Thursday, September 15, 2016

ARC REVIEW Hard to Handle by Raven Scott

Hard to Handle is Fortis book three, sigh Sam, I've been waiting for this scottish hunk since book one. Raven Scott does it again this is an action packed suspenseful romance that goes deep into corrupt politicians and re-kindling a once forbidden romance between Sam and his business partner's fiancee, Mikayla. I loved this one, I'm not usually one for political drama, but the chemistry and the drama between Sam and Kaylee is worth it especially since it involves car bombs, death threats  and some really hot sex.

 Several years after their brief one time affair Mikayla is deep in trouble and knows the only person who will help without telling her ex-fiance is Sam. Sam is still mad at Kaylee for lying to him all those years ago but still deep down he has feelings for her. It was an instant attraction and one thing led to another and they ended up in bed together it wasn't until the next day that Sam found out who she really was and ended it and has been avoiding her ever since. Mikayla needs Sam's help but she doesn't want him to involve the rest of the team, so Sam agrees but he's technically on vacation and working on his own dime therefore her rules don't apply. Sam does digging of his own because her story doesn't add up. What was just supposed to be competitor blocking any opposition using threats and blackmail turns out to be so much more and it's personal for Mikayla and her family.

The relationship is complicated between Sam and Kaylee especially since part of the story she tells him is that she's currently the mistress the the owner of the company she works for and is his secretary. It's even more on the rocks when Sam finally admits to Evan what happened right before the engagement got called off. I love Sam he's the strong type, very loyal, and whole-heartedly in love. He's going to get down to the bottom of what's happening and keep Kaylee safe. Kaylee knows she dug herself in deep she only hopes that Sam can forgive her for lying.

Overall, this was a great read. I really am enjoying this series and look forward to more. Hopefully a certain British Fortis employee will get her own story soon??    

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