Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ARC REVIEW Taming a Duke's Reckless Heart by Tammy Andresen

A massive shame on me, I forgot to put this in my calendar and forgot to post a review for it and that's bad because this really is a great book. It reminded me of Julie Garwood and Eloisa James. The story is wonderful and I love Tammy Andresen's narrative, the characters were all very enjoyable and likable. It was a really really good read.

Piper Baker and her mother are on their last penny, her mother is ill and desperate enough to marry a man because he can support her. All the while her mother is pushing her to make a good match, not for love but for support. On their way to the dock to board a ship bound for New York they are attacked by thieves, luckily for them Barrett Maddox is on his way to his boat as well and manages to scare off the thieves. Being a gentleman Barrett can not in good conscience let these two women travel alone. He takes them to his ship and transports them safely to their destination. On the way he makes a promise to Piper's mother that he will help her find a suitable match. But the more Piper's mother reminds him that he is suppose to find a match for Piper the more it pushes him toward her.

Piper fell in love with Barrett right way their time together on the ship made her feel special, but Barrett being male is a little bit obtuse. He doesn't realize his feelings for her are as strong as they are until he starts introducing her to eligible bachelors, then he scares them off. Piper is confused because the he says he's helping but then he sabotages his own efforts to marry her off.

Overall, I really loved this book.    

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