Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Suicide Squad vol 2 Going Sane

Suicide Squad Vol 2: Going Sane
DC Universe Rebirth
Issues 5-8 plus the April Fool’s Day special

Story by Rob Williams, Simon Spurrier,
Art by: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Sean Galloway, Stephen Byrne, Carlos D'Anda, Chris Ward, Giuseppe Camuncoli

 Story: So Waller used the Squad to attain the extra dimensional orb from the Black Vault which contained General Zod inside but what also lays await them is driving them insane they begin to act irrational and out of control all except Harley. Harley manages to become sane again and is the only hope to stop whatever it is that is messing with everyone’s head.

 Art: As usual I love Lee’s art and with everyone else this action packed volume is beautifully illustrated. The detailed contrasting colors work perfectly with what’s going on in the comic. The April Fool's day special especially had some super cute Harley looked like she was a Powerpuff Girl or an Animaniac.

Characters: Amanda Waller, Katana, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag, Deadshot, Enchantress, Special appearances from the Justice League, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Man Bat and many more....

  Review: For being such a short volume it was really good. It was fun seeing the character act on impulse the opposite of what they normally are and seeing Harleen Quinzel as her sane self was nice. I kind of like the unusual friendship Killer Croc and June Moone are starting, it's amusing. I liked Warm Heart a Justice League vs, Suicide Squad Prelude I like Killer Frost. The Personnel Files are one of my favorite things because it gives me a look at the characters that are new to me, or ones I just don't know much about.  

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