Saturday, June 11, 2016

ARC REVIEW Into the Whirlwind by Kat Martin

BOSS Inc. book two by Kat Martin which is part of her Brodie's Universe. Into the Whirlwind follows Dirk and Megan who started their romance in the last book. Fortunately, while it helps to have read the last book it is not imperative to follow the story. I really enjoy Kat Martin books, the action is always a grabber the romance is heartfelt and combining the two is always well thought out; especially when you are dealing with high tension situations. When I read the synopsis for the book I thought how in the world are two people going to fall in love (again) when a child has been kidnapped! As a Mom I know romance would be the last thing on my mind if one of my kids went missing. But Kat Martin made it work. I was looking forward to the tattooed bad boy's story and this did not disappoint; even if Megan did a little bit.

 Megan's son the whole reason she dumped Dirk five months prior has been kidnapped. She can't go to the cops but she knows the Dirk can help bring her boy home. Dirk calls in reinforcements and gets to work immediately; it's easy for him to find out who was behind it and find a possible location they might be holding the boy, but things aren't that easy and with the price on the little boys head in the millions it isn't going to be that easy getting him back, or tracking down the brains behind the kidnapping or the ulterior motive behind the kidnapping.

Overall, From Seattle to Argentina it is an action filled story. While Megan thought she was thinking of her son when she initially dumped Dirk her motives were kind of selfish as were the actions that followed. She obviously didn't learn her lesson about pleasing other people and sacrificing you own happiness with her first marriage. Luke Brodie plays a major role in this story and it gives you a taste of him before his own book out next year.      

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