Thursday, April 20, 2017

ARC REVIEW Lord of Chance by Erica Ridley

First book of Erica Ridley's Rouges to Riches series. As much as I love Erica Ridley I was almost hesitant to read this book, I blame the blurb it just didn't appeal to me, but being I  love Erica Ridley I picked it up and read it and I'll be damned if it's not one of the best one of hers I've read. Call me slow, I may or may not have known this beforehand and I just forgot, because I do that sometimes, but Anthony Fairfax is none other than the brother to Sarah Fairfax of The Brigadier's Runaway Bride (2015). It started kind of iffy, Anthony and Charlotte fell victim to the well known in Scotland but apparently not England law that if you announce yourself married boom you are legally married romance troupe. As tired of this troupe that I am this was cute and well executed. This has to be one of the best written books by Erica Ridley I ever read, the ending fell short for me but as a whole this story was really good.

 Charlotte is the bastard daughter of a courtesan. She dreamed of a life different than her own, one where people accepted you and invited you places and didn't chant Charlotte the Harlot when they saw you. She also dreamed of having a father who would sweep her away and become a princess. Charlotte above all else wanted her father to love and accept her all she had to go by was what she assumed to be his name and a ruby matched set earrings and necklace. With the name she had she thought him Scottish and after a horrible argument with her mother she left to Scotland and vowed to find him.

Anthony is a well known gambler he started young and helped his family stay in fashion to fit in with the fashionable crowd. It wasn't easy and he was broke more often than he had money but being strapped for cash was never this bad; he owed the accumulative amount of two thousand plus scattered about but his so called friend bought all his vowels and demanded payment or else it was debtor's prison for him. Anthony escaped London to try some smaller venues to try his luck at the gaming table it wasn't until a small town in Scotland did he met up with his Lady Luck.

Charlotte and Anthony play a couple hands and he eventually loses everything to her. At the end of the evening in Charlotte's paranoia of someone finding out who she is she proclaims out loud that she and Anthony are married. It isn't until the next morning do they find out that it is legally binding and Anthony also discovers the severity of his debt. The emotional rollercoaster ride that Charlotte and Anthony go through strengthen the feelings and the bond between them. It shows Charlotte that not every who sees her expects her to be her mother and Anthony learn the his life doesn't have to revolve around a table. Not much action takes place it mostly internal conflict between their insecurities. I have to say that is the best part of the book.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Despite the overall conflict being built up so much and then being solved so easily left me wanting more the romance and the character development was fantastic.        

ARC REVIEW Foolish Bride by A.S. Fenichel

The second of A.S. Fenchel's Forever Bride series Foolish Bride takes up where the first one left with the continuation of Elinor and Michael lover story. In the first book we met Elinor and Michael a star-crossed romance who had some issues as a side story. In the first book we see Elinor as a sweet young woman with a gentle disposition but as the book goes on and she realizes that she is going to stop trying to please everyone she shows her family and friends she is quick witted and has quite a temper. Michael was a bit of a let down he was to broody and a little bit pitiful, thank goodness Elinor is there.

Michael inherited a failing estate and he wanted to prove to everyone that he wasn't marrying Elinor for her dowry and prove to Elinor and her Parents he was worthy of her. Michael was a soldier who started to work for the home office but during his last mission he was gravely injured and the rumors that he was less than a man because of them gave Elinor's father cause to break the engagment. Elinor fought tooth and nail against her father because of this so she snuck out to talk to Michael herself but Michael angry at himself for getting injured and his body failing him but also because Elinor's father said she agreed to cancel the wedding and even when she shows up to confront him to ask if this is what he really wants he turns her away.

Elinor gets angry at everyone even her closest friends and even when that anger has passed she is still angry with Michael and her parents. Elinor decides to attend her best friend's house party and while there she again a man her mother foisted on her Middleton. Even though she is still mad at Michael she still loves him but still unsure of their future together she strikes up a friendship with Middleton, who soon becomes smitten with her. Michael now faced with the prospect of losing Elinor forever has to convince Elinor he does and always will love her.

