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ARC REVIEW Wolf Hunger by Paige Tyler

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series book 7 brings us the baby of the group Max Lowery. As the most recently  changed Max is still dealing with control issues. Max is lucky enough to find his One so early in his life, when he meets her and discovers that she too is a wolf shifter he feels even luckier until he realizes she doesn't even know that she is a shifter. Lana Mason felt a pull bring her home after graduation and she's glad she did after meeting Max; she feels an instant attraction with him and even though it's happening all so fast it doesn't scare her. For Lana the biggest issue they are having to face is her father's disapproval; Lana's Dad is one of Max's bosses, Deputy Chief Hal Mason. Max doesn't think it's going to be a problem they are destined to be together he's just going to have to deal with it, Max's main worry is that there seems to be a group of Hunters after Lana.

Lana is notified by Austin PD that her roommate was murdered, tortured first then executed. Max isn't worried about it too much at first until the Detective on the case tells him they found someone else who was murdered the same way, the guy in the picture the detective emailed Max is an Omega, that's when the warning bells start going off in his head. Lana isn't really taking it seriously, not knowing the full truth so Max tells her the truth, shows her he can shift. She is justifiably freaked out and upset. It isn't until she is chased around Downtown Dallas by these Hunters that she realizes he's right. But these Hunters are far more dangerous than they estimated and one of the team mates suffers for that miscalculation. 

The romance between Lana and Max (there initials are ML and LM, I thought that was cute) is pretty swift and easy until the whole I'm a werewolf thing. There is a good bit of build up for their relationship it's not just all sex. There is also a side story that has to deal with Max's character development and him dealing with his past and those emotions, it also shows the IA as not such an ahole. 

Overall, it was a great book I thoroughly enjoyed reading, I love the whole series, I can't wait until we finally get to the point where we find out who is behind the Hunters, and why the Omegas are changing into a more protective role. Paige Tyler has definitely weaved a great universe here, it's on going mystery of the Hunters and it's wonderful(ly hot) characters, memorable action, and fantastic romance. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Demon Crown by James Rollins

I can not tell you how excited I was to get approved for this ARC. Seriously I squealed, loudly and threw in a happy dance. Why was I so excited? I was so excited because I freakin love this series, Sigma Force is one of my absolute favorites. James Rollins is amazing when it comes to weaving a mystery that ties together history and science in an action packed, intelligent, and suspenseful story. I, for one, greatly appreciate all the research Mr. Rollins does for each of his stories, with the fiction so close to the non-fiction, it really makes the whole thing seem so real. The characters are so real to me, through the previous twelve books I have come to know each of the characters and I love them. I have been TeamSeichan from the beginning and this is a very heavy Gray/Seichan book but for a damn good reason. It's a very emotional book for them, I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Kat and Monk go out into the field together for their own little adventure, Kowalski and Maria are still together, although Maria is mentioned in the book she isn't actually in it.

There was a biological attack on the Hawaiian Islands, in the form of huge wasps. I know it sounds like a cheesy B-rated Sy-Fy channel movie but believe me it's so much better. Gray, Seichand, Kowalski, a local fireman named Palu, a entomologist Ken Matsui, and a Japanese Intelligence agent Aiko handle things on the front lines trying to stop and eliminate the threat of world domination by way of these insects and the madman behind it all. While Kat, Monk, the Librarian of Congress Elena Delgado, and the entomologist for the National Zoo Sam Bennett tackle how these prehistoric insects came to be and how it connects to James Smithson the founder of the Smithsonian and a giant chunk of amber that went missing during WWII. I'm not going to say to much on the actual story because I don't want to give to much away and the blurb for this book is actually really good.

