Thursday, March 9, 2017

ARC REVIEW Her True Match by Paige Tyler

OMG! This is the sixth book of the series and while it might not be the best book to start this series it is a good starting point. The two main characters are new, they were introduced in the last book but it's not imperative that you read it because they pretty much tell you everything you need to know. Dreya and Braden, smokin' hot!!! Never mind the semi-slow beginning the ending, Oh My Gods! That's it, that's all you are getting about that. The book has an exciting intro and it establishes the characters and then moves to them getting closer and boy is that nice when they finally give into the attraction, Damn girl!

Classic case of opposites attract, Dreya has been a cat burgler for years and never been caught; Braden is a detective, burglary unit, and even though he has never found proof he knows every place Dreya has burgled. But now he's caught her red handed and Homeland Security has come to take her into custody. Something in Braden gut tells him something is wrong, he's not far off John Laughlin has been keeping an eye on Dreya for a while and her arrest upped his timetable to bringing her into the DCO. John makes a deal with Dreya she stays for five days and trains and if she makes it and decides not to join the DCO she's free to go slate cleaned no charges, no jail unless she bails before her fives are up then it straight to jail. Braden follows Dreya and next thing he knows he's brought into the fold of the DCO and partnered up with the woman he just arrested not 48 hours before. Braden though he knew everything there was to know

Also going on Trevor a coyote shifter joins Ivy and Landon in an undercover mission to find yet another facility making hybrids; this one working with in a psychiatric hospital. Trevor befriends a teenage girl who helps him get into the the locked ward where the shifters and hybrids are located. Thorne once again the man Ivy and Landon are acting as double agents to uncover his dirty deeds, is trying to eliminate competition and even though he sent Ivy and Landon there in the first place sends his own man who just complicates matters.

Not even a full five days later and Dreya and Braden have gotten closer than ever and are on their first mission together. But once again Dr. Dick messes with them and it has Braden doubting Dreya. Can Dreya give up the thrill of burglary or will she back to her old tricks again? Overall, OMG this book, shit just hit the fan. I can't wait for the next one.      

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