Overall, this was a really sweet book. I'm not one for love triangles but this barely registers as one. A.S Fenichel does well with the character development and the active setting. The romance was nice but out of all of it I loved Elinor and seeing the change she went through and how Michael just ended up loving her even more for it.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

ARC REVIEW Holding Fire by April Hunt

April Hunt's series Alpha Security book two Holding Fire starts out with a bang in bed and out of it. Elle was running away from her problems a narcissistic, controlling, and manipulative father and her no good cheating ex-fiance. Elle joined an organization that helps build medical facilities after natural disasters. Elle and her best friend were sent to Thailand after they had finished their jobs and before they went home they detoured a bit and ended up in a bar and Elle ended up spending the night with a hunkalicious American. The next morning however things got weird. Trey Hanson was sent to Thailand for a job but before he got his orders on who he had to protect he met an attractive blonde and had one wild night of the best sex of his life. The next morning after a "random attack" she sprinted and Trey finds out she is the one he is suppose to be protecting.

Holding Fire was a good entertaining read not as good as the first one but still good. Elle is one of those characters that makes you want to slap up side the head. She just escaped her father's machinations and is finally free and independant and she won't let anything get in her way to maintain it even Trey who is trying to save her life. Trey's fascination and insta-lust turns to love as he gets to know Elle. Elle, even though she has been trying to convince herself otherwise, falls in love with Trey but she is so determined to be independent and Trey just wants her to be happy, Elle just may ruin everything.

Elle's father is a senator and a threat has been made on her life, Alpha Security has been hired to protect her, but there's a leak somewhere and Elle life keeps getting put in danger. This aspect was a little predictable but it has a nice twist on it that kept it from being to predictable. Overall, it was a good read I enjoyed it and I am very much looking forward to Charlie's story, I love her.

ARC REVIEW Talk Cowboy to Me by Carolyn Brown

Talk Cowboy to Me is the first book of Carolyn Brown's new series Lucky Cowboys but is also part her Lucky series (book 4). As always Carolyn Brown delivers an adorably cheesy romance that I just can not get enough of really. Quirky situations and extremely likable characters combined together with humor and a bit of sadness make this story one to remember.

Adele and her two daughters are forced to leave the ranch they called home after a bitter divorce, Adele thinks she has found the perfect place to call home the only problem is that Remington Luckadeau wants the same place. Remington inherited his two nephews after the death of their parents, Remington's brother and his wife. Remy was known for his playboy ways but now that he has his nephews to raise he wants to settle down on a ranch and turn his two city boys into cowboys. But on the whim of the rancher selling the land he sets it up so both family stay at the ranch and whoever does a better job gets the ranch.

Adele is just as determined as Remy to get the ranch. The sexual chemistry between them is something Adele isn't use to and with Remy's past she is hesitant to start anything with him especially after her disaster of a first marriage. The four kids start of rocky but soon they are acting like siblings. Adele isn't want Remy's is use to and definitely not his usual type but she is everything he needs if only he can convince her that his feelings aren't short term.

Overall, this was a really cute story and I look forward to the next book.  

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

ARC REVIEW Darling VT series books 2 & 3 by Donna Alward

Donna Alward's Darling VT series books 2 and 3 are out and very entertaining.

Someone to Love book two in the Darling VT series is just as it seems Darling. I normally have a hard time with widow(er) novels where the spouse was a wonderful person. It's so easier to believe someone falling in love so soon (less than a decade) after the loss of their spouse if the spouse was a horrible person. In instances like this where it's just a couple of years afterwards and he was hopelessly in love with his wife it hard for me to accept he could fall in love with another so soon ( I know it happens IRL) but Ethan, the main character, and the widower also thinks the same thing; and that's where this becomes believable and good. Ethan is struggling internally with himself about his love for his deceased wife and Willow. Ethan isn't the only one struggling internally, Willow has her own issues that is keeping her from fully admitting to herself that she loves Ethan and is worthy of his love and accepting that love. Willow works hard to maintain the cool and carefree zen like appearance and the introduction to Ethan and his two adorable sons has her all up in a twist.    

Somebody's Baby runs almost parallel with  Someone to Love. When Ethan and Willow are dealing with their problem's Ethan's brother Rory is dealing with his own. Rory has hidden part of his past from his family and it isn't until he reconnects with his best friends little sister that he feels the need to finally tell someone and finally let go of the past. Oaklee has had a crush on her big brother's best friend for as long as she can remember but Rory has always been just out of reach, it isn't until she hit a dog with her car that the goal of Rory's love doesn't seem to far away. Oaklee has some baggage to deal with also the outgoing social media guru of Darling VT closes herself off so much she really doesn't have many friends and doesn't like to let people in close to her. But when Rory guilt trips her into fostering the dog she hit with her car it all changes. The little lost dog changes Oaklee's perspective on thing and let's Rory in to her heart. Despite just trying to be friends the sexual energy between the two is too strong to resist. But can the two deal with their pasts and move on or is the heartache to strong for either of them.