Off the coast of Brazil, a team of scientists discovers a horror like no other, an island where all life has been eradicated, consumed and possessed by a species beyond imagination. Before they can report their discovery, a mysterious agency attacks the group, killing them all, save one, an entomologist, an expert on venomous creatures, Professor Ken Matsui from Cornell University. 
Strangest of all, this inexplicable threat traces back to a terrifying secret buried a century ago beneath the National Mall: a cache of bones preserved in amber. The artifact was hidden away by a cabal of scientists—led by Alexander Graham Bell—to protect humankind. But they dared not destroy it, for the object also holds an astonishing promise for the future: the very secret of life after death. 
Yet, nothing stays buried forever. An ancient horror—dormant in the marrow of those preserved bones—is free once more, nursed and developed into a weapon of incalculable strength and malignancy, ready to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world. 
To stop its spread, Commander Grayson Pierce of Sigma Force must survive a direct attack on the island of Maui. To be there first has always been the core mission of Sigma Force, a covert team forged to be America’s front line against emerging threats. But this time, even Sigma may not be able to decipher this deadly mystery, one that traces back to the founding of the Smithsonian Institution. 
With each new discovery, the menace they hunt is changing, growing, spreading—adapting and surviving every attempt to stop it from reconquering a world it once ruled. And each transformation makes it stronger . . . and smarter. 
Running out of time and options, Commander Grayson Pierce will be forced to make an impossible choice. To eradicate this extinction-level threat and expose those involved, he will have to join forces with Sigma’s greatest enemy—the newly resurrected Guild—even it if means sacrificing one of his own.
Okay, I'll say it, Rollins is so much better than Crichton. Don't get me wrong Michael Crichton is in my top 15, Eaters of the Dead is one of my favorites and Sphere is creepy as hell, but the way Rollins adds all the intense action on top of the scientific and historic mystery just makes it all so heart-poundingly good. The way he comes at the mystery from two different paths makes a thrill ride; intelligent, emotional, daring and an inventive storyline and it all leads up to an explosive and heart stopping conculsion. I absolutely love his writing his active setting, his character development, his plot twists, I especially love at the back of the book where he reveals just how much of the book is truth and what's fiction. I can not wax poetically enough about this book or the series.         

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ARC REVIEW So Over You by Kate Meader

So Over You is book two in Kate Meader's Chicago Rebels series. Three half sisters, daughters of a hockey legend, who must work together to keep the hockey team. According to the requirements in the will the Rebels must make the playoffs that year or be sold out to a conglomerate. For two of the sister it's their legacy, one the managerial role and the other a coaching role. Irresistible You, the first book, is about the oldest sister Harper Chase, she is bound and determined to make it to the playoff this year and keep her team. I wouldn't say this is a standalone, but it could be the events of the first book have only a minor impact of this story but most of the emotional development between the sister happens in the first one. Isobel was the apple of her father's eye she was born to continue on his legacy on the ice and Isobel wanted nothing more than to be the best on the ice. Until her dreams came to an end after an accident now she just wants to coach. Vadim has to redeem himself after a knee injury but first he has to get back on the ice only one thing is standing in his way, the only woman who has ever mattered to him and the same one whose father blackballed him from the NHL.

To prove herself Isobel is assigned to privately coach Vadim so he can get back into skating form. Vadim thinks it's a bad idea not because she's a woman but he doesn't trust himself around her and Isobel can afford to have gossip that she's sleeping with players tied to her name especially if she wants the head coaching job. Isobel thinks she can handle coaching Vadim even if he still makes her feel all a flutter but after the one and only one time they were together left her wanting she didn't think they were compatible. Once Vadim finds this out he makes a point to prove to her that they are, over and over again. 

Their sexual attraction isn't the problem between one particularly cruel player on the team, Vadim's little sister and his mother, and the big one Isobel has the chance to play for the gold again. She was asked to audition for the NCAA, she told no one but Vadim expecting him to be excited for her only to get the opposite reaction. This is her last chance to achieve her dream and as much of a bastard her father was and even though he's dead she still feels like she's disappointing him by not playing hockey. Vadim and Isobel have a bunch of issues to work out before they can achieve their HEA.

Overall, I loved this one. Vadim be still my heart that smokin' hot Russian is not only great with kids but once he realizes he left Isobel wanting he sees his way into her heart again. There is a lot of personal growth in this book as with the first one and as always Kate Meader is exceptional with it and the sex is so freakin' hot. I very much recommend anything she written.    

