine three very cute books about babies and falling in love. My favorite out of the three would have to be Baby, I'm Yours and that all because Josh. Samantha Chase is a easy read, I zipped through these in no time. They were enjoyable and babies, so cute.

The Baby Arrangement: Derek Sloane is carrying on the legacy his grandparents started, his younger brother is living the high life. Kaleigh Mitchell got her degree in interior design, but the job she took as customer service rep was just suppose to be temporary. Here she is years later still doing the same thing and fantasizing about her boss. Until one day a baby is dropped off at the office naming one of the Slone brothers the father but not specifying which one. Derek has no idea if it's his or his bother's. While he is arguing with his secretary the baby is crying non-stop, unable to stand the sound of a crying baby anymore Kayleigh walks into Derek's office and tries to calm the baby. Derek is desperate and offers Kayleigh a temporary job of live in nanny for the baby. At the price Derek names Kayleigh figures she could finally start her own business. Derek and Kayleigh of course fall in love, Kayleigh was half way there to begin with but seeing Derek with the baby and making an effort to be a father.

This was a cute one, a little bit of heartache and a sweet baby.

Baby, I'm Yours: Nicole celebrating her graduation goes out for a night of fun before her dream job interview. She meets a handsome man and they click and they spend the night together. Nicole slightly ashamed of herself slips off in the middle of the night, that one night changes everything. Three years later Nicole's best friends are finally getting married. They get together for dinner one night so they can introduce Nicole to the best man, Nicole is stunned to find out that he is her baby daddy. Josh is very mature about the whole thing he wants to step up and be in his daughter's life without taking her away from her mother. He wants to start a new life with both of them, he never forgot about Nicole and he accepted full responsibility for the whole thing. Nicole is worried about what his parents will think about her and afraid Josh will leave and break both their hearts.

This was such a nice one. I wish I had a Josh of my own.

Baby, Be Mine: Olivia made a fool of herself on her eighteenth birthday when she kissed her brothers best friend Jake only to be rejected. Ever since she has gone out of her way to avoid him. Olivia is on a break from work, she is reevaluating her life when her brother calls frantic and in desperate need of help. Jake's ex-fiance dropped off the twins she never told him she had and asked for money in return to sign away her parental rights. Jake always wanted a family but he has no clue how to deal with twins. Olivia only agrees to help because if she doesn't her mother who just went through hip surgery will come up from Phoenix to do it. Jake refuses to hire a nanny and has to juggle working from home and helping with the babies. Jake reveals to Olivia he has always liked her and he wasn't rejecting her all those years ago when he pushed her away he saw her brother coming down the stairs and didn't want his butt kicked for making out with her. Both Jake and Olivia have to reevaluate their lives, whether Olivia will stay and spend her life with Jake and the babies or if she will continue her Hollywood photographer lifestyle.

This is a good one, it was emotional and sweet.

This is book six of the Montgomery Brothers series, I think it's fine to read as a stand alone, maybe reading the previous one but I didn't feel lost jumping in at this point. I like a good grumpy bastard meets his match kind of book but at points Zach just... you just want to reach in the book and smack him upside the head Gibbs style. Zach is so childish and selfish that he completely interpreted something and then ruined the best thing to happen to him. The fact that Gabriella stayed his assistant that long is a bloody miracle. It just gets worse when Zach falls off a mountain and almost kills himself. He becomes full of self doubt and self pity that Gabriella is the only one who can snap him out of it. Gabriella is heaven sent, she is way over qualified to just Zach's assistant and has on several occasion been offered another higher position in the company. But she politely refuses the offers and stays with Zach.

Zach is having a hard time coping and it is taking him longer than he likes to recover, it also doesn't help that he keeps firing his physical therapist. Zach's father and Uncle have had enough and are forced to remove Zach as President of  the company. Zach faced with the fact that he might lose everything finally gives in and starts to cooperate. Zach has been pushing Gabriella away for their own good not wanting any rumors about them having an affair or anything. But the thought of her with him all day makes him push to hard to her breaking point and she quits. Everyone does what they can to keep her with the company, and when Zach finally admits why he acted the way he did, she stays on and they start a real relationship. Everything is hunky dory and Zach is doing splendidly in his rehab until someone from Gabriella's past shows up and brings all of Zach's insecurities front and center and then he does something very very stupid. Zach has his moments and the story is enjoyable. I love this trope and I have read better but if you can get past Zach acting like an big baby it's a good read.        


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