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Full disclosure, I've never read Debbie Mason before. I'm glad I was able to find this series at the first book because it does look like it's going to be a great series, it has a great introduction to all the characters and the town but especially the Widow's Club. Romance, Christmas, a wedding, a mischievous ghost, and a equally mischievous cat; top all that off with a deep secret that has everyone looking for a lost diary.

The romance was perfect because Sophie and Liam have always loved each other but never thought the other was interested. Sophie after graduation suddenly left Harmony Harbor she stayed way for years until disaster struck and she had no other option except to go back home and move in with her Grandmother. She didn't come back alone she has a young daughter with her, a young daughter that does not speak. Sophie is working hard to find her place back in the small town and avoid Liam.

Liam moved from Harmony Harbor and went to work as a Firefighter in Boston but when he lost his best friend in a fire and injured himself he went back home to recuperate and deal with his PTSD. His father the chief of HHFD asks him to help out in town and Liam's chief back in BFD agrees that it might be better to get back in a small town setting rather than back in Boston. Liam hesitant at first soon accepts it especially because Sophie is back in town and the attraction is stronger than ever not to mention he has found a kindred spirit with her daughter.

Sophie doesn't want to get involved with Liam, she knows he plans on going back to Boston, and the fact that she's hiding something from everyone that just might make her an outcast in the towns eyes and Liam might not like it. But the friendly ghost that recently started haunting the house is set to make everything as it should be.

Overall, a really enjoyable and Debbie Mason has a wonderful active setting, the entire town and their inhabitants are very likeable, and relatable. I look forward to the series.

 This is a new one for me, I haven't read Olivia Miles before and with this being book 5 of the Briar Creek series I thought I would get lost in the characters and the setting but nope it can be read as a standalone. The main focus was on the two main characters and what was happening with them with a few side notes from another character which is setting up for her own book. This was an absolutely adorable book. I love books like this because it plays out in my head like a Hallmark Christmas movie. You have the typical grinch type character Nate and a Christmas angel Kara, opposites attract I love it.

Kara is doing something she has dreamed of doing, she has set up a cookie bakery in town and is now trying to prove to the whole town, especially her own mother, that she is not a fickle and that she will stick with it. Her biggest fear is failing, not only because will she lose something near and dear to her but it will prove the town right. In Kara desire to prove herself she has over working herself for the Christmas holiday, between the everyday workings she has special order gingerbread houses, cookies order for her mother's ballet recital,  and a massive order of cookies for the food drive for the needy families in the area.

Nate is only visiting Briar Creek because he felt guilty for sending his parents on a cruise when they had originally to visit his aunt. His Aunt Maggie runs the inn and is getting on in the years Nate agreed to visit and help out around the inn. Coming from a poor background he worked hard to make a lot of money, he's also very good at what he does. Christmas was never a good memory for him and he grew up resentful because it was never a special time for him with his family. But the little town of Briar Creek and a certain cookie maker has him rethinking everything about his life.

Overall, this is probably one of my top favorite Christmas novels for the year. It made me cry and fill my heart with joy. It's a great story for getting in the Christmas spirit and for a lovely romance.

 This was probably my least favorite for this year, I still enjoyed the premise of the story but I really didn't like the romance or half the characters. The majority of the book David is still in love with his dead wife and is being very obtuse about Willow, he's down right hateful to her because she is making him feel something he should only be feeling for his wife. The majority of the Lyndon family were pompous, stuck-up, and hateful. Willow I liked, she did what she knew was right and is being punished for it, but she's not going to back down. She goes back home to fulfil the dream of her best friend who died unexpectedly the year before. She only has to convince her bestfriend's husband to let her and give her the chance to buy it from him. David hates the Inn he inherited from his wife, he blames her death on the Inn and he can't wait to sell the thing. When Willow comes back into town and makes him feel things he hasn't felt for anyone but his wife and asks that he open the Inn again for his cousin's high profile wedding and give her the chance to buy it he's doubtful, but Willow also has a special connection with his daughter, and seeing her work with his daughter and the society that is shunning her he starts to have doubts about everything he thought he wanted.

I have previously reviewed this book look here for the review

I have previously reviewed this book look here for the review

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