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

ARC REVIEW Darkness at the Edge of Town by Jennifer Harlow

Book Two of Jennifer Harlow's Iris Ballard thriller series. It picks up a couple months after the events of the first book, Iris has achieved some fame and fortune and even hopefully a spot as a consultant for CNN. She's even signed a book deal to tell her story but before she can settle back down at home and start writing her book she gets a frantic call from her Mother saying her brother is missing. The past internal problems Iris faced in Beautiful Maids All in a Row for the most part have been handled, she no longer drinks and has stopped abusing prescription drugs, but she still dealing with the death of her husband especially now that she is looking at Luke as someone who is more than a friend. Now she's dealing with a whole new/not so new batch of internal and external conflict in the form of her mother. Then there is the whole issue with her brother being suckered in by a con artist and his cult. 

Mathias Morning and his New Morning Movement say all the right things the cater to the people who are at their weakest, recovering addicts who want someone else to blame for their decisions. After his fiancee miscarried, Iris' twin Billy was at his weakest and after he cleaned out their joint bank account and disappeared Iris knew nothing good was going ot come of it especailly the deeper she dug. While this is the main storyline of the book Iris family drama almost overshadows it, it does play a big part her interaction with her brother and mother and their past histories and in turn how Mathias is able to manipulate them because of it. Luke is seriously Iris' rock, he is there when she needs him and reminds her of her self worth and he just awesome. 

Overall, this was a really good read. The internal conflict is even more important to the story than with the first one the family dynamics and all the past drama finally comes out with some revelations and closure. I really enjoyed  how the story played out, it was a slow build up but a good one.   

Monday, November 27, 2017

ARC REVIEW Totally His by Erin Nicholas

Totally His is the third book in Erin Nicholas' Opposites Attract series, and it is probably my favorite out of the three. Never mind that I am a reformed theatre junkie I just really liked everything about this book. And I'm hoping with Finn Kelly's huge family we get a spin off, hint hint nudge nudge wink wink.

Sophie was raised by a manipulative father, he would seduce woman and charm them into marriage and when the charm stopped working or he just got tired of them he took his Sophie and left and went on the look out for the next ex-Mrs. Birch. The times when Sophie didn't have a mother she would often live in the car. This made Sophie very jaded toward men, she also longed for a big family with open arms and unconditional love. That is the Kelly family, a big Irish bunch who argue and meddle and love unconditionally, Sophie already loves Angie Kelly, she met Angie at her playhouse and they fell into a very easy friendship. Angie also understood Sophie's need to stay out of her family life, after all with a father like her's she couldn't take the risk that he would show up and ruin it all for her.

Finn is a fixer, he likes to help out when he can, he also has a bit of a hero complex which is a good thing he became a cop. When his Mom's favorite playhouse catches on fire, one he was on the scene for and had to physically remove a woman from the theatre, he feels it's only right for him and his buddy's help out with the repairs. Finn is pleasantly surprised when he finds out that the woman he had to pull out the theatre is the Sophie his mother has been talking about. Even though he promised his mother he would go after Sophie he can't help but flirt with her and feel jealous when any of the other guys flirt with her. They decide an easy way for them to raise money to repair the playhouse is to put on a play with the firefighters and policemen. Lucky for them Angie just happens to have one ready, one based on how she fell in love with her husband and the troubles that arose when they did. Finn and Sophie are cast as the leads. The sexual chemistry between Finn and Sophie goes deeper than just that they feel comfortable around each other and Sophie shares more with him than she's ever shared with anyone else before.

Just when Sophie starts to feel comfortable around the Kelly family her father introduces himself to the family as well. Sophie tries to warn Angie and Finn not to let him in but they do and trying to convince Finn that her father can not be fixed is the one thing that just might tear them apart. Overall, it was a really good read, I loved the characters and especially Angie. It was an emotionally charged story and the chemistry between Finn and Sophie was so perfect.     

ARC REVIEW Spy Games by Sidney Bristol

What an apt name. Spy Games is the newest book from Sidney Bristol the start of a new series Tarnished Heroes through Entangled Publishing. Just like the name suggests it is full of  intrigue, double dealings, and plenty of  subterfuge. Sarah and Rand are a friends to lovers romance. Each having a crush on the other but friendship and Sarah's older brother, Matt who is also Rand's best friend, kept them from admitting their feelings. Rand and Matt even enlisted together and were lucky enough to be assigned together, but then they hit trouble and Matt lost part of his arm Rand felt nothing but guilt and isolated himself from his friends and family. He didn't re-enlist and became a private contractor for the CIA. 
Sarah job allows to travel quite a bit on the Asian continent, the CIA decided to use her as a courier to drop  messages off at dead drops. Sarah does fine with her non-official job with the CIA until someone sells her out. Rand is asked to help secure the courier until they can extract her, Rand didn't realize his "courier girl" is his Sarah were one in the same and now protecting Sarah has become his number one priority, even after they get back to the states. The fact that Sarah was sold out and the briefcase she was transporting is missing means their is a mole, and they don't know how exactly they can trust, while Sarah and Rand run for their lives their CIA handlers are trying to make heads and tails of everything trying to track down the mole. 

