Saturday, June 24, 2017

ARC REVIEW Run To Ground by Katie Ruggle

First book of the new Katie Ruggle series, Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit, Run to Ground is an intense read. It is a great story about second chances and moving on from grief. Katie Ruggle as with her last series has an overall story arc that isn't concluded in this book, so it is going to be important to read the series in order. I loved the book so much I don't even mind the semi-cliffhanger. Theo, Jules, Viggy, and the kids are all great characters and the mystery behind Jules and the kids is very intriguing.

Theo lost his K-9 partner to cancer and a year later his mentor commits suicide. Theo isn't the only one feeling the grief of losing someone close to him, Viggy is having a hard time adjusting to losing his person (Viggy is a Belgian Malinois). Theo and Viggy are also having a hard time adjusting to their new partnership, Viggy isn't doing his job and Theo feels lacking and doesn't feel like he deserves a new partner; they are both depressed and just muddling through. Jules and her four siblings (Sam, Tio, Ty, and Dee) are starting with a clean slate, on the run from Dee's mother. A horrible woman whose evil has yet to be completely revealed. Jules basically kidnapped her own siblings to get them away from the abuse they are suffering from and now with new identities they just need to keep a low profile but the good looking angry looking cop that comes into the diner every morning doesn't help Jules nerves.  

Theo knows the new waitress at the diner is hiding something, him and the other K-9 officers are pretty sure she's on the run from something. At first Theo is determined to find out what but he starts to spend time with her and her siblings that it becomes less and less important especially since there is a cop killer on the loose and Jules has been targeted by a creepy guy who they suspect blew up her barn. This family seems to be exactly what Theo and Viggy needed, little Dee helps Viggy over his grief and Jules helps Theo find and renew his purpose.

Overall, I loved this book so much I don't even mind that it ended with a sort of cliffhanger (more of a hook). The story lead to an unexpected twist and had some great action. The romance does fall second to the suspense but there is also quite a bit of character development and the first couple of chapters flip flop from past and present, but it is very well done.

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