Overall, Darling, really the name of the series says it all. I love the easy flow of the books and just enough angst to make you tear up and want to smack them up side the head Gibbs style and say, "What's wrong with you!", and appropriately funny in all the right places.  

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Batgirl and the Birds of Prey vol 1 Who is Oracle

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey vol 1 Who is “Oracle” 

By Shawna and Julie Benson
Art by: Claire Roe, Roge Antonio, Yanick Paquette
Variant art: Kamome Shirahama


Story: Barbara Gordon is enjoying life with the use of her legs again catching bad guys but one night she catches one group and after opening his phone she discovers an email from “Oracle” selling information from her own Oracle top secret files. Wanting to get down to the bottom of this she tracks down Dinah, who has been in a rock band, to help find this new Oracle. Following the trail of the gangsters who have been getting information they run into Huntress whose mission is running parallel with theirs. Reluctantly Huntress joins forces with Batgirl and Black Canary. 

Art: I’m torn, I didn’t care much for Claire Roe’s issues the art seemed very sketchy and dark the contrast between the black shading seemed overpowering over the color. The ones with Roge Antonio were much more balanced the color and shading with cleaner lines. I just preferred the latter half of the volume to the beginning half. I really loved the anime style variant art by Kamome Shirahama.


Oracle/Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) I love Batgirl, she is an amazing fighter, she has incredible skills on the computer and with any tech and she remembers everything. In this one she is coming to terms with who she is; having three identities is wearing on her especially since someone has stolen the Oracle identity and using for evil. Having her friend Dinah around is not only helping her solve the mystery but helping her sort things out. With guest appearances by her father and Batman. 

Black Canary (Dinah Lance) With the dissolution of the Birds of Prey Dinah went on her own, happy in her way, and in need of very little convincing to help Barb. You see the wild side of Dinah but throughout you also see how loyal she is to her friends. 

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) The reintroduction of Huntress picks up while she is closing in on her revenge. Crossing paths with Batgirl and Black Canary who are at first just getting in her way but they need the gang members alive in figure out who “Oracle” is and to try and track this person down. Huntress agrees to a temporary truce to work with them. I like this incarnation of Helena better than the Batman/Catwoman love child. 

Review: This was a great story! I loved it. It’s one I would have no problem reading over and over again. I really liked how it was divided into main sections each from the POV of the characters. It really is a great starting point for new readers.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Black Prince by Tigris Eden

OH MY GODS!!! Never expected this... I mean Enri! Daaammmmn Tigris! I wouldn't recommend reading this if you haven't read the previous books, they are kinda important especially when it comes to knowing just how big of an ass Enri really is. Yewa is a new-ish character sister to one of the Shadow Unit. Yewa is special she really is it take someone with a strong heart and strong emotional strength to survive what she did and still be a caring and gentle person. Enri is so not worthy of her of but she sees something in him that noone else does, and she knows exactly what he is capable of and open-hearted enough to forgive him for it all.

The Shadow Unit knows something is coming, something very, very bad, and they think they know how to stop it and they need the help of Enri. They think they can stop it but the truth is nothing can not even Lord Chaos himself can stop what is coming. In Enri's search for the truth he discovers everything... and along with him Yewa, because she has a feeling she needs to be with him. As Enri starts to remember everything he also comes to realize exactly how special Yewa is, but when push comes to shove will he be willing to give up everything to protect her?

Overall, this book really was awesome. I don't want to go to into it I don't want to give too much away but this book is up on the epic scale, prepare for book hangover. Reading the four books before this one sooo worth it I loved them all.


ARC REVIEW Taming Beauty and Courting Chaos by Lynne Baron

Dunway's Daughters book one Taming Beauty and book two Courting Chaos it's a great series so far I absolutely love Lynne Barron's writing style, it has a classic feel to it with a modern and erotic flare. I love her flawed characters, it makes them seem so real.