Rand and Sarah's romance come son hot and heavy. Rand has trouble trying to get past the guilt of the fact that he failed her brother and he's not worthy of Sarah no matter how much he loves her. While Sarah tries to convince herself that Rand isn't going to be long term and to not fall in love. But first things first they must survive and track down the mole and stop the sale of the documents that were stolen.

Overall, not my favorite of Sidney's but still a really good read. I didn't guess who it was until almost the end and the action is so good, very intense. and the romance, it is hot. Although I do get tired of  Sarah and Rands inability to communicate at times. And I want to know more about Thailand and Matt and Emily!    

Friday, November 24, 2017

ARC REVIEW Simon: Clan Legacy Series by J.S. Striker

If I'm not mistaken this is book 9 in the Clan Legacy series by J. S. Striker. I like the premise of the whole Clan Legacy series, the different shifters working together while maintaining a peace treaty with the witches and vampires. I was able to read the first four in the series and book 8 before reading this one, both Erik (book 8) and Simon can be read as standalones. Simon had some brief appearances in books 3 and 4 I liked that he was brought back and has a story of his own.

Simon and Robin worked as teens (young adults??) training together. They each had their own dream Robin would become the best witch in the world and Simon would eventually find a nice wolf shifter to settle down with and have a parcel of kids running around. Several years down the line Robin is closer than ever to her goal and after another successful mission she's earned some time off to travel and the only person she wants to travel with is her old friend Simon. But when she gets to New York she is talked into working with Simon again.  With another shifter, Jake, they go undercover in Japan where there target was last scene, but it's not as easy as rescuing a damsel in distress.

All grown up Simon is looking at Robin in a new light and even though she's undercover playing a part he still gets jealous at the attention she's getting from their suspect. Robin has been fighting her own feelings for Simon since she saw in again. They both think that it's not in their future to be together but one ill times potion on Robin and they give into the sexual desire.

Overall, I liked it. The characters were great and non- stop adventure. It was a very full book it seemed longer than what it was. The one thing that kinda bugged me and I didn't see this in any of the other book but some parts of it were very succinct, they weren't pertinent to the rest of the story it was just kind of summarizing what has happened, but it happened more than once and at those time it just seemed like it was more of  telling me rather than showing me. The last it happened is the time it really bugged me. It could have gone to expand more on those events and get in a higher word count or cut it down more because those three paragraphs worth of events did nothing except tell why Robin was exhausted and too tired to defend herself. Other than that one part I really did enjoy the book and I look forward to reading the ones I missed and the ones to come, especially if it's Jake.
Was given an ARC and giving a voluntary review 

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ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth: Wonder Woman vol 4 Godwatch

Wonder Woman

Vol 4

issues 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 
and Wonder Woman Annual #1
DC Universe Rebirth
by Greg Rucka
Art by Bilquis Evely, Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Story: Godwatch is the past look at how it got started. They are nice issues that give you the insight to Veronica Cale's motivation. It explains what exactly happened to Izzy how Adrianna became Doctor Cyber and just how Cale was able to trap Deimos and Phobos in to dogs. Even how she was instrumental in Barbara Ann Minerva's change into Cheetah.  Vol 4 starts six months after Wonder Woman's appearance and moves to the present. ...And Then There Were Three from the Annual is the introduction of Superman and Batman to Wonder Woman.

Art: Bilquis Evely is just wow. The cover, to me, looks very reminiscent of a Mucha painting. You see the visible strength of Wonder Woman but also soft womanly features. I love that cover. The rest of the book is just as good it has great lines and beautiful colors, except Godwatch part four. While it was well drawn and beautifully colored I just couldn't stand that they all looked like teenagers. They look like they should have been in some angsty teen drama instead of Wonder Woman. I love Jenny Frison's variant covers.

