Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Dollmaker by Mary Burton

Mary Burton does it again, she creeped me out and had me fall in love. Sadly I missed the release of The Shark the first book in the Forgotten Files series but worry not it was not necessary to read it to read this one.

Firstly the romance aspect of the story was probably the easiest part of the story, Tessa and Dakota have been estranged for about half of their marriage. Tessa was best friends with Dakota's little sister who was murdered in college and it was never solved. Tessa and Dakota didn't met up again until years later and then had a whirlwind romance and quickly got married, but after being married for some time and a very difficult case that hit a little too close to home for police detective Dakota they started having issues. Not knowing what to do Tessa give an ultimatum, and when Dakota doesn't give in she leaves for Vietnam, identifying the soldiers in unmarked graves. But after eight months Tessa realizes what went wrong and is back and wants to start over with Dakota. Dakota is scared that Tessa will just leave again like she did last time. he isn't good about showing his emotions or anything and as much as he loves Tessa he's scared he'll get hurt again.

Now the good part, someone has been kidnapping woman and keeping them until finally kills them and he leaves them in a place they will be easily found but they are tattooed and dressed up to look like dolls. It's sick and twisted in it's own right but Tessa makes the connection that the victims were all connected and that she falls into that connection. With Tessa at risk Dakota steps up and does everything he possible can to protect her. The more they try to find out about The Dollmaker they more they discover that it goes farther back than they think.

Overall, Mary Burton is quickly becoming my go-to author for creepy and intense suspense with a touch of romance. I know I talked a bunch about the romance but I didn't want to spoil to much about the serial killer. This was a great one and I can't wait for more.  

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