Thursday, June 8, 2017

ARC REVIEW Texas Daze by Cynthia D'Alba

Yes that is the right cover Texas Daze is part of the When Things Got Hot in Texas anthology.

Texas Daze is a novella from the Whispering Springs, Texas series. It's a quick and really good cowgirl romance. Marti is a cowgirl works her father's ranch and will one day take over. Eli is an orthopedic doctor who is just in Texas to fill in for a friend while he waits for his once in a lifetime job to tell him when to start. Marti sprains her ankle bad enough her parents finally bully her into going to the doctor, unfortunately it worse than just a sprain. Marti hates going to doctors but it helps when the doctor is as sexy as Eli.

Both Marti and Eli have had heartaches in the past but the attraction between them is too strong to deny. Eli has to move past the pain of his wife's death and move on with his life. Marti's heartache wasn't near as painful as it should have been but she broke off her engagement right before the wedding and her ex's father hasn't been nice about it. A memorable first date leads to a relationship with an expiration date but falling in love seems to be inevitable.

Overall this was such a quick and good read. Eli is such a sweetie.    

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