Tuesday, September 5, 2017

ARC REVIEW Her Dark Half by Paige Tyler

OMG THIS BOOK!! Book seven of Paige Tyler's X-Ops series answers all the questions. It's an epic conculsion to the continuing story arc that has been asking the big question why? But it's not over!

Trevor is a coyote shifter who chose to stay behind after the events of the last book and keep an eye on Dr. Dick and Thorn and see what they have planned for the DCO, then reporting back to Adam. DDr. Dick and Thorn know they don't have Trevor's loyalty and assign him an ex-CIA operative who expertise is tracking down traitors. After Alina's own experience with a turncoat that got her team killed she vowed she would track him down and kill him if it was the last thing she ever did, but her determination and one track mind was not what the CIA had planned for her. When she was approached by Dr. Dick he lured her to the DCO by telling her she would have a chance to go after her target.

Trevor and Alina don't trust each other they have no reason to trust each other, yet. Trevor knows Alina is there to spy on him for Dr.Dick and Thorn while Alina was told that he is conspiring with the team of X-Op teams that, well the events of the last book. But the more Trevor takes her on leads the more she realizes that it didn't happen the way Dr. Dick said it did, the truth is so much more frightening. Their gut feeling is telling them to trust the other, along with their libido. They are strongly attracted to each other and after one life threatening lead they give into the attraction. Together they unravel the mystery.

Overall, this was jaw dropping, screaming YES! out loud book. That tells all and then hints to even more mysteries to come.  

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