Thursday, February 2, 2017

ARC REVIEW Seven Minutes in Heaven by Eloisa James

Seven Minutes in Heaven is book three in the Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers and book 9 in original series Desperate Duchesses. Don't let that deter you from reading it it is just fine read as a standalone. The characters in this book are the children of the original cast of characters in the earlier series.  

I always get a feeling after reading an Eloisa James book; it's a feeling of immense satisfaction. I always just have to sit back and let the book soak in, let the words just permeate inside my mind. This book is no exception to the brilliant writing of Eloisa James, definitely one of my favorites.

Eugenia Snowe is a woman who knows her mind and despite it all she married for love and prefered to be referred to as her husband's wife, Mrs. Snowe, rather than her title, Lady Eugenia. Eugenia didn't want to be a useless Lady who wasted her time and widowhood doing nothing. She saw a need and so she started the best governess agency in all of England. Eugenia has remained devoted to her husband even now years after his death, until a stubborn and obstinate man walks into her office and demands that she handle this siblings herself. Edward Reeve is a bastard, he was raised by his father and treated like a true son by his step mother. Ward however needs to marry above his station, not for his own purposes but for that of his siblings. His mother died and left her two young children alone, their father's wishes were that Ward take over guardianship of his brother and sister if anything happened to their mother. But Ward's grandmother doesn't think he's good enough to raise the children and thinks he's a bad influence. Ward is determined to keep his siblings so he needs a governess with a strong enough resolve so that the unique nature of the children's personality won't be to shocking. None of the governesses that Eugenia has sent have had the fortitude to handle the kids and Ward is determined to have Eugenia do it herself.

Here is where is gets interesting, Ward has no idea that Eugenia is a lady, he assumes that she was a vicor's daughter who became a governess and later became the proprietress of Snowe's Governesses. Ward has an instant fascination with Eugenia, and very inappropriately flirts with her and wants her, one more reason he wants her at his house instead of a governess. Can I say I love it when the two main characters exchange letters in books, especially when they are as humorous as the ones these two share. The two kids are so funny, they almost steal the spotlight away from Ward and Eugenia. Ward finally succeeds in seducing Eugenia and their feelings start to go deeper than just a brief affair. But when matters with Wards grandmother get worse it becomes obvious to Eugenia that Ward has no idea who or what she really is and leaves heart broken. Now Ward not only has to win the case against him Grandmother but win over Eugenia and convinced her he loves her for exactly who she is at the same time.

Overall, it really is a wonderful Historical Romance with all the right amounts of humor, angst, and romance.          

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