Tuesday, October 4, 2016

LAUNCH DAY BLITZ License to Shift by Kathy Lyons

Book Two in Kathy Lyons Grizzlies Gone Wild series 




Julie Simon returns to Saginaw, Michigan, to find her ailing father's missing research on local shapeshifter lore. Unlucky for her, the only person who can help her is the darkly sexy Mark Robertson, the guy who spent an entire summer giving her the cold shoulder-and one white-hot night of pleasure...

Mark is a hair's breadth away from going feral. Soon, his grizzly side will destroy everything that makes him a man. And after years of fighting, Mark is ready to give in to the beast. Then Julie-the gorgeous, curvy book nerd who awakened his most primal desires as a young man-shows up at his door. Now, he's fighting an insatiable longing to claim her as his mate. But Julie isn't the only one after her father's research. Someone-or something-evil is tracking Julie's every move...

I knew as soon as Mark Robertson was introduced I would love him. In this book Mark is close to losing his humanity and shifting completely and fully into a grizzly. Julie was just suppose to pick up her father's research but what she finds changes her world completely. Someone sinister is after her father's research she can't imagine why it all just a bunch of fairy tales... until it isn't and she's face to face with a giant grizzly who use to be Mark. Now all the things that happened to her in those summer months she spent in Saginaw as a teenager start make sense, why she was excluded from everything even why Mark was hot and cold with her. So now she is in on the secret and the pack is trying to protect her from those things that keep attacking her father's cabin. 

I really loved this one, even more so than the first book. Mark is protective and sexy, especially since he's walking around naked the first two chapters. Julie is perfectly curvy and sweet and Tonya and Becca easily open up to her and welcome her since she's in on the whole shifter secret and that Mark claimed her as a mate. Now Mark just has to stay human long enough to figure out why Evil Einstein and Crazy Cat Lady are after the research.

Overall, I loved it. Plain and simple it was such an entertaining read the characters and the story grab your attention and suck you into the world of the Gladwin Pack. So looking forward to Alan's story!


            OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!            
Julie Simon was not a prude. She enjoyed a finely honed male body as much as any woman. But when said finely honed man answered his door stark naked and proceeded to look at her like she was the answer to his prayers, well, then, her libido kicked into overdrive. Especially when that look turned into hunger and his already thick cock stiffened into a staff that aimed unerringly at her.          
She was not a prude, but hell, this was sexually at its most raw. And she apparently liked raw.            
Who knew? All her boyfriends up to now had been friendly, flaky men who spoke in full sentences and never, ever growled. And yet one hairy, horny grunt from this guy and her nipples tightened while everything else went liquid.            
Not a prude, then. Apparently, she fell more into the slut category because if he made a move on her right then, she wasn’t exactly sure what she’d do to stop him. First of all, he looked like he could overpower her in a heartbeat. Second, the moment he’d offered her his mocha latte, her knees had gone weak and her lust spiked. When the hell had she developed a caveman fetish?            
But she wasn’t a beast to be ruled by her hormones. And she certainly wasn’t going to jump a near stranger, no matter how ripped his abs or how much he stared at her. Good lord, she’d never been the center of such focused attention. Need rippled off those sculpted pecs, it vibrated in the air between his broad shoulders and her tight breasts, and it seemed like he wanted her so badly it was hard for him to form words. But how was that possible? All he’d done was answer the door…naked.            
She took a breath, startled—but not surprised—to find it thick with musk. His? Hers? Who knew?            
Get a grip!            
She momentarily flashed on what she could grip and struggled to restrain a near-hysterical laugh. She was not a woman who thought things like that. Not in the usual course of the day. So she closed her eyes and lifted her mocha to her lips. Damn, he made a great cup of coffee. The honey added just the right amount of sweet.            
Focus on the essentials: caffeine and sugar.            
That’s when he spoke. Two words: “no” and “leave.” Well, that was par for the course from the men in her life. They’d act one way, then say the opposite. Get her revved, then disappear. Give her a mocha and then order her to leave. All he needed to do now was invite her to move in then break up with her and he’d be just like her ex.            
But unlike what she’d done with her ex, she refused to leave. Her father needed his help, and so she would be stubborn. At least until she got a fuller explanation from him. One that included two-syllable words.            
“So,” she ventured when the silence stretched too long between them, “do you remember me?”

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