Taming Beauty was originally published in the Once Upon a Regency  anthology, a wonderful anthology check out my review for the whole thing here.

If you couldn't tell by the name this is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Leave it to Lynne Barron to turn this into an unexpected story with a beautiful and unique heroine. I'm a big fan of Lynne Barron and always love the heroines that she creates. A woman with a reputation the granddaughter and daughter of infamous courtesans she herself lives a life she wants to lead until an impoverished scared Baron looking to seek revenge comes into her life and changes everything.

Lord Dunaway is a horn dog! Not only did he get his own wife pregnant four time three girls and soon to be one boy, but he also had three other daughters by three different women. Not only that he seduced a young woman away from Baron Malleville, Jasper Grimley. Malleville also known as The Beast of Breckenridge used his fortune to ruin Dunaway, the only way to settle the debt his daughter's hand and thirty thousand pounds with interest, three percent per annum. Dunaway is escorting his sweet and innocent daughter (naive and quite annoying) Lady Priscilla Josephine Worcester, Sissy, to her betrothed estate in Cornwall. Along to act as "chaperone" Miss Lilith Aberdeen, Dunaway's oldest bastard child. Dunaway manipulated it so Lilith would seduce Malleville and have him call off the debt and break the contract. But once there Lilith feels an unlikely kinship with with Jasper and falls in love with the man but being who he is she won't let Jasper ruin everything to be with her she is willing to sacrifice her own happiness to see that he gets what he needs, unless her Father's machinations, once again, get in the way. 

I love the twist Lynne put on the story, and it manages to be funny, erotic, and heartwarming all in one.

Book two follows five years later, which that was nicely done how Lynne casually imputed that bit of information in very nonchalant. Once again Lynne has written a character I empathize with, I can look up too, hell Harry is a remarkable woman. Harry wasn't looking for love she was looking for revenge, revenge against Dunway. Harry is the only daughter not to openly accept Dunway as her father, she hates him she loves her sisters but despises everything else about Dunway. Harry has made friends with other rakes in London and made connections, everything in order to get her revenge she thinks Dunway deserves.  Phineas Griffith never expected to inherit, his grandfather disagreed with Phineas' uncle marrying for love and set to about to ruin the whole estate but then tragedy struck and both sons died leaving Phineas with an inheritance in ruins and two sisters to marry off. Phineas needs a heiress. A rake through and through he finds it easy to get in the good graces of those young heiress but the one person who continually catches his eye and can't stop thinking of is Harry O'Connell.

Harry tells people she is the daughter of a merchant and therefore most believe her to be penniless, especially with the way she likes to haggle prices with the merchants on Wellclose Square, but Harry has her finger in more lemon tarts then lets on.  Phineas and Harry once they meet are constantly running into each other, partly by design by Phineas. Harry adheres to a strict schedule and Phineas is messing with it, but the more Harry learns about Phineas the more she likes him she is still not letting him screw up her plans of ruining her father but she helps him she knows people and she set up the connections he needs to help with his estate. In the beginning Harry may seem cold but you learn she has her priorities straight family is the most important thing to her and she ends up altering her plans but in her alteration can she keep Phineas?

Overall, outstanding. I love Harry and Phineas he's one of those rakes you can't help but like. Between Harry and Dunway's manipulations it was fun to see who really came out on top.      

Saturday, April 1, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston

Book three of Shelly Laurenston's The Call of Crow series, The Unyielding surprised the fuck out of me. Erin in the previous books was a pain in that ass, annoying and it just made you think, what the fuck is wrong with her! Well this one explains it, kind of, it really helps with understanding how her brain works and honestly as the main characters she's not as annoying as she was a side character. Half way through the book I started to view as her as a Harley Quinn  type character, crazy as fuck but everyone still love her (but with way more of a temper and a non-existent fuse). Steig is the strong silent type, my favorite, a difficult and tough childhood but ultimately a viking through and through. His rough demeanor gives him a very intimidating look and a don't fuck with me attitude but really the guy has a soft spot for animals, just ask Hilda the goat. Erin is oblivious enough to not notice his feelings for her or even her feelings for him for that matter.  

