Thursday, August 4, 2016

ARC REVIEW Almost Forever by Kathy Clark

Book two of the Austin Heroes series greets us with a dead body. Katy Clark continues the series with the Archer boys, this one the straight laced Texas Ranger Justin Archer. I really enjoyed this one it was nice seeing Justin so willing to risk his dream job for love. The story was a great mystery, a little predictable but I love the way it played out.

Lori Roberts lucked out when she meet Mark Roberts, a whirlwind romance that had them married after just a few days. Unfortunately that luck didn't last long, after she got pregnant he became emotionally abusive and distant and soon had a line of mistresses until one day he just vanished. Lori assumed he ran off with his latest mistress. Lori was happier without him she had her daughter and the winery. The winery that Mark was running into the ground, Lori however loved the place and nurtured it back and made it into a successful place. Justin has wanted one thing in his life and that was to become a Texas Ranger. From childhood his idols were the Rangers and he knew he would do anything to be one. Justin is good at his job he is a by the books kind of guy until he meets Lori. Accused of murdering her husband Lori's only hope is Justin. Justin believes Lori didn't kill her husband but the only way to prove it is by stepping away from the Rangers and digging in deep. Justin decides to stay with Lori not only because he in love with her but someone has been trying to kill her. Now Justin not only trying to find a killer but a would be assassin.

Overall, this was a good one not as good as After Love but at times it had a classic noir feel to it and I enjoyed that. I also love the new direction the cover went, very Texas western.

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