Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ARC REVIEW Giving it All by Christi Barth

Naked Men book three, and I have to say I think so far this one is my favorite. Logan is more complex than the other guys, he's not as selfish as some of the others guys seem, in a crazy way he is unselfish to the point of being selfish. Yes it's weird and an oxymoron but he has sacrificed so much to help others and his relationship with his father has suffered for it and his friends rarely get to see him anymore he's always off in some third world country helping them recover after natural disasters. But he's so dead set on helping other people his own life is practically barren but he won't give it up he has to be the one there helping or else it doesn't feel like he's helping at all.

Logan's world has had a monkey wrench thrown in it when he found out about a sister he never knew he had, and rushing back to the states to try and repair the disaster of a first meeting when a hurricane strands him in the Caribbean. Brooke Gallagher needed a break from her life she went for a paradise vacation and got caught in a hurricane. Brooke left her home ec teaching/ cheerleader coach job at the high school after something tragic happened and she could no longer stomach the idea of being on influence on young people's lives and her boyfriend left her because if it. Logan and Brooke were really good friends in high school, they both had crushes on each other but timing was never on their side. But now years later both stranded on a tropical island together during a hurricane they agree to give into the lust.

When they get back to D.C. Logan sticks his foot in his mouth and ends up with a black eye and no desire to stay at the house with the other guys. Brooke is there and offers him her spare room. Even though they both said what happens on the island stays on the island but when they get near each other they can't keep their hands off of each other. Brooke and Logan are trying to work through their own problems but Logan is a great listener and helps Brooke put things in perspective and vise versa, but Logan is a little bit more stubborn and he doesn't want to give up the way he is living to take over the company for his father and not for Brooke either.

Overall, definitely my favorite of the three so far.      

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