Wednesday, March 4, 2020

ARC REVIEW An Inconvenient Duke by Anna Harrington

An Inconvenient Duke (Lords of the Armory, #1)Lords of the Armory #1, This is a wonderful first book of the series setting up the characters and the ominous big bad, that I have a feeling is going to be the connection of the series. This is a standalone there is a HEA and all question are answered except for who is the big bad. It's a fun read with plenty of humor, sexy time, and a nice bit of realism.

Danielle is head of the Nightingale operation, in a time where a husband could be arrested for beating his wife but it wasn't exactly against the law either and all it did was shine a bad light on the woman. Dani helped those women escape, get new identities and a new life away from their abuser. Dani knew her limits she never messed with the brothels because they were dangerous. Her best friends Elise wanted to help those women and going out on her own she crossed the wrong people and ended up dead.

Marcus Braddock had been away at war , his homecoming gave him a heroes welcome and a Dukedom, the newly christened Duke of Hampton. Marcus believed the story he was told about his sister's death but upon his return he discovered it was a lie, she had a secret and the only way to find out what it was is to ask her best friend and the woman who told him the lie, Dani. In the time it has been since he last saw her Dani had grown into a stunning woman and his reason for getting close to her multiply one to find out about his sister and two just to be near her and when he finds out her secret he's determined to protect her too. Tempers flair and passion ignites as Dani and Marcus try to uncover who had Elise killed and save Dani from the same fate.

Overall, a great read. I love how it didn't take Marcus long to realize he loved Dani. I liked how the Armory came together. It was a well written, nicely paced story and steamy. I look forward to the rest of the series.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

ARC REVIEW The Third to Die by Allison Brennan

The Third to Die (Mobile Response Team, #1)The first book in a new series by Alison Brennan, the Mobile Response Team is a new team not even fully formed yet that's lead by SAC Mathias Costa. Mathias is still trying to get his profiler and friends to not quit profiling and join the team and the cast that landed on his desk is just the one to do it, The Triple Killer. Kara Quinn is an undercover LAPD detective and due the the events of her last case she's on administrative leave. Her boss and friend recommended she get out of town, so she went home to Liberty Lake, Oregon. It turned out to not be quite the vacation she needed when she finds the body of a nurse by the lake the first victim of the Triple Killer.

Mathias and a few others go to Liberty Lake, the point of MRT is to help aid rural area PDs that aren't otherwise capable of handling situations like this. Ever three years this killer strikes they haven't yet determined victimology but it's the same way all three time and every crime scene is clean not evidence and what they have found isn't in the system. Mathias is determined to catch the guy this time. Kara having several good friends on the local PD force and being the one who found the first victim has a few idea she' not afraid to share. Mathias' initially thought she's could be trouble or she could be helpful and she is a little bit of both. Kara gives some helpful insight and the profiler digs deep enough to discover just who this person is and why he's killing. But, will they be able to stop him before he kills again?

This is mostly a mystery/thriller but there is a romantic element between Kara and Mathias. It's not a full on romance as there is no HEA. Like with the Lucy Kincaid series, I believe, the ongoing story of Mathias and Kara romance will go through the series. Overall, this was a great read. I enjoy Allison Brennan but I haven't read one of her books since before Luck Kincaid got her own series. I loved the flawed characters, Kara has a lot going on for her with her upbringing and her current career path. Their profiler Dr. Catherine Jones lost her sister to a serial killer recently and had a crisis of faith in her job. Mathias, well not much is said about him yet but I'm hopeful and Brennan doesn't disappoint. This was a fantastic first for the new series and I'm already looking forward to the next to see where she lead the MRT next.

Monday, March 2, 2020

ARC REVIEW Wish by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

From New York Times bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a sexy standalone novel.

If I could wish for one thing, it would be to have never met my ex. He took my money, cheated on me, and saddled me with an impossible mortgage.
Now, just as I’m fighting to put my life back together, I find an unusual bottle with a note inside: “You get one wish. Make it count.” Har har. Someone’s idea of a joke?
But nothing could prepare me for what comes next or for the screamin’ hot man with piercing blue eyes who shows up at my door, making demands.
I should slam the door in his sex-god face, because this guy has trouble written all over him. But I can’t. Suddenly I do have a wish…
It's so Mimi, really taking us by surprise and giving us something completely different


A completely enjoyable story. Characters you wish were real and an immersive story, it pulls you and doesn't let go even after the story is over. It will have you looking for genie bottles for your own Mr. Wish.
Ginnie is an artist, she creates glass mosaics. She use to be a teacher until her boyfriend convinced her to move across the country to live with him be an artist full time and even buy a house. Then she walks in on him with another woman, and then he cleans out her bank account and leaves her with a mortgage she can barely cover. Ginnie is just trying to stay afloat working on commission and with a stall in the farmer's market. The glass she uses in her art is all repurposed going to garage sales and thrift stores she finds all the best stuff, including a very unusual glass bottle she wants for her collection. When Ginnie gets home she discovers a message in the bottle, she's has been granted one wish. A wish would make all of Ginnie's problems disappear but she doesn't want the easy way out it's probably not even real to begin with but then he shows up, the most gorgeous man she's ever seen and he's telling her to make her wish. 
What follows is an emotional and funny tale of wish fulfillment. Mr. Wish is a mysterious and sexy addition to the Hunks of Mimi. Ginnie is a bright, talented, strong, and stubborn woman just like we like them.
Overall, it's another winner from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Yes it is a complete stand alone. (I still don't believe it. Mainly because I can see a crossover with King happening.... well that's my wish anyways.) It's a brilliant book. 


