Saturday, July 15, 2017

ARC REVIEW Wolf Hunt by Paige Tyler

Wolf Hunt book six in Paige Tyler's SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series. I loved it. I enjoy the suspense and the action and I'm a big fan of intsa-love. I also enjoy how the paranormal aspect plays second fiddle to the rest of the story, yeah it comes into play more so in this one than the others the fact that they are shifters is mainly for the romance side of the story. If you are new to the series the Dallas SWAT is a group of alpha wolf shifter, in the previous five books we have seen the introduction to the betas, a more submissive wolf shifter, and the omega shifters which are crazed shifters who are more animal than man. The Team has also begun to find their "One true mate" they can mate with anyone but the the One is the one person in this world destined to be with the shifter it is a rare thing that the guys originally thought was only a legend.

Like with the other books this one starts off on the traumatic experience that triggered their shifter DNA. Remy was a DEA agent who was in love with his partner and as you can guess it ended badly. Skip ahead almost half a dozen years later and Remy, Max, Jayden, and Zane are all in New Orleans for some cross-training with NOPD SWAT. For Remy it is also a trip home. The boys are out enjoying the nightlife when Remy gets a whiff of something good and follows it. When he finds the source he also finds his old school friend Triana and boom Remy finds his One True love, even though he's not going to admit it yet. Triana is only in town visiting her mother it's just happenstance that she is there the same time as Remy. Remy, whom she had such a crush on in high school and one of her dearest friends until they lost contact in college. Triana went on to study Forensic science and began working at one of the best labs in Texas in Houston.

The cross-training is going well but soon the buys are asked to take part in an active case, one where they can't pin down the new person in town bringing in drugs. Remmy and the other guys know who it is they just have to find the evidence that will nail him unfortunately this guy has a big political face and anything short of ironclad is just going to make the NOPD look like fools. Also Triana and her mom are having so trouble a mysterious person wants to buy an amulet that belonged to Triana's father. Triana's father was brutally murdered when she was in college and they never found the person responsible. Now someone is willing to go as far as needed to get the amulet that Triana's father wore and Remy isn't going to let anything happen to Triana or her mother because now that he has found her again he is not willing to let her go that easily.

Overall, this was a really good read. I'm just in love with every book so far, Tyler's active setting is fantastic and her romance always smokin' hot.        

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