Thursday, June 9, 2016

#TBT RC REVIEW Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt

This weeks Throw Back Thursday is Elizabeth Hoyt's book Wicked Intentions. First Published in 2010 as the first book in her Maiden Lane series. In honor of the release of Duke of Sin book ten in the series Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley offered Wicked Intentions up for review. I had just finished reading Duke of Sin and never having read any of the previous series I though it wouldn't hurt. WOW! I can see why this series has lasted as long as it has if this was the first book. This book was nothing what I expected. I loved Lord Caire and Temperance Dews was unexpected. The whole cast of characters was intriguing and when reading about them it teased me and now I want to know more.

Temperance Dews runs a foundling house with her brother, they take in orphan or abandoned children until an age where they can be apprenticed out. It was started by their father and are now struggling to keep it open after the death of their patron. Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire, is looking for a killer. Two months ago some one brutally murdered his mistress, he is determined to find out who did it. Lord Caire however needs someone to help him find the right kind of people to talk to in St. Giles; Caire for some reason thinks Mrs. Dews is the right person for the job. He even pays her back rent and enough monies to feed and clothe the children until he has tracked down the killer. He has also promised to help Mrs. Dews find a new patron for her foundling house by introducing her to the right people.

Lord Caire is drawn to Mrs. Dews he can see the passion she hides behind her plain and starchy facade. Caire means to draw out that passion any means necessary but first they must find a killer. Mrs. Dews wants to hate Caire but the sexual attraction is almost to much for her to handle. That lust is only sin deep and the more time they spend together and learn about each other they truly come to care for each other.

Mrs. Dews leads Caire around St. Giles but in their search they attract the attention of the killer and soon find them selves the target. The killer seems to know where they will be, but they have an unlikely ally in the Ghost of St. Giles. A harlequin dressed masked vigilante who is thought of as a ghost who haunts St. Giles to seek vengeance against his death.

Overall this was a great book, I think it's safe to say the rest of the series has ended up on my want to read list.      

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