Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ARC REVIEW Heated Pursuit by April Hunt

Heated Pursuit is the first book of April Hunt's debut of The Alpha Security series. As first books go this was a great introduction into the world April Hunt has created. The introduction to all the men (and one woman) of Alpha Security was just enough to let you know personality type but not to revealing and not so in depth to take away from the story or the main characters. The book starts off really well, what better way for the two to meet than Penny grabbing Rafe in the gonads. Very exciting book the pace kept steady throughout. The active setting was skillful very believable and exciting from the dirty streets of Honduras to the middle of nowhere jungle. And Penny although stubborn no so much that she risks her life doing something stupid just because they told her not to and she chose not to listen, Penny's smart about when she disobeys a command she understands it's not just her life at risk. Rafe is everything Penny didn't want in a guy, her father was military and very closed off and always gone to the point that he didn't even raise her but a friend of the family. Rafe grew up alone with no family and he knows that how his life was in the military and now with Alpha Security he's in no place for a committed relationship he doesn't know how. The chemistry between the two was almost instantaneous and once they gave in there is no going back.

Penny Kline is a social worker turned bail enforcement officer, and now she's in Honduras trying to find her niece. Her niece Rachel is only a few years younger than her and I wish it had explained the family a little more than it did. Rachel was working in a small village in Honduras when she went missing.. Penny only knows because Rachel sent a frantic email before saying she was in trouble and something bad was going to happen. Penny dropped everything and flew to Honduras. Rafe and the team of Alpha Security were in Honduras tracking down a dangerous drug lord who is on the verge of letting loose a highly addictive new drug in America. Penny's surrogate brother Trey is also a member of Alpha and they run into each other, or something, and after Penny proves herself she's allowed to help because there is no way she is leaving with out Rachel.  Penny and Rafe go undercover and soon end up as lovers. But when the shit hits the fan and they end up lost in the jungle they have to depend on each other to get out alive.

It was all very exciting I inhaled the book in half a day I could not put it down. Overall, this was a great book and I look forward to the rest of the series.


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