This book was wow, it was a rollercoaster ride from the start. So much happens I couldn't even possibly begin to try and sum it up in a couple of paragraphs without rambling on and giving away the whole book. It can work as a stand-alone but I really wouldn't recommend it to much of what has happened is important. But the journey up until now has been been fighting to prevent Ragnarok, too late, and now all the other faiths are telling them, "It's your fuck up you fix it". Everyone has been working to find out how to stop Gullveig, and after all their research they discovered only one way to do it and only one of them can do it, the craziest of them all Erin. Meanwhile Erin has a theory on who the high priestess for Gullveig is and with the help of an unlikely partner, the Raven Stieg. Stieg found Erin attractive from the beginning but her abrasive personality was off-putting. But trouble seems to find Erin no matter where she goes and Steig is determined to stick close by and protect her from her enemies and from herself. It's up to them to save the world.

Overall, Outstanding! my favorite so far.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Batgirl Vol. 1 Beyond Burnside

Batgirl Vol 1: Beyond Burnside

Issues #1-6 By Hope Larson Art by Rafael Albuquerque Color by Dave McCaig

Story: Parts 1-5 follow Barbara Gordon to Japan for a well-deserved “vacation” but what she is actually doing is trying to find a new edge. She has tracked down the oldest living Super-Hero, Fruit Bat, in hopes that she can learn something new. What she finds turns out to be even more valuable. Barbara runs into an old friend, someone she had lost contact with long ago, Kai. Quickly they rekindle their old friendship but this time with a bit of attraction thrown in too. Barbara realizes that Kai is in over his head with whatever it is that he’s doing after they get attacked by a school girl costume wearing wacko with a Student tattoo written in Kanji only who was only defeated with the help of Fruit Bat, so Barbara decides to stick close to Kai. Barbara decides to train in MMA in Singapore where she meets yet another martial arts villain with a matching tattoo to the school girl. Kai says stuff that doesn’t sit right with Barbara and she finds out what Kai has been doing. Barbara meanwhile is struggling with her training and not being fast enough for the students, she tracks down Teacher in South Korea she has to figure out a way to defeat Teacher.  Part 6 is a fun little story where Barbara runs into Poison Ivy on the plane trip home.

Art: The art was nice not my favorite, the neon bright colors not my thing, I did like the halftone screen pattern and the gradient color backgrounds, gave it a nice touch. Albuquerque, I like. I like the very expressive facial expressions slightly over exaggerated, great action movement and the way Batgirls eidetic memory is visualized.

Review: Overall this was a great read, the story arc was interesting and the villains quirky. Barbara has some growing up to do but I think this is a good start. I can’t wait for more.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

BLOG TOUR ARC REVIEW Love, Honor, and Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan



In a bonus Montgomery Ink novella, it seems that falling for your best friend isn’t as easy as fiction says and friends of the Montgomerys might finally find their happy ever after.

Wedding planner Arianna King had everything planned out down to the last detail until her father's ultimatum changed everything. Now she’s alone, trying to open her own business, and seemingly failing at every corner. Just when things start to look even bleaker, she’ll find out just how much she can rely on her best friend—and herself.
Being in love with your best friend isn’t always easy as Harper Rosso knows. He’s been by her side since the beginning, but now that she finally has time to breath, he might just be able to show her what he could be for her. Only he’ll have to make sure he’s ready to take that chance and perhaps lose her forever.
Sparks fly between the two of them once they finally take their relationship to the next level. Only the burning temptation than fills them might not be enough in the face of what they left behind and what threatens their future.

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This is a great novella, a nice inbetween story about two side characters finally admitting they are a perfect match. Harper has always loved Arianna but he's satisfied with just being her friend while she concentrated on becoming the best wedding planner in the city. That is until her father tells her she's fired unless she marries a complete asshat, who unfortunately is also Harper's brother. Arianna would rather start over from scratch then marry Harper's weasley brother. Doing weddings the way she always wanted to do them on a much smaller and intimate setting. The Montgomery's and Harper are will to help her out with the start of her new business.
Harper decides he's done with waiting, he's going to show Arianna exactly what she means to him and Arianna without the curtain of her father ambition covering her eyes she starts to see Harper in a completely new way.
Overall, this was a great addition to the Montgomery series. It's nice to see the side characters get their HEA without taking away from the main characters.    

