Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ARC REVIEW Race the Darkness by Abbie Roads

This book takes paranormal to a new level. It is a paranormal mystery thriller with a touch of  Dark Fairy/Folk tale. I loved this book! I thought Abbie Roads was just brilliant with the story. I will sing it's praises from the rooftops. Very rarely has a debut author surprised me with the awesomeness of her first book. (Both other debut books were earlier this year). The Romantic Suspense aspect is wonderfully creepy and suspenseful from the repeated attempts on Isleen's life right to the crazy religious zealot doing it. The Paranormal and the Dark Fairy Tale fit in together. Xander and Isleen are tied together, bound by some mystical ancient story. Even before they meet Isleen and Xander know that there's something someone out there, like they are missing a piece of themselves. Xander a bit of an ass and that pretty obvious from the very beginning. I love how the book started it was a great introduction to Xander and how and why he's so damn special. Isleen and her grandmother were kidnapped and for the last several years held in a trailer in the middle of nowhere starved and tortured pushed to the verge of death and brought back. Until one night when Isleen is sure she's going to die, Xander finds her.

Xander was struck by lighting and the result was Lichtenberg figure, which means he's horribly scarred on half of his body. He also became able to hear what others do not, what others are thinking. He has become the BCI's troubleshooter at integrations. To Xander it almost seems like there's someone else living in his head whom he refers to as The Bastard in His Brain. Tonight the bastard is restless and there is another voice in his head, a female calling out for help, on the verge of death. Xander follows his gut it's something the Bastard is telling him to do where to go and it leads him to a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Inside the trailer Isleen lies emaciated and half dead. Once Xander finds Isleen he's never going to let her go again and nothing bad will ever happen to her again, but something things are even out of his control.

When Isleen is better she starts having dreams strange vivid dreams. After three of these strange dreams Xander realizes what they are, prophetic dreams of what can or is happening. Once Alex, Xander's father, realizes what's happening he fills them in on a Legend of Fearless and Bear. There is so much to this book it really is one you have to read yourself to get the whole impact of the story. But what a story it is. Overall, read this book.  

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