Friday, September 8, 2017

ARC REVIEW Sweet Sacrifice by L.D. Rose

The Soul Mate Tree series is a multi-author series the common denominator for the whole series is the soul mate tree, it helps the soul mates find one another. I love second chance romance stories where it's a married couple getting a second chance, in this instance Bash and Irene were separated by death. It's emotional and heartbreaking but the ending just makes you feel so good. L.D. has great imagery, her active setting is so good, her words made picturing it in my head so easy.

Bash was a SEAL he gave his life to protect his teammates, in his death he was chosen by Michael to become an archangel and help fight the never ending war with evil. Irene was devastated by her husband's death, even now two years later she's still just a hollow shell of what she use to be, it doesn't help that she is preparing to be the maid of honor for her best friend who is marrying one of her husband's former SEAL teammates.

The book starts off with Bash and Gabriel saving the San Diego Zoo from a a Deava. The public saw armed men open fire and two other  men disarm them in the matter of seconds. Irene was working in the ER and was treating a woman whose young daughter said they were saved by an angel, and when the little girl caught a glimpse of Irene's phone with a picture of Bash on it the little girl said the was the angel who saved her. Later when she saw the news coverage she could swear that one of the men was in fact Bash. After a couple of days Irene has almost convinced herself that it could not have been Bash and tries to enjoy her best friends wedding without having a break down. Bash isn't having it any easier, a year in purgatory and a year with the arcs and the pain of losing her hasn't eased and trying to prove himself to Michael isn't easy. It could have just been chance or even fate that Bash saw Irene that night, and Irene saw him too. Irene fearing for her own mental stability leaves the wedding reception. Bash couldn't stay away, he reveals himself to Irene and breaks just about every rule set in place for the archangels. One thing is certain Bash isn't going to be kept apart from Irene ever again.

Overall, such a heartbreakingly beautiful story. Irene is so emotionally broken she forces herself to go on and Bash even though he loves what he does as an arc he loves Irene so much more. It's a great story of what we would do for love and how much it hurts when it's gone.


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