About Carrie Ann Ryan

Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she’s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ARC REVIEW Romancing the Rogue by Erica Ridley

Romancing the Rogue is the second of Erica Ridley's Gothic Historical Romance series. it was originally part of the Vexed Anthology. (I'm sorry but the model on the cover looks like she is about to sneeze.) I enjoyed the story and the characters, it's a quick and easy read. Rebecca has been invisible for the better part of a year. The death of her parents left her at her great grandfather's house his illness left him bedridden and soon the servants even forgot about her their. She took it upon herself to fix the mistakes the steward made in the ledgers and even helped the kitchen staff a time or two, everyone just assumed it was one of the ghosts haunting the castle. Everyone made a big deal about the castle being haunted and barely touched on how it became haunted, I wish Erica Ridley did more with the haunted house for a gothic romance it wasn't very gothic, for the exception of the location of haunted castle that's as gothic as it gets.

Daniel Goodenham came into his viscountcy early in his his life. He strived to make his grandmother proud something his father never seemed to do. But in his drive to be the best Viscount he can be it cost him the only true friend he ever had. Rebecca Bond was younger than him and according to his grandmother to far beneath him to be his Viscountess. Daniel planned to make it up to her the next year after everything was settled but she never came back to London. As the years passed Daniel kept putting off an apology because it would never be enough. On the eve of his birthday Daniel receives a missive telling him that Rebecca's grandfather has died and that he is expected to be there for the reading of the will. Daniel sees this as his chance to get back his best friend and make up for lost time.

Rebecca's invisibility disappeared when her grandfather died and her uncle inherited. With six daughters already he gave Rebecca the ultimatum that she marry before January or he finds a husband for her. Rebecca knew Daniel would show up and was ready with a proposition for him. Out of practice from the ton she asks Daniel's help to find her a husband. Taken back by the idea has Daniel realize Rebecca means everything to him and he must either love her enough to brave his grandmother or love her enough to let her go.

Overall, this was a good story focusing just on the main characters with hardly any secondary characters at all. I almost wish there was more to it.  

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Die Laughing

DC Universe ReBirth Harley Quinn Vol. 1 Die Laughing
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor
Art by Amanda Connor, John Timms, Chad Hardin, Bret Belvins, Joseph Michael Linser, Jill Thompson
Includes Issues: Rebirth and 1-6

Story: I think this one was started right because they basically have Harley give you all the poignant information and reintroduce everyone. So if you haven’t read the Harley Quinn series that this continues you are all caught up. The first three issues Afterbirth, Coney Island of the Dammed, and Goin’ for Takeout follow one story arc which I had problems getting into, Coney Island gets overrun by zombie/not zombies and I personally am very tired of zombies but I did like the twist they put on the zombies. Then we have 108 Million Ways to Die!  Harley and Bolly Quinn travel to India to take down an evil call center from swindling money from the unsuspecting. Undercover Punker is the next story arc which is in three parts Eat This Beat, The Skull Bags’ Big Snag, and Satin Underground. In these Harley is asked to help track down and take down a band of thieves stealing mail. This leads to Harley forming a punk band and getting a new look.  It goes from performing on stage, horribly singing and abusing her audience, to an underground superhero cosplay club. Harley takes down the gang and also discovers who really was behind it all.

Art: It’s good it’s your typical Harley Quinn. It has some really fantastic cover art and variant cover art. This group is pretty consistently good. The tool shaped dialogue bubbles/speech balloons for Red Tool was a nice touch; although a few of the hand saw one look like a weird unicorn. The New 52 Harley took some getting used to when it first came out, but I like what Conner did with Harley when she got her own comic, I love the roller derby Harley. Poison Ivy is so beautifully done. The backgrounds and the coloring are outstanding.   

Characters: Harley is joined by her usual band of misfits, specifically Big Tony, Eggy, Bolly Quinn, and Red Tool who is a not funny parody of Deadpool, and Poison Ivy. I have been in love with Harley since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated series. She was funny, cute, pun-tastic, and no matter how hard she tried things never went her way and she always ended up back in Arkham.

Review: Overall, it was a funny as hell read as soon as I got through the first three issues, the funniest part from the first story arc was when Harley cut off Red Tool’s arm and the hospital transplanted a replacement arm from a notorious masturbator. Harley Quinn is as lovably crazy as always as she should be.  Her cohorts are a nice balance to her insanity. I quite enjoy the silly humor, bad jokes, and outrageous side characters. Harley is pretty out there herself so of course she would surround herself with like minded individuals, even if she is too crazy for them sometimes.   

