Saturday, March 18, 2017

ARC REVIEW Home at Last by Lily Everett

Home at Last is book six in Lily Everett's Sanctuary Island series, after the build up from the previous book I was a little disappointed in the overall story. Quinn and Marcus were amusing with their old married couple bickering but in this book you really don't see much of that in this book. The romance between them seemed very easy, I thought the main focus of the book was more on Quinn's parents their problem and her dealing with them. Marcus also dealing with his past and the baggage he carries.

Quinn and Marcus had a steamy relationship until Marcus' and all his guilt and drama got the better of him and he ended things with Quinn. A little later Quinn's parents come back to town after traveling and staying at home with them would drive her crazy, so she kind of pushes Marcus into letting her stay in the other apartment above Buttercup Inn. Quinn's parents are on the verge of divorce and according to Quinn it's not possible, there have never been two people more in love than her parents. On their travels her parents met a relationship guru who has them doubting their marriage and telling them they need to sell their house. Quinn thinks that if she is in a steady relationship then her parents can stop worrying about her and they won't sell their house. Quinn makes deal with Marcus and he agrees. To make matters worse Quinn's mom invited the guru to stay with them and his schemes have all five of them staying at Quinn's childhood home, which is right next door to Marcus' childhood home; a home he has not returned to since the death of his mother. Quinn and Marcus know there's something fishy going on with the guru and Marcus and Quinn dig into his background to discover the truth. Quinn and Marcus' relationship shifts from fake to real but can it survive the insecurity they both feel when it comes to committing.  

Overall, I liked the characters and how they dealt with their problems how everything was resolved but the story all in all just didn't do it for me.

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