Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ARC REVIEW I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne

Oxford series book four! The series was originally supposed to end with Lincoln and Daisy but Nick and Taylor were just begging to have their story written. This is a great hate to love romance. The animosity between these two has been building up since they were introduced to each other. Not even really hate to love and not quite enemies to lovers 
Nick has never really had a problem with Taylor aside from her obvious dislike for him, he likes teasing her and riling her up, he likes her but it was never the right time to start something up. When they first met he was in a relationship then she got into a relationship with another co-worker, Bradley. Taylor judged Nick on his appearance, in her mind the perfect companion would be well dressed and have a steady job and be very reliable and have plenty in common with her and that seemed to be the opposite of everything the she perceived Nick to be.

I love the way Lauren Layne started the book in the past and filled in all the blanks on why Taylor and Nick acted the way they did with each other during Lincoln and Daisy's story. A year after they met Taylor is content in her relationship with Bradley and they both agreed to take it to the next level by moving in with each other, they even got as far as buying the damn condo. Taylor is all set to move into the condo with Bradley, but when she get there all she finds is a letter from Bradley breaking up with her. Taylor is need of a roommate and in part to piss Bradley off Nick offers to move in with her. 

Nick turns her world around, she realizes things about him she never knew but probably would have if she gave him a chance. After the fiasco break up with Bradley and some hard truths and tough love from both Nick and Brit that Taylor realizes where she’s going wrong in her life. This also makes it easier for her to finally let herself jump into bed with Nick. They are combustible and despite the differences Nick and Taylor have a very easy relationship. But when Bradley comes crawling back to Taylor, Nick has some insecurities due to his own past heartache surface that he needs to deal with.

Overall, this book is everything I love about Lauren Layne. I love her rom-com style and I live vicariously through her characters. I laugh, I cry, I fall in love over and over with each new character she writes. I really hope the Brit gets her HEA as well.  

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