Saturday, March 18, 2017

ARC REVIEW Home at Last by Lily Everett

Home at Last is book six in Lily Everett's Sanctuary Island series, after the build up from the previous book I was a little disappointed in the overall story. Quinn and Marcus were amusing with their old married couple bickering but in this book you really don't see much of that in this book. The romance between them seemed very easy, I thought the main focus of the book was more on Quinn's parents their problem and her dealing with them. Marcus also dealing with his past and the baggage he carries.

Quinn and Marcus had a steamy relationship until Marcus' and all his guilt and drama got the better of him and he ended things with Quinn. A little later Quinn's parents come back to town after traveling and staying at home with them would drive her crazy, so she kind of pushes Marcus into letting her stay in the other apartment above Buttercup Inn. Quinn's parents are on the verge of divorce and according to Quinn it's not possible, there have never been two people more in love than her parents. On their travels her parents met a relationship guru who has them doubting their marriage and telling them they need to sell their house. Quinn thinks that if she is in a steady relationship then her parents can stop worrying about her and they won't sell their house. Quinn makes deal with Marcus and he agrees. To make matters worse Quinn's mom invited the guru to stay with them and his schemes have all five of them staying at Quinn's childhood home, which is right next door to Marcus' childhood home; a home he has not returned to since the death of his mother. Quinn and Marcus know there's something fishy going on with the guru and Marcus and Quinn dig into his background to discover the truth. Quinn and Marcus' relationship shifts from fake to real but can it survive the insecurity they both feel when it comes to committing.  

Overall, I liked the characters and how they dealt with their problems how everything was resolved but the story all in all just didn't do it for me.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Turn by Kim Harrison

Prequel to Kim Harrison's the Hollow series, I love this series. I found The Hollow series at a time in my life when I had no money and I was practically stuck at home alone with a toddler. Books were my escape and the Hollows series was one of my favorite escapes. (thank you Library) I typically get bored with book series that follow one person throughout the whole series, The Hollows is one of the exceptions. After reading what books there were of the Anita Blake series (I got bored and disappointed in them), The Hollows was a breathe of fresh air. I quickly fell in love with all the characters and have a love/hate relationship with Trent; and as aggravating as the characters get sometimes I keep coming back for more. I am so emotionally invested in the characters and now we have the beginning of it all.

I have seen several reviews complaining that the beginning of the book was slow and so detailed but it needed to be. You can't have a "how it all started" book without going into detail of it got started. You can't just wash over it and get to the action, you need the build up and character development especially since they are new characters; well some of them are new. With the introduction of the two main characters Trisk and Kal and going back to the late 60's as a reader we needed to understand how it was back then for the Inderland community and being a woman. Not to mention the Elf politics that Trisk is having to deal with and the scientific jargon. I personally loved the detail Kim Harrison went into when explaining the tomato and the virus, I would not have been happy if it was just implied and not really explained.

Felecia Eloytrisk Cambri (Trisk) is at the top of her class but she has strikes against her, one she's a woman and the other she's a dark elf. She gets a pity job offer just because the college wants to keep it's 100% placement rating. But it turned out to be the best thing for her she excelled and left her lifelong rival in the dust. But Elf politics, and uber paranoid leaders send Trisk's lifelong rival Trenton Lee Kalamack, Kal (not Trent remember that Trent and Rachel are not that different in age) to go in a check her work with the promise that if he has to fix it it becomes his with only his name on it. Trisk calls upon a demon (yes that demon, I loved seeing him) and makes a deal. But Kal's petty jealousy and desire to be better than everyone else screw everything up.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one it was so nice going back to the beginning and seeing how it all started. Seeing Tanaka as a teenager was fun as well as some other characters in their younger years. I am definitely going to have to go back and reread the series.  


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ARC REVIEW How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days by Kerrelyn Sparks

First book in the new series The Embraced by Kerrelyn Sparks, How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days is a wonderfully woven new Fantasy Romance world. The prologue paints a world where four Kingdoms all worship the sun and two small islands who worship the double moons. When a child is born under the eclipse, when two moons becomes one, they are said to be blessed by the Moon Goddesses and are special. The men in charge of the sun's church believe these children are dangerous and must be killed upon birth. But the Isle of the Moons often takes children into their sanctuary. The Embraced is about six young girls who were all born under the eclipse; this book centers around the eldest of the six, Luciana.

