Saturday, January 21, 2017

ARC REVIEW Absolute Trust by Piper J. Drake

Jumping into the True Heroes series in book three, never read the first two and now I want to. It's fine as a stand-alone but if feel like I missed out on some good sexual tension between Brandon and Sophie.
This was a great story, it started with a bang, really a car exploded. Not only is the sexual tension great but the action and suspense build it's own tension that holds it's own. It was an exciting story that captured my attention and kept it.

Brandon and Sophie have known each other for most of their lives. They dated in high school but then abruptly Brandon joins the military, without a word he's gone. Over the years though they have remained friends even though they both long for something more but unsure of how the other feels and for reason of their own have avoided any meaningful relationships. Brandon came back changed, more closed off and serious with one goal in mind to operate a rehab and training facility for retired military dogs. Sophie has lived the life her father has wasn't her to live and as much as she loves numbers she has been rethinking her whole life's plan especially since something funny is going on at work. Brandon and Sophie reconnected when he got back but both were determined to stay friends. That all changes when Sophie's car explodes almost killing her, if Brandon's medically discharged german shepherd, Hayden, who he's been training and rehabilitating hadn't detected the explosive device in the car it would have killed her. Hayden is a special dog he lost part of a front leg in an IED explosion and Brandon is working his physical therapy and training him to walk on a prosthetic leg. Brandon assumes that Sophie has been targeted by some of his enemies, Brandon and his two friends who also work for Hope's Crossing Kennels start to follow any lead that could tell them who was responsible.

The car bomb scared Brandon enough that he vows to protect Sophie no matter what, but all the time together is wearing on their resistance. They are opening up about the past and what happened after graduation and about how they really feel but can't act on it. But eventually they do. And it turns out the car bombing was just the start and that it was just the opening Brandon's enemies needed to track him down, so they are not just dealing with one badie out there and Brandon will lay down his life if he has to to protect the woman he has loved all his life.

Overall, it was a great story. I want to go back and read the first two.    

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