Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Suicide Squad: vol 3 Burning Down the House

Suicide Squad

Vol 3: Burning Down the House

Issues 11-15

DC Universe Rebirth

By: Rob Williams, John Ostrander
Art by: Eddy Barrows (Illustrator), John Romita Jr. (Illustrator), Gus Vazquez (Illustrator), Dean White (Colorist) Adriano Lucas (Colorist), Richard Friend (Illustrator) Jeremiah Skipper (colorist), Carlos Rodriguez (Illustrator), Gus Vasquez (illustrator), Gabe Eltaeb (Colorist)

Story: After the events of Justice League vs Suicide Squad, the Squad has demanded a shore leave, even Rick Flag thinks it’s a good idea. Amanda Waller is on suspension because of what happened and Rustam leaving Harcourt in charge. While the Squad is in New Orleans enjoying their very rare time off and Floyd is visiting his daughter Amanda Waller is shot and killed. Rustam breaks into Blackgate and sets free all the prisoners and takes a few to form a new evil group he dubbed The Burning World. The Suicide Squads first fight against them puts Hack face to face with someone just as powerful as her Djinn. After the first failed battle they find out Waller is dead, and Hack is so close to finding out who the traitor inside Belle Reve but Djinn hacks the computer first and shuts down the brain bombs freeing the Squad. Rustam thinks he has it all figured out but in the end the Suicide Squad always wins.

Art: Romita, Friend and White tackle Burning Down the House Part One: The Life Inside (issue 11), Burning Down the House part two (issue 12) with Skipper; which has a great digital world interpretation; Burning Down the House part three: Being Good (issue 13), Burning Down the House Part four: Hit It (issue 14), And Burning Down the House Conclusion (issue 15). Barrows and Lucas handle Life Outside (issue 11), Those left Behind (issue 12), Hero or Villain (issue 13), Live Free. Die. (issue 14). Even though two different groups alternated within the each issue the art was pretty consistent, slight variations between the styles but otherwise it was a smooth transition between the two. I liked the hard lines and how some of the frames were more detailed and smooth giving them a lifelike appearance
The War Crimes special was Rodriguez, Vasquez, and Eltaeb. This is the kind of art I think of when I think comic books. I love it it’s cartoony but detailed and smooth. 

Characters: Rustam’s new group consists of Djinn, a digital being; Manticore, a genetically created creature, Ravan, a wizard; Jaculi, a speedster with the ability to morph his hands into weapons. War Crimes Special has Strike force Europa who are Angelique Durcoix, Kavga, Sachtten, Lionheart, Guerrieroa; with an appearance by Shado and joining the Suicide Squad this mission El Diablo, and Mad Dog the new guy.

Review: Overall, this has to be my favorite of the Suicide Squad so far. It was action packed and emotional, you find out who the traitor is and it is not surprising. The story in a whole is really good and the art just adds to it.

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