Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ARC REVIEW Sparking the Fire by Kate Meader

Another fun and sexy read from Kate Meader. Hot in Chicago book three brings all the paparazzi to the yard. I enjoyed this one, probably not as much as the first two or the novellas but it was good. I think it was mainly Molly I had issues with. I didn't care for her personality she just came off as way to self centered more so at the beginning of the book by the end she wasn't as bad. Wyatt is completely drool worthy he is loyal, he's the quiet one, the one that stays out of the limelight, and kind of  mysterious. I loved his inner conflict, his own demons that he has been quietly dealing with. Then you have the spontaneous appearance of the teenager and I really don't get the why of her character.

Molly and Wyatt had an affair years ago, shortly before she became famous. It was a no names affair with an very short expiration date. Their time together may have been short but neither of them could forget it. Now Molly's career is in tatters and her hope for career redemption is exploiting, I mean making a movie based on Alex and Eli's story (Playing with Fire). Eli and Wyatt are in agreement about that, No. Molly is determined to have her way but the sudden appearance of some serious family drama in the form of Roni has Molly rethinking her plan. Molly is so focused on her getting back in the good graces of her critics that it messes with her feelings for Wyatt she ends up playing push you/pull you with him almost throughout the whole book.

How appropriate that a woman whose life is in the spotlight falls in love with a guy who stays out of it. Both Molly and Wyatt have a lot to deal with, both internal conflict and in the form of the narcissistic self important ex-husband playboy of Molly's. Overall it was a good read not my favorite but still a fun and sexy read.      


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