Saturday, September 17, 2016

ARC REVIEW Mad for the Plaid by Karen Hawkins

I have been waiting for Nikolai's story from the very beginning. I was not let down you get to see the many facets of Nik from his Prince Nikolai Romanovian of Oxenburg to just Nik. I love books that start of with letters between the two main characters. Nik and Ailsa are both headstrong and stubborn, Nik however is use to knowing when to argue his point and when to drop it for later. Ailsa is use to being in charge, her father gave her the job of manager of the house and grounds and she has excelled at it. Ailsa and Nik are alike in many ways. Alisa is constantly pushing Nik's buttons to see how far she can push him. Nik has had years of court experience behind him the little Scottish woman shouldn't be able to push his buttons yet something about her just sets them all off.

Tata Natasha has gone off to visit an old friend while on this visit she disappears, not like she did the last time but kidnapped, along with a local landowner. Ailsa does her duty by informing HRH Nikolai explaining she has it handled. Nik not trusting an inexperienced person and not wanting this information to get out for fear someone might exploit the opportunity. So Nik and two of his most trusted friends and guards sneak off to help find and return Tata. Ailsa is worried that Nik might take charge and just run roughshod over her but he doesn't and even though she tries her best to do the rescue without him he's not a fool and is able to keep up with her and her men. Ailsa received a ransom note and to get to the rendezvous point in plenty of time the take the quickest but more dangerous route their. Along the way Nik and Ailsa argue over whether or not they should pay the ransom and it turns out there is a traitor in their midst. Nik and Ailsa are trying to keep from falling in each other's arms but the attraction is too strong and when they get separated from the group they admit their lust and spend what time they have together and what come after they rescue Tata will be dealt with later. Ailsa doesn't want to leave her home and Nik doesn't want the corruption of court to taint the sweet and naive Ailsa. But never fear Tata knows best.

Overall, I really liked this one, it's not my favorite of the series but it was perfect for Nik.          

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