I can already tell this series going to be awesome. The active setting is spectacular, the fantastical medieval setting is so easy to picture in my head. The characters are so easy to fall in love with. The plot of a the book is a serious one but leave it to Kerrelyn Sparks to have a comic relief that will have you bust out laughing at inappropriate times.

Luciana was raised on the Isle of the Moons as an orphan along with her (adoptive) sisters. Luciana and her sisters would kill the time by telling fortunes using colored stones, it was all in fun until one day Luciana's prediction came true. Luciana's father came to the isle to get Luciana. The King has demanded that Lucius' daughter was to marry his nephew Lord Leofric of Benwick or else face death. The King has become greedy in his power and will do anything to obtain the wealthy lands that Lucius owns; that includes murdering them before the wedding. Leo is one of the embraced, but he contains the power of lightning and no one can touch him, so the can't kill him. Leo has risen in the ranks of the army and is now the Lord Protector of their Kingdom. All this was a way for the King to try and kill him but so far his attempts were unsuccessful. Now Leo has to go and get married to a young woman and protect her from the King's murderous intentions.

It was love at first sight. From across a crowded courtyard their eyes met and Luciana knew nothing would be the same again. Leo vows to protect his betrothed and despite the rumors about her, he knows she's different from any other woman he's met and he knows she's hiding something from him. He tries not to get to close afraid his touch will kill her but in no time their love is stronger than even the King. But will the Kings machinations kill them before it's too late?

Overall, outstanding. I really can't wait for the next books. It's a continual rollercoaster ride of adventure, action, magic, and mayhem; and the romance is pretty dang good too.          

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Deathstroke Vol. 1 The Professional

 DC Universe Rebirth Deathstroke Vol. 1 The Professional

Rebirth, 1-5
By: Christopher Priest
Art Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Joe Bennet, Mark Morales, Jeromy Cox
Variant Cover Art: Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, Alex Sinclair

Story: This is a good starting point for new readers of Deathstroke. The first half of the volume; Prologue, Among Thieves, Band of Brothers, flip flops between the past and the present giving the reader a nice idea of the origin not an in depth one but it gives all the right information. The first three parts also tells of Deathstroke dealing with an African Warlord, the Red Lion, to save his friend Wintergreen. He also has to deal with the Clock King. The second half of the volume By Any Other Name, American Gothic, Mirrors deals with Deathstroke deals with a death threat on his daughter Rose, aka. Ravager, following the money and it leads them to Gotham. Deathstroke set up Rose with Batman and Robin while he goes off and does his own thing.

Art: I loved this, it was like reading a cartoon. The art is well drawn, colored fantastically. Pagulayan and Bennet do wonderful drawings very detailed; and Morales, Barbo, and Paz can’t forget the inkers. Cox completes the picture bringing it to life with amazing colors and shading. I always enjoy the variant cover art.

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson: I have had a fascination with Slade since Teen Titans animated series first aired in ’03 voiced by Ron Perlman. He piqued my curiosity in the cartoon he was so mysterious and as I found out more about his past the more I liked him. A genetically enhanced super villain who switches side as easily as flipping a switch to suit his needs and has no problem being the bad guy just to make sure his kids become better than him.     
Rose Wilson/Ravager: I like this Rose she wants so bad her Father’s attention and for him to be proud of her but is constantly getting hurt from his actions. She was initially trained by Nightwing and thinks that she is ready and wants to prove to her father that she’s ready. Wintergreen: Probably the only truly loyal friend Deathstroke has, he has acted like a friend and confidant for Rose as well. He’s kind of the voice of reason, the mediator between father and daughter. Wintergreen staged his own death so he could retire but was forced out of it when kidnapped and now he and Slade are tracking down who snitched on the truth on him being alive.  Batman and Robin: Of course it’s Batman and Robin. Robin being Damien, Bruce’s son, and antagonistic and snarky as ever. Batman tries to convince Rose that she needs to not follow in her father’s footsteps and that Slade has his own reasons for leaving Rose in Gotham with Batman.

Review: Have I mentioned I hate cliffhangers. That is why I usually wait until the graphic novels are out so that I don’t have to wait for the next issue to come out. Damns youse! I love this one it is a great story it was engaging and dark, violent with the right amount of humor that has a great balance. I look forward to the upcoming issues.