Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ARC REVIEW Riding Him by Alexa Riley

I enjoy Alexa Riley it's always good, consistent, entertaining, and very sexy stories. I'm not crazy over MC romance but I make the exception for Alexa Riley. I always wish there was a little bit more story to her books but she more than makes up for that with her characters and their romance. I believe this is the final Ghost Riders Club and finally Knox.

Violent Violet knew law enforcement would never be for her she needed something more and when she met her new sister-in-law and the Ghost Riders crew she just knew she found her place and as an expert markswoman she has a place. She just has to earn it a rival that is bad news needs to be taught a lesson and with her sister-in-law pregnant and not able to sit out on her stomach for long periods of time waiting to make the hit it's Violet's test. If only her partner for it wasn't the confusing smartass Knox. Knox always manages to say the wrong things to Violet and she completely unmans him (quite literally, a well placed knee shot). Knox instinct is to protect her with everything he's got even if that means he doesn't want her in the Ghost Riders. Their time together all alone Violet proves just how she can handle herself and Knox proves that his feelings aren't temporary.

Overall, it was a very short quick read that I liked over the others, Violet is so strong a character to see her show that vulnerability to Knox shows how deep she trusts him. Knox is a geek so that hands down is reason enough to love him.

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