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ARC REVIEW Twisted Royals series by Sidney Bristol

Twisted Royals

Books 2,3, and 4
By Sidney Bristol

Her Prince is book 2 in Sidney Bristol's Twisted Royal series. One thing that I have been loving reading these books is that Sidney isn't using the typical fairy tales, she has gone to the unexpected and in this one I've never heard before and that was refreshing. A Romani tale Kade calls "The Princess and the Forester's Son" what is really nice is that Kade tells the story to Aunt Liv at the beginning of the book. 

Kade is the white sheep in his family, he comes from a long line of Romani and they aren't shy about their criminal activities and Kade hated it. As soon as he was able Kade left and joined the Army became a combat medic and after leaving became a paramedic. Kade wanted nothing to do with his family, for the exception for his Mother, but everyone else was persona non grata. Shelby was the daughter of the a couple named the It couple of South Beach her mother the "Queen of South Beach", her father a popular art dealer and her mother an artist. But they died in a tragic "accident" when Shelby was a teenager. Shelby quickly learned her talent as an artist wasn't going to get her anywhere so she started her life of crime, first stealing then forging. After time she started working with the FBI to track down the man who she believes is responsible for her parents death. 

Shelby and Rusty, her FBI handler, they had organized an undercover operation to finally nail the guy who Shelby believes murdered her parents, those plans include Kade's brothers and ultimately Kade himself. Shelby lures him in first so he's on their side but not before almost sleeping with him and falling for him hard. Kade couldn't keep Shelby off his mind and a dinner date sounded innocent enough but what really happens is nothing what he expected. Kade didn't want to believe Shelby when she said his brothers were in trouble and when they showed up in his apartment he really had no choice but to play along. Falling in love wasn't in the plans but it happened nonetheless.

Overall, it was an exciting and so, so naughty read. You can't help but love Kade and Shelby. 


   Bad Boy Prince, book three in the Twisted Royal series. Jaxon and Freya kind of get their start in Her Prince. It is three weeks after the events of the previous book and Jaxon hasn't given up looking for Freya who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended being kidnapped by a very bad dude. This one isn't my favorite it not bad it just didn't dig the story as much.

This is a twisted retelling of Swan Lake where Freya, the daughter of a Senator, is held captive by Yuri Gabor, a mad man who fulfills the sick and twisted fantasies of the rich and powerful. Jaxon is a guy who hung out with the wrong crowd when he was younger and got a bad reputation, it didn't help any that he was a really good MMA fighter. Jaxon is on the straight and narrow now he was back at school and working as a bouncer/bartender. He blames himself for Freya getting kidnapped and since it looks like noone else is doing anything about it he recruits Zach to help. Zach is able to track down Freya and Gabor and Jax is able to infiltrate the place all on his own quickly earning the trust of Gabor and his head of security.  Jax is soon in charge overnight security on Freya's room and since they are the only ones left in the building by that time they are able to see each other. Jax with a little help from his friends quickly puts into place a way for Freya to escape. But Freya won't leave because Gabor told her he has her twin sister under his thumb and will kill her unless Freya does what he tells her to, which is to marry a psychopath. Things however are more complicated than they first appear. 

Overall, it was a good romance and I enjoyed that it wasn't insta-love (even though I love insta-love it's a nice change) but the pace just off in places, it started off real quick than seemed to progress slowly after that it just seemed to go on and on when it really didn't. 


Noble Price is book four in the Twisted Royals series, which is a nicely twisted version of Cinderella. It's not your typical Cinderella story. Owen! Owen, Owen finally Owen. Throughout the first three books Owen has been a constant, always the good guy and is always there to help his friend even when it's slightly shady but always for an overall good reason. Unfortunately with the events of the last book it has come to light that Gabor had plenty of police on his pay and for his actions Owen has been placed on suspension pending firing to keep him from talking.  

Quinn and Kierra are sisters whose lives fell apart after the death of their mother; their father started working more and more overseas for the DoD and Quinn gave up her dream of being an inventor like her mother so she could run the office of her mother's business which is now following the leadership of her mother's best friend and her two spoiled proteges. Quinn is running herself ragged and it doesn't help matters that Kierra has been seeing things, a monster, outside her window and when she does she calls Owen for help and Owen always shows up to check. One night Kierra calls and tells Owen the monster is in the house. Owen drops everything and runs to the house to rush in on someone threatening Quinn. 

Owen saves the day and much to Quinn chagrin Owen sticks around and starts doing things that have fallen to the wayside to everything else going on in Quinn's life. Quinn doesn't want to rely too much on Owen because every time she has relied on someone else in the past they bailed and left more work for her in the long run. Owen isn't leaving and he plans on sticking around even after they find out who is behind the break in he just has to convince Quinn he is in it for the long haul. The break in was just the start of it and when Quinn disappears only to be found unconscious in a dumpster do they realize Quinn isn't the only target. 

Overall, such a damn good book! Predictable about the whodunnit but overall a very good story and mmmmm Owen. Sidney has great active setting and fantastic details about everything.    

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