Saturday, March 12, 2016

ARC REVIEW Her Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler

I keep forgetting that this is only book 4 in the X-OPS series. There is such a large cast of characters and such an in depth plot of conspiracy that it seems like a much longer series than it actually is; so far. I really liked this one it was perfectly paced and the action was suspenseful, the characters are all lust worthy. I love Minka's vulnerability and how her love for Angelo lets her embrace her new found strength and abilities. Angelo is a white knight, he is out to save everybody he can. After what happened with his mother he isn't willing to let anyone into his life only to be gone most of the year. Minka changes everything.

Minka was kidnapped and turned into a lab rat. She doesn't remember all what happened except for the strange stuff they injected her with and being repeatedly tortured and abused. She was able to escape and the monster the doctors put in her ran her to safety, when she finally regained control of her monster she was almost home only to be assaulted by local soldiers. Minka screamed and fought her assailants and suddenly her beast took over. she would have killed them all but something calmed her beast down.

Angelo and his team of Special Ops soldiers were doing a routine sweep of an area when a scream filled the air. Angelo and his team go rushing to the aid of the terrified woman not expecting to walk into a blood bath. Angelo recognized the woman for what she was, a hybrid. Thankfully Angelo was able to talk to her and keep her from attacking him and his men but then she did something strange she launched herself at Angelo and buried her nose into neck and inhaled; she calmed down but she wouldn't let go. Angelo convinced his LT to call the DCO, the Department of Covert Operations, and let them handle her but seeing that she wouldn't let go of him he went with her.

Landon and Ivy are called into Thomas Thorn's office. Landon and Ivy don't trust Thorn as far as they can throw him they believe that he is behind the Hybrid program that stole Ivy's DNA back in the first book. But Thorn is none the wiser thinks that they are on his side. When Minka and Angelo finally get to DCO headquarters they are met by Doctor Dick and Minka almost kills him, well that's foreboding. Minka and Angelo are given an apartment and get very close, Angelo has no plans to stay and Minka is willing to deal with it. Minka's childlike innocence is endearing and her passion is fierce, Angelo doesn't want to hurt her but her cant stop from loving her. Minka starts to see Zarina who teaches Minka about her beast and how it came to be and also started to help her learn how to control it. The DCO decides to use Minka to track down exactly where she was held and find it and destroy it and bring in the two Doctors behind the Hybrid program and that leads to one big cluster fuck.

Overall, this was a very exciting book it follows a couple more characters then just Minka and Angelo but that just more build up for the over all story arc. It probably can be read as a stand alone its pretty much explains everything, I missed the first two books and I feel a more like I'm missing something but not lost.


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