Saturday, April 23, 2016

ARC REVIEW Vulnerable by Mary Burton

Book four of the Morgans of Nashville series by Mary Burton and this one is just as creepy and suspenseful as the others. I have been waiting for Georgia's story since the beginning.

Georgia Morgan the youngest and only girl of the Morgan family, she is one of the forensic techs with Nashville PD and ever since the first book she has been pestering her oldest brother, Deke, who is in charge of the Homicide Department to let her handle some of the cold cases. Luck is on her side when Dalton Marlowe starts to put pressure on NPD to reopen his son's case. Deke gives the case to Georgia and Jake Bishop, Boston born with a dark past who previously came across as a bit of ass; but ever since Jake saw Georgia perform her cover of Faith Hill's Breathe on stage he sees her in a different light and is falling in love with her. Georgia is a little oblivious when it comes to Jake but then she realizes why he acts he way he does with her and she basically says why the hell not.

Mike Marlowe, Bethany Reed, and Amber Ryder all went into the Percy Warner Park for a science experiment; only Amber came out alive and she couldn't tell anyone what had happened because she claims to have amnesia. Georgia, all ready to start on her case, has called Amber to ask her questions. Five years and still no clue or bodies have been found. That is until a local girl is found dead, her body dumped in a cave and as Georgia is doing her thing collecting evidence she uncovers two more bodies hidden deeper in the cave. The two bodies are revealed to be Bethany and Mike. Amber's return has Dalton in a stir, he doesn't believe her amnesia story and blames her for his son's death. The more Jake and Georgia ask around the more they slowly discover the truth and with all their poking and prodding it has the culprit on edge.

Overall this was a great twisting and turning suspense, more suspense than romance but then again I love those. It does reveal something early on but then through out the book it has you wondering WTH! I really enjoyed this one. I love Mary Burton's style of writing and the connection she writes   between the characters themselves and the connection that you feel for the characters. I can't wait for more.        

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