Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ARC REVIEW In Safe Hands by Katie Ruggle

In Safe Hands is the conclusion to the story arc for the series. So far someone has tried blame Ian for the headless guys murder, someone has tried to kill Lou, and silence Ellie and her father. In the end of the last book, no I'm not going to say it although it was kind of an eye roll for me, it revealed the murder. Know with me being disappointed with the whodunnit I didn't know what to expect with this one. I was pleasantly surprised. Katie Ruggle kind of blended together Rear Window, Gaslight, and CopyCat with her own crazy good story. This book is definitely more of a thriller than a suspense. Daisy Little our heroine suffered a huge trauma and it left her agoraphobic. Afraid to leave the house she has trapped herself inside locking the world outside her house safely on the outside. Besides her father her only link to the outside world is Sheriff's Deputy Chris Jennings. Chris feels responsible for Daisy, not only because he love her but he was also the one who saved her all those years ago.

Much like Jimmy Stewart's character in Rear Window, Daisy watches her neighbors and one night sees something she can't explain. What looks like a man carrying a dead body out of the empty house next door and placing it in an official Sheriff's SUV. Daisy confides in Chris who starts looking into it but soon things start happening, things she can't prove things that are making her doubt her sanity. But Chris is there to reassure her that she is not, he even introduces her to Lou, Ellie, Rory and their significant others. Together they talk about the previous events and how they all connect and how Daisy's incidents are connected as well. They even figure out the common denominator in all of it which leads to a very exciting climactic conclusion.

Daisy and Chris are so cute the way they danced around each other. It's obvious they have feelings for each other but because what happened they both feel guilty for two different reasons and that is what's holding them back. But once the truth gets out there is no holding back for either of them. Overall, this exceeded my expectations. it was a great read and I hope this is not the end of the series.        

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