Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ARC REVIEW Fighting His Desire by Sidney Bristol

Fighting His Desire is book four of Sidney Bristol's So Inked series. Well it was bound to happen eventually, I found this one just okay. I liked the story, I liked the sex, I liked the way it ended, I just found the characters (mostly Jenny) kind of aggravating and how they reacted to the situation (again mostly Jenny) aggravating; and it's not in that perverse good way I like aggravating things no I really just wanted to reach into my Kindle and smack Jenny. Another thing, and it is completely my own fault for this one but I really felt like I only got half the story and I didn't get why certain characters reacted the way they did because I don't know their backstories, so my own fault for not reading the previous books.

Lucas fell in love with his cousin's wife, Jenny, his cousin, Walker, was a complete douchebag and made Jenny's life hell. Jenny and Lucas became fast friends, Lucas was there went Jenny needed someone to talk to and even though the emotion and the want was there they never acted on their feelings. One night Lucas tried to talk Jenny into seeing what a horrible person Walker was with all the drinking and drugs and cheating on her. Jenny angry and confused with her own emotions got mad and told Lucas to go away, and he did. Shortly after that Walker was arrested and sent to prison and Jenny filed for divorce. But Lucas has a secret and Jenny can never know.

Some time later Lucas comes back his friends at the So Inked tattoo parlour needed help and Lucas agrees, after all what are the chances he will see Jenny again in a city as big as Dallas. Jenny now makes a living grooming dog in a cute little store right next door to So Inked. Lucas and Jenny are reunited with the help of a cute little dog, they finally admit their feelings and the sex is better than they ever imagined. But it's not all sunshine and lollipops, Lucas is still scared Jenny will find out his secret and Jenny is so scared she will lose herself in to the relationship like she did before. Scared of what she was feeling Jenny back away from Lucas. Lucas who has been all in in this relationship he's been nothing but fantastic but Jenny is sending mixed signals and now she's pulling away and Lucas is thinking the worst. But the worst comes in the form of a face from the past and it causes everything to blow up.

Overall, aside from Jenny just rubbing me the wrong way and feeling like I was missing something throughout the whole book, it was nice. The dogs were freaking cute and it was nice with Everly and her new hubby and no one writes sex like Sidney.

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