 Review: Overall, I really enjoyed the story. Sometimes I like to know what's going on in the bad guys mind set and Veronica was a good villain. Greg Rucka did a great job with the timeline for this whole story arc and keeping you interested bouncing back and forth from past to present. Normally that would bug me and I think it would if I was reading this single issue by single issue but grouped as they are in the graphic novels it makes reading them very easy. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ARC REVIEW What Does Consent Really Mean? by Pete and Thalia Wallis

"Consent is not the absence of 'NO', it is an enthusiastic YES!!"

So I'm doing something a little different, this is not my usual kind of review but I feel like this is something that needs as much exposure as it can get. With everything going on right now our kids need to understand consent and what it means and everything it applies to. In this graphic novel it delves into what consent is and not just for sex. This group of teens they have a classmate who was raped and social media is tearing her apart, blaming her ect.. Which bring up the topic of what consent it, and how it's not just a stranger doing it but date rape, and then there's statutory rape and the consent between a minor and and adult.  First it's just the girls talking about boyfriends pressuring them into it and how it makes them feel like they should just because they are dating. When the guys join them they start getting the opinion from guys side, their expectations of how they are suppose to act as opposed to how they want to act. By the end of the day they have all learned something.

I liked this because it is a great starting point to talk to your kids either read it with them or just be there to answer questions afterwards. It gives ideas about what to talk to them it's good for opening up the discussion. I would definitely recommend this to parents or to school councillors. It is British so the slang is that to them but it is still very easy to read and follow and the art is appealing. The cast of characters are easy to connect with; it definitely felt like an after school special with how the dialogue played out but it gets the point across.

What I took away from this (as an adult) No matter what if you decide to have sex or not this is a good eye opening read for teens to think that it's ok to say no, if you want to be abstinent that's ok and if your gf/bf wants to be abstinent then you need to respect their wishes. It's even ok to change your mind if you start to feel uncomfortable! And don't let anyone make you feel bad for what you want.     

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth: Batwoman vol 1 The Many Arms of Death


The Many Arms of Death

vol 1
issues 1-6
DC Universe Rebirth

Story by: Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion IV,
Art: Steve Epting, Stephanie Hans, Renato Arlem, Jeromy Cox (colorist), Adriano Lucas (colorist)

Story: Katherine Kane's life wasn't an easy one, the traumatic events when she was a child spiraled her life onto a difficult path. She was kicked out of West Point for being gay and then became a socialite drunk. It all changed though when she was saved by Batman. She went back to her training and then donned the cape and cowl as Batwoman. There is one year of Kate's life she doesn't talk about that's about to change when her past finally catches up with her. The Many Arms of Death is an extremist group bend on genocide. They want to cleanse the world and have no problem using any means possible. Kate has to track them down and stop them before they kill millions, and she's not like Batman she's willing to use anything she can to stop them.

Art: The art is spectacular. It's definitely one of my favorites. Steve Epting worked The Many Arms of Death 1-4, wonderful detail and combined with Jeromy Cox's coloring it brought the story to life. Stephanie Hans did Blinding with much softer lines and was a little hazier which added to the flashback feel of the story and the result was very pretty. The futuristic story of Pax Batmana was done by Renato Arlem and colors by Adriano Lucas, it has a great futuristic dystopian type vibe to it and fit in great with the story. The fantastic cover for that one was done by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira colored by Adriano Lucas. I am always intrigued by the variant covers.

Review: I'm not very familiar with Batwoman's story, I think the only thing really I know is the animated movie with the three different women as Batwoman. That being said I loved this. Marguerite Bennett together with James Tynion, it's a complicated and in depth story but easy to follow. The truncated version of her past letting you know the basics and then slowly showing you what happened in that missing year followed by a more in depth story, Blinding, and the foreshadowing with Pax Batmana really nice touch, just a little extra tug to make sure they hooked you into the story. 
I liked that Kate is willing to push the limits, and with her own Pennyworth there to remind her not to cross them keeps Kate from fully going over the deep end, and act as Bruce's spy. Overall, I don't think I disliked a single thing in this volume, I'm hooked and can't wait for more.  


