Saturday, May 13, 2017

ARC REVIEW My One True Highlander by Suzanne Enoch

Book two in the No Ordinary Hero series by Suzanne Enoch, My One True Highlander has a serious undertone to the cliched almost comical storyline. Kidnapped English Lady and the rugged Scottish Laird, what makes this more serious than other stories is the situation behind it. Laird Graeme wants to be loyal to the clan his family swore fidelity to but the chieftain of the clan just wants to make war with the Englishman who inherited the land and refused to sell it. Graeme just wants to live in peace and have his family and his tenants happy and healthy but with the increasing tax and the threat to be thrown out of the clan looming over his head Graeme is just trying to survive. Graeme is the guardian to younger brothers and when they get the idea that kidnapping the Englishman's sister and giving her to the chieftain and be given a reward for her and Graeme is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  He knows giving over the English woman won't solve anything and will endanger her life, but if her brother finds out his life is pretty much forfeited because he will cover for his brothers stupid mistake. He is even more confused by his feelings for the English miss.

Marjorie is tired of being on the sidelines, she went from a ladies companion to a Duke's sister in the matter of seconds and he newfound status didn't win her any friends she in fact lost the few she did have. When Marjorie get a letter from her brother stating he's getting married and will send for her sometime in the spring she makes the decision to leave now. The large age difference between them kept them apart for most of their lives and Marjorie is determined not to miss another major event in his life. Together with the companion she hired to see her into society she travels up to Scotland without incident until they almost get they get within a day's journey of her brothers new estate. Marjorie gets kidnapped. Misconceptions and presumptions between Graeme and Marjorie lead to the initial dislike between them. Marjorie thinking they are a bunch of barbarians and Graeme thinking she is a spoiled London Miss. But over time they learn the truths about each other, especially after Marjorie covers for Graeme and his brother by posing as a tutor for the youngest brother. At that point she stops being a prisoner and becomes a willing guest and Graeme lets her write a note to her brother telling him she's okay. The letter however is intercepted by Sir Hamish Paulk, who is not a nice man and wants to bring about the doom of Marjorie's brother.

Despite the seriousness of the story there is a very cheesy romance feel to the book the Marjorie and Graeme romance, once they get over the whole English Scottish kidnapping thing falls into place fairly easy, but by then Marjorie gets kidnapped again. Overall, it was a good read, I enjoyed it. It's read fine as a stand alone so you don't have to worry about reading book one to understand what's going on.          

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