Tuesday, February 21, 2017

ARC REVIEW Exposed by Rhonda Pollero

Exposed took me by surprise, what I was expecting from the blurb I was expecting something more like Sleeping with the Enemy but it was so much more it a couple of nice "what a twist moments" but was also predictable in other parts. It was an enjoyable diversion from the typical. It was a good story it kept me up all night reading it. Darby is trying to get out of the situation by any means possible and she thinks she has the best solution, but she really didn't think it through with all possible outcomes and she did not expect her husband to be complete sociopath. This was a very complicated plan on Darby's part and she was willing to risk everything but the life of her baby to execute it. The story was well written and the characters were easy to connect to and easy to like.

Darby had a whirlwind romance with Sean and she thought it was ideal up to the time he first hit her, it wasn't until she was eight months pregnant that she had enough. But Sean quite literally is watching every move she makes so Darby concocts a plan she feels is the only way she can successfully keep the baby away from Sean's abusiveness. Her plans require a lawyer one who has no ties to her, Sean, or her family, Jack Kavanaugh. At first Jack wants nothing to do with the privileged Darby, but he knows she's lying to him and that she is in desperate need of help. Everything goes according to plans up until the point Sean does something she never expected and now she needs Jack's help to get out of this and safe not only herself but that of her daughter.

Overall, this really was a good read. I look forward to reading more by Rhonda Pollero.    

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