Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth All Star Batman: vol 2 Ends of the Earth

All Star Batman

Vol 2 Ends of the Earth

Issues 6-9

DC Universe Rebirth

By Scott Synder
Art by Jock (Illustrator), Tula Lotay (Illustrator), Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Francesco Francavilla (Illustrator), Matt Hollingsworth (colorist), Dean White (colorist), Lee Loughridge (colorists)

Story: In a vignette style, each issue focusing one baddie at a time but all connected through one over all final boss who wants an epic cataclysmic end. Issues 6 Batman tracks down Mr. Freeze who is about to let lose a virus he thinks can bring back his wife. He’s wrong. Issue 7 Batman needs Poison Ivy’s help to find a cure to Freeze’s virus but a group of mercs is out to prevent that from happening. Issue 8 gets a little cheesy with the Mad Hatter, who is the final link to finding out who is behind the whole thing. Issue 9 is the final boss Batman must outsmart before he destroys everything. There is also more on Duke’s storyline after all that where he goes up The Riddler.

Art: Issue 6 is illustrated by Jock colored by Matt Hollingsworth, a fantastic job with the stark and barren Alaska landscape and the eerie setting for Freeze’s laboratory. Issue 7 Tula Lotay bring to life a beautiful Poison Ivy and a Death Valley setting great coloring and imagery. Absolutely breathtaking my favorite in this volume. Volume 8 Giuseppe Camuncoli with Dean White coloring the muggy swampland of the Mississippi Delta and the hallucinogenic visions created by the Mad Hatter, what I really like was how the lettering and the hallucinations worked together. Issue 9 the finale is again illustrated by Jock and Lee Loughridge colors it has great illustrated action and a wonderfully illustrated D.C.. The Cursed Wheel the continuation of Duke’s story is Francesco Francavilla an illustrated battle of the wits between The Riddler and Duke.

Review: The overall storyline of Ends of the Earth I really enjoyed it had three of my favorite villains. Mr. Freeze is so focused on what he’s found he can’t see what it’s actually doing. Poison Ivy once again a villain who ultimately does the right thing, a beautifully illustrated Ivy, I loved the lines and the coloring. The Mad Hatter’s story is always cheesy no matter what it is, i.e. video games, animated series, comics. But it is the Hatter he's supposed to be out there, I like the character even if he is cheesy. The finale is one of my favorite villains of all time!! No Spoilers. I like the Cursed Wheel story arc with Duke it’s a nice origin for him and even though it says finale at the end it leaves in a cliffhanger, damms youse.  Overall, I like what Scott Snyder is doing and I look forward to more.

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