Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fearless by Kimberly Kincaid

I was automatically inclined to like this book for several reasons; one: a female firefighter, two: a Backdraft-esk storyline, three: smokin' hot firemen. After reading it I was happy the author pulled through and made this a memorable story for me. There were things that caught my attention but I realize not every Fire Department has things set up the same way. Savannah at times was off putting her brash manner just made things more difficult for her, but I do realize that when you are in a male dominated career you see first hand the sexism and you come to expect that but as a fireman's daughter and sister she should already know some of the stuff to expect like KP duty, everybody does it. Other than that I loved the book.

Cole is finally going to get the coveted spot in the Fairview Rescue Squad but first he has to train his replacement until the other rookie is out of probation. Cole wants nothing more than the spot of FRS it's the one goal he has set his life to. Cole is controlled and straightlaced and I love to witness these  alpha types lose control over a woman. Savannah is a legacy firefighter, her father and all her brothers she could have easily went through the academy in Texas and worked her way up but she knew that as her father's daughter there was a chance they would go easy on her. She wanted to earn her spot and be equal to the everyone else. Fairview was convenient she would be able to start on her own but not be completely alone as one of her brothers was there. Savannah still has a lot to learn and Cole is willing to help if he can manage to keep his hands off of her. She challenges him at everything and everytime it makes him want to kiss her even more. They start a relationship and successfully manage to keep work and sex separate. But...cue the Backdraft-esk story; Cole is going over old procedurally stuff and notices a common factor in the last few fires, even though they were listed as accidents the physical evidence that wasn't noted indicates that it was arson. Savannah wants to charge in and reveal everything, but this certain person soon blackmails Cole and threatens his career. Savannah is willing to risk it all, but Cole would be ruined. Now Cole must face the decision of what is truly right and wrong.

I have a soft spot for female firefighters. I remember when my home town got its first female firefighter, she was stationed at my Dad's station. I always admired her. Overall, this was a great read. Aside from Savannah being confrontational for everything, I really enjoyed this book.      

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