Thursday, October 6, 2016

RC REVIEW The Aegis Group: Dangerous Game and Dangerous Assignment by Sidney Bristol

YAY! Zain! Sidney does geek good. Sidney Bristol once again created a story that captivated and entertained. Her geeky humour and intense story line makes this one of my favorites of the series. The chemistry between Zain and Andrea is almost palpable.

One thing I love about Zain is that he doesn't let the term disabled vet define him. Missing his hand does not get in the way of him being chief intelligence officer. He has made some pretty impressive contacts to the point he running a trial for a special prosthetic that reacts to his nerves and actually gives him a working hand. He doesn't let anything get in his way, he knows what he wants and he goes for it.

Andrea is an amazing woman, her love for videogames and her desire to design strong non-sexualized female character games lead to a large part of the gaming community hating her. Andrea is not used to being the one in the spotlight and having to make an appearance at the comic-con has brought her upfront and in the line of fire. Andrea is stuck in a situation that is out of her control, someone ransacked her hotel room stole her laptop and destroyed her possessions. Lucky she and Zain met right before and Zain's protective instincts kicked in. Zain's high stress job has finally allowed him a vacation, he timed it so he could go to the comic-con. He never expected to met Andrea but almost from the start he knew she needed him. But the juvenile attitudes of the people who didn't like Andrea's game is only the tip of the iceberg something more sinister is going on.

I love the introduction to the characters in her other series, Geeks Gone Wild, and I love what they stand for and how they support each other. Overall, I loved this one especially Zain.

The delicious Luke and the incredible Abigail. This whole book is one giant action scene. International spies, terrorist, people coming back from the dead (not in the paranormal sense) lies deceit and two incredibly strong and stubborn people falling in love. Abigail reminded me of Ziva from NCIS. I love Abigail what I really enjoyed is that in the other three books all three of the women main characters have gotten kidnapped and the guys save them in this one it's Abigail that does the saving, she's probably my favorite female character from the series so far.
I love that Luke stood by her without fail at risk of his career and his life he never wanted to leave her or let her face anything alone, not because he thought she couldn't do it but because she shouldn't have to do it alone. Everyone has failed her in the past and Luke is going to prove to her that he won't.

It was just suppose to be a simple protection duty but one that ended in several people dead a hotel with a big hole in the side of it and Luke and Abigail on the run from terrorism charges and someone from Abigail's past that wants her dead. Abigail doesn't really exist, the person she was died years ago after someone close to her betrayed her and she has spent the entire time seeking vengeance on those who caused it to happen and she was so close to getting the job done when someone blew up the hotel room and exposed her. She didn't want Luke involved, her feelings be damned, but he isn't about to let her go on a suicide mission now that he's finally found her.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, this is a fantastic read all very exciting as always. I do want to say one thing about Ethan... I'm in denial!!!!    

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