Saturday, March 19, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Princess Wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins

This is an in between novella for the Princes of Oxenburg series centered on one of the Princes' cousins. I love Karen Hawkins she always has a witty cast of characters who get pushed into unlikely situations and fall in love.

Princess Tatiana was on her way to her cousins wedding there was an accident and when she came too could remember nothing, she fled the scene and wandered for a couple of days before coming to an inn where she was offered a job. When she finally regained her memory she had no way to prove her identity to anyone, and the proprietors of the inn, the Drummonds, didn't believe she was a Princess of a country they never heard of. Tatiana learned as she went to earn her keep at the inn waiting for her cousins to come and find her.

Lord Darrac Buchan was injured while in service during the war with the French. His leg was damaged so bad he almost lost it; now riddled with scars and damaged muscle tissue he walks with a cane. Embarrassed by his impairment he stays at home the only time he leaves is for his Friday night dinner at the local inn where the innkeeper's wife is a much better cook then his own estates cook.

One particularity rainy night Buchan and Tatiana meet. For her own safety and because the Drummonds are worried that she's a bit daffy told Tatiana not to talk to anybody. Buchan knows right away she's no ordinary maid her forthright manner and the lack of callous' on her hands says she is something more and that intrigues Buchan. It is three weeks before Tatiana serves him his meal again. In this second meeting Tatiana says something that let on she is more with little convincing she tells him the truth. Buchan doesn't really believe her at first but with a little bit of reading he soon believes her.

Of course Tatiana and Buchan fall in love, but they both feel likes it's doomed, they both know as soon as her cousin shows up she will go back to the Royal life. Overall, this was too short I just enjoyed the characters that much, but really, as it was I don't think it could have been turned into a full length novel. I loved this one, it is a great addition to the series.  

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