Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ARC REVIEW Storm of Ecstasy by Setta Jay

I get my erotica fix! I can always count on Setta Jay to give me romance, hot sex, and a great story. Not to mention finally P gets his. I have been lusting after the black winged Pothos since I started the series. What I really liked about Setta Jay was the summery of what has happened up to this point. Most of her books have been written as stand alones but the last book left off as a bit of a cliffhanger and so the summery she give is a good reminder to those of us who have read all the books and a great in the nutshell for those who have missed it.  

In the last book we finally find out the true origins of Pothos' mother, and Pothos gets pulled in the the blue swirling vortex that transports him to the other world Thule where he meets his mate Gefn. Gefn is a Goddess on her world and when P and her disappear in the middle of a standoff between the Guardians and her brothers they almost start a war. This calms down between the two worlds when Gefn proves she's safe with Pothos and that she will explain all later. Hades and Hrroar make a deal to trade their other sister for Apollo.

You get to see Hades in his annoying overbearing father role. P and Gefn are worried about how they are going to make things work, she needs to be in Thule and P has to protect Earth. With the knowledge that Hrroar and Dagur have of the upcoming disaster that has been foretold for both of their worlds The Guardians are a bit more prepared for it.

Overall, I enjoy this series so much. I can't wait for Sirena's story next.

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