Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ARC REVIEW Willing Target by Kathleen Mix

Kathleen Mix's Willing Target is a really good read. It was a little slow for me to get into but it picked up pretty quickly and hooked me. It takes place in the topical Virgin Islands where two bodyguards/covert-ops who work for the Brisbin Rangers are working together to help protect a billionaire's younger sister, Karli, and ferret out who is behind the death threats. Andrea Carnegie isn't even a full fledged Ranger she still is technically a trainee but she is almost identical to Karli. Andrea is hoping that if all goes well with this assignment she will become a full Ranger. Mitch Weaver is still grieving the death of his partner, he's not ready to be assigned a new partner but he doesn't have a choice when he gets assigned the lead in this protection duty. The Rangers are going to send Andrea in as a stand in while Karli goes into hiding until they can track down who is trying to kill her. Andrea is going stir crazy and wants to go on the offensive, But Mitch is just worried about keeping her safe. But there is something strange going on with the attacks on Karli's life and Andrea is going to help figure it out.

Andrea and Mitch were a great couple to read. Mitch is hesitant to get attached to anyone because of the job he has and especially since his partner left behind a widow and kids. Andrea grew up not the pampered only girl of the family but the opposite. Her older brothers and even her father picked on her, tormented her. She grew up listening to their sexual exploits and just way to information for a little sister to hear. As a result she is hesitant to get into any relationship for fear that the boyfriend will tell everyone what they do or that they are just trying to get close to her so they can get close to her football star brother's and famous coach father. But once they let each other in it all falls into place.

Overall, this was a good read and very exciting, a little predictable as soon as the character was mentioned I called it I almost hoped it was a red herring but ehhh, it was still good.      

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