RELEASE DAY BLITZ The Duke Who Came to Town by Sophie Barnes


She doesn’t want to be a kept woman…

Josephine Potter knows she must retain her employment to provide for her younger sisters and to maintain the house. While a young woman working as an accountant – at a hotel no less – could be frowned upon by some, it’s still a respectable way to earn a living. No matter what a certain duke might think. Besides, Josephine has a few rules she lives by: Don’t rely on others, don’t accept money from someone you don’t know, and never allow a man to control your life. But when she is fired from her job, Josephine may have to bend a few rules…

Devon, the Duke of Snowdon, has never met a more bull-headed woman than Josephine Potter! The Potter sisters are granddaughters of a Viscount and should not have to work for a living. So despite Josephine’s arguments, Devon insists she end her employee status immediately and accept a stipend for her and her sisters. When she is then fired, she accuses him of meddling in her life…and things are about to heat up despite the cold winter weather. As they work together to figure out why Devon’s hotel is losing money, a mutual attraction that won’t be denied, grows between them.

But when rumors of impropriety abound, can Josephine’s reputation be saved…or will her life be destroyed by scandal?

Josephine waited until the coach carrying her youngest sister, Eve, out to the Great West Road had turned a corner, disappearing from sight. She then wrapped her shawl tighter around her shoulders and started making her way back toward the townhouse they’d shared with their other sister, Louise, until yesterday. The place would be empty now with both sisters away. Eve had been invited to visit with a friend for the holidays, while Louise had gone to Whitehaven in the northern part of the country to become a governess to three young children.

Some extra income would certainly be welcome. Josephine wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to cover their expenses on her own. The townhouse, alone, took most of her wages, while food and clothing swallowed the rest. It was a struggle, but to accept defeat and relocate to humbler lodgings was out of the question. Already, they’d had to give up the status their Mayfair home and country estate had once afforded them. As the great-granddaughters of an earl, they’d enjoyed a comfortable position in society—until their father had squandered it all in a downward spiral of drink and depression. 
Pushing the unpleasant memories as far back as they would go, Josephine determined to focus on the future. The townhouse wasn’t the only thing at stake. There were also Eve’s prospects and their reputations. While Josephine and Louise had resigned themselves to working for a living, they both hoped Eve might still be able to enjoy the Season they’d been denied, that she might marry well, and that her life might be a little easier and happier than what they faced. There would be no large dowry, only the meager sum Josephine had managed to put aside during the last year since their father’s death: a few wages here, a bit of pawned jewelry there. 
Turning onto Vine Street, Josephine bowed her head against the gust of wind sweeping toward her. She’d used the last firewood that morning and would have to see about buying more –yet another cost eating away at her income. But this was England, and they were only in December. It would be several months before she’d be able to forego heating. Unless she wished to get sick and not only risk losing her job but also having to pay the exorbitant fee of seeing a doctor. To do so was not an option, so when she spotted a woman with firewood strapped to her back, Josephine crossed the street and made her approach. “How much for three pieces?” It was all she could carry. 
“Thirty pence, love.” 
Swallowing the bitterness of surrendering the sum, Josephine exchanged the coins for the wood and resumed walking, pushing through the wind as it whipped her skirts around her legs.

She was almost at her door before she noticed the carriage parked at the side of the road. The two black horses hitched to the front of it silently watched her progress. Giving them a wary glance, Josephine balanced the firewood in one arm so she could retrieve her key from her pelisse pocket.

Her face burned with cold and she took a step forward, prepared to seek refuge indoors, when the carriage door opened and a tall, broad-shouldered figure stepped down onto the pavement. His hair was black beneath his beaver hat, his features matching the harsh winter climate. Eyes as dark as night caught hers, and his jaw immediately set with distinct determination.

“Miss Potter?” He shoved the carriage door shut and strode toward her. The wind caught the hem of his somber greatcoat, forcing it out behind him in jerky movements.
Josephine raised her chin. “Who wants to know?”

Halting his approach, he told her frankly, “The Duke of Snowdon.” He dipped his head and touched the brim of his hat. “At your service.”

About the Author

Born in Denmark, Sophie has spent her youth traveling with her parents to wonderful places all around the world. She’s lived in five different countries, on three different continents, and speaks Danish, English, French, Spanish and Romanian.

She has studied design in Paris and New York and has a bachelor’s degree from Parson’s School of design, but most impressive of all – she’s been married to the same man three times, in three different countries and in three different dresses.

While living in Africa, Sophie turned to her lifelong passion – writing.

When she’s not busy, dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching romantic comedies and, of course, reading. She currently lives on the East Coast.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ Only You by Tmonique Stephens


Only You by Tmonique Stephens

Series: Unhallowed # 2.0

Genre: Adult; Paranormal Romance; Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Independent

Publication Date: November 20, 2017

Only The Fallen on Amazon: 
Only One I Want on Amazon: 
Only You on Amazon: 


Banned from Heaven. Escaped from Hell. They are UnHallowed.

As the looming battle between the demon hordes and the UnHallowed intensifies, so does Amaya’s feelings for Bane. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with an UnHallowed, but the attraction is undeniable…as is the danger. Good thing he keeps pushing her away, underestimating her at every turn, which fuels her resolve and strengthens her to do what she must—save the world.

The world be damned. For millennia, Bane’s one purpose was to reclaim his grace and his place in the Celestial Army. Then he met Amaya. Created for one purpose, she is the key to defeating their enemies, but the cost is too great if it places her life in danger. He will do whatever is necessary to protect her, because nothing else matters.

Time is closing in. The balance of power is shifting. Amaya and Bane can either unleash their spiraling passions and fortify their bond, or lead themselves and all the UnHallowed to utter destruction.

Only You is the second book of this series and it is NOT a standalone. It pretty much picks up right where the first one left off. 
This book is torturous in all the best ways. From the action to what the characters go through, it just keeps going the pacing is fast and the parts where they are not fighting it's not slow and filler it keeps the story going and moving quickly from one scene to the next. I swear that is the hottest shower sex scene I've ever read. 
Amaya and Bane have to be one of my favorite book couples ever. They are not perfect and they have their arguments and distractions but together they are, oh boy, they are marvelous and Bane who is willing to sacrifice everything he's work for since the fall for her. Amaya is strong and stubborn, in the good way she is not a TSTL (I really hate that term too) heroine, she knows she can handle it. 
There is quite a bit that happens in this book, it introduces new characters, Gideon and Dina come back and the really big fight scene seems hopeless and the twist is unexpected. 
Overall, I didn't want to put this down once I started reading it. It is a very captivating read and Tmonique Stephens is brilliant with her active setting and emotions, you really hate the bad guys and at a couple points the good guys too but you feel sympathetic to their plinth and you want them to succeed. I can't wait for more.

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I wrote my first novel about a reporter and a hockey player after the U.S. hockey team won gold in the 1980 Olympics. I love writing flawed characters who reflect the emotional baggage we all carry. I write complicated stories for complicated people. Paranormal romances and fantasy novels are my favorite genre. I’ll read anything about fairies, demons, or angels, but I also enjoy Stephen King and Preston and Childs.

I’m hooked on Lucifer, The Backlist, The Strain, Vikings, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and BlindSpot. I can’t get enough of these shows!

I was born in St. Thomas USVI, but grew up in The Bronx, New York one mile from Yankee Stadium. I love SyFy, the History channels, and Asian cuisine. But my heart and stomach longs for anything from the Caribbean.


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Friday, November 17, 2017

ARC REVIEW Wilde in Love by Eloisa james

Wilde in Love the first in a new series by the very talented Eloisa James. The Wilde’s of Lindlow Castle is a large family so hopefully it’s going to be a semi long series. It takes place during the Georgian era so we get the magnificent details of the wigs and the powder and the fancy dress topped off with EJ’s trademark wit and charm, her romance always contains that kind of wit for me that really just complements the active setting.

Willa Ffynche is a little hard to like at first because she is kind of prejudice against Alaric at first and it seems unjustified she’s never met him and never read any of his books she’s only going on assumptions to what his character is really like and it’s not flattering. Alaric Wilde left his home in pursuit of adventure he wrote books about his adventures and now years later he is finally returning home only to find himself the object of desire for many of the young ladies in London. Not only did his books make him famous but a silly play written about him made him a celebrity, even if the whole thing was poppycock. What infuriates Alaric the most is that they actually think the portrayal of him in the play is correct, it couldn’t be further from the truth. His whole family thinks it’s amusing and keep poking fun at him with it.

Willa and Alaric start off kind of rocky, she was all prepared to dislike him but instead she not only found him more attractive than the engravings sold of him. Alaric is amused by Willa for her obvious dislike of him and the fact she’s never read his book when it seems like the rest of the female population has, and she’s the prettiest woman he’s ever met. He’s determined to win her over as soon as she stops trying to talk herself out of falling in love with him. But when the delusional writer of the play shows up Willa agrees to pretend to be engaged to Alaric until they can figure out what they can do with the girl.

Overall, this was a great read. The puns and the bad jokes not the mention the absolutely adorable baby skunk and the ill-tempered cat. And I loved the tease for the next book at the end.      

ARC REVIEW The Scot's Bride by Paula Quinn

The Scot's Bride is book 6 of The MacGregors: Highland Heirs series. This book in particular can be read as a standalone. Patrick MacGregor likes his life as is and unlike his many family members falling in love is the last thing he wants, he enjoys traveling from town to town fighting for money seducing a pretty woman when the need strikes. Charlotte "Charlie" Cunningham doesn't want to fall in love either, she fell in love once already only to have him taken from her at the hands of her father. Since she now knows the depths of her father's cruelty and hatred for their sworn enemy she does everything possible to disobey him and right the wrongs her Father and her brother do to their tenants.

On his way to visit his mother's family Patrick comes across a beautiful raven haired woman, and because he didn't heed her warning ended up getting hit by a rock from her sling, tied up in the barn, and randomly getting punched by her brother's. He does listen when she tells him not to admit to being a Fergusson, if he is one. When another local clan comes and tries to take Charlie and force her into a marriage with their Laird Patrick comes to the rescue and wins over Cunningham, not necessarily Charlie or her brothers, Hendry and Duff, but at least he's not tied up any more. Patrick is enthralled with Charlie, she is like no other woman he's ever met before. Charlie is hesitant to like this stranger but everything he does shows her there a lot more to him than what she initially thought. Especially since he helped find something to ease her younger sister's breathing, and stood up to Hendry on behalf of the tenants and pretended to be a monster slayer for a little girl. The longer Patrick is there the more he doesn't want to leave but the secret he been keeping from Charlie may ruin any chance he's has with her.

Overall this was a really nice read. I loved the characters and the whole progression of the story line.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

ARC REVIEW No Other Duke Will Do by Grace Burrowes

No Other Duke Will Do is book three in Grace Burrowes Windham Brides series. While this is part of a large Windham series it is possible to read this one separate from the others, the next book I'm not so sure because the next bride and her future husband kind of start their reluctant courtship in this book. Elizabeth after narrowly escaping a marriage she didn't want travels to a house party in Wales until the scandal can die down, and even though her plans with her sister involve a spinsterhood together her family is urging her to marry. That is the last thing Elizabeth wants but one look at the St. David library and she's willing to rethink that especially since the owner is exactly the type of man she would marry. Julian St. David, Duke of Haverford, knew his sister planned the house party so he could find a wife but he also manipulated the guest list to include plenty of eligible bachelors for her. Julian wants to get married and have kids but as it is the estate has no money to support a wife or kids at this time. Keeping the castle a float his tenants safe and the mines out of the valley are his main priority but then he meets Elizabeth and while everything in him wants her he doesn't think he can have her yet. Julian is a little slow on the up take he has no idea just how much his family's library is worth.

Julian and Elizabeth's romance isn't the only thing going on, it's a house party of course not, When the neighbor, Lucas Sherbourne, crashes the party and tells Julian that unless he allows the marriage between Julian's sister, Glenys and himself he will call in the twenty thousand pound note the St. David family owes his. Knowing this Julian makes sure to tell his best friend who has been in love with Glenys forever. Griffin the younger St. David also has finally told his love he loves her and told Julian  that he can't stop him from marrying her. That's not all two more matches come from this party. Elizabeth has already determined she's going to marry Julian she just him to realize things are not as hopeless as they seem.

Overall, a good read. Julian is a bit dense and it gets old just one of those moments you want to smack him upside the head.