About the Author

MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a New York Times bestselling author who’s sold over one million books around the world. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dreams. Mimi lives with her Latin lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and their three spunky dragons (really, just very tiny dogs with big attitudes) Snowy, Mini, and Mack, in the vampire-unfriendly state of Arizona. She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.
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Friday, February 28, 2020

ARC REVIEW Unforgiven by Jay Crownover

UnforgivenLoveless Texas #2, I'm listing this as more contemporary then suspense because while there is a mystery and some action it falls secondary to the emotional romance between Hill and Kody. I was so excited for Kody and Hill and it did not disappoint. Hill has loved Kody from the very start of their friendship but as they got older Kody fell for his brother. Hill while happy for them was heartbroken and as soon as he could he left. Kody was torn between the two brothers, Aaron was her age and the most like her he was quick to react, moody, and so sweet. Aaron and Hill Gamble were Kody's first real friends and even after Hill left Kody would call on him for advice. But Hill could only take so much loving Kody from afar and seeing how Aaron was falling apart and sometime horrible to Hill so Hill started to back off. It wasn't fair that Aaron killed himself before the wedding and it wasn't fair that Kody spewed all her anger at Hill and Hill took it because he thought she was right it was all his fault. Now he's ready to take the brunt of her anger and hatred again because her father was murdered and he was the one who told her.

Kody starts to remember that her feelings for Hill go way back and even as mean as she has been to him since Aaron's death Hill still stands by her, he still worries about her and he still in little ways shows her he cares. Little by little Kody starts to realize her anger was misplaced and that his abandonment all those years ago is what fed her anger. But Hill his here now and although the timing might not be ideal Kody and Hill are finally getting their chance to clear the air and as long as the psycho killer doesn't get to her first they are willing to try for their HEA.

The small suspense part deals with who murdered Conrad Lawton and why. Hill while not technically on the case is helping out because the Tx Rangers believe have a local will help loosen lips and as hated as Conrad was the suspect list is endless. Now the ending is a little open ended all the major question get answered but one little detail is left which is what leads us to the next book. Overall, outstanding book. It's an emotion book about unrequited love finally coming to fruition. The suspense part was good, I enjoyed it and I kind of figured it was going to leave off the way it did.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

ARC REVIEW Moonlocket & Skycircus by Peter Bunzl

Moonlocket (The Cogheart Adventures, #2)Moonlocket is the sequel to the adventurous Cogheart. A story where a young girl, Lily, discovers the accident that killed her mother should have killed her too but her father replaced her heart with that of a cogheart; a perpetual motion machine. This one focuses on her stalwart friend Robert. After the death of his father he was taken in by Lily, her father, and their peculiar family of mechanicals. Lily's father a brilliant and famous mechanist was friends with Robert's dad and promised Robert he would teach him everything. Still recovering from the death of his father Robert still occasionally visits his old home. His most recent late night visit he finds something of his mother's and he gets put on the path of family he never knew and just maybe a mother who isn't dead. Robert, Lily, and the mechanical fox Malkin set off on another adventure to find Robert's mom and out smart the criminal Jack of Diamonds.

Overall, this was a brilliant follow up to the first book. Lily and Robert make a new friend, Tolly, and we see old friends too like Anna and Inspector Fisk. I loved the story I love how it expanded on Robert's character and it brought him closer to Lily and her Father. This can be read as a stand alone.

Skycircus (The Cogheart Adventures, #3)Book Three of the Cogheart Adventure. Once again Lily is the focus of this story but in this one she discovers more about her mother that she ever knew before. Like how her mother studied flyology and learning how to fly. It's Lily's 14th birthday and while is bound to be better than last years birthday debacle it seems that her father has forgotten it's her birthday in all the excitement of getting some award. Lily was soon distracted by the anonymous gift that was left for her, her mother's old diary with a flyer for Skycircus and VIP tickets. On the flyer was a drawing of a young girl with wings and from what she read in her mother's journal she thought this winged girl might have information on her mother. So grabbing Robert, Malkin and the visiting Tolly they ditch her father's stuffy dinner party and run off to see the circus. It wasn't what they expected. The ringmasters exploited the hybrids and treated them like freaks and in the end kidnapped Lily, Robert and Malkin leaving Tolly to run to safety and tell her father what happened. Someone from Lily's past is back and is out to make a quick buck exposing Lily for what she is a hybrid. It's up to Lily, Robert, and Malkin to escape and free the circus folk from the prison that has become of their circus.

Overall, another outstanding book for the series and it can be read as a stand alone but I would recommend at least reading Cogheart first, which is where Lily's story starts. These are wonderfully written books with grand adventures and characters that have you rooting for them the whole time.   

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

ARC REVIEW Highlander in a Pickup by Laura Trentham

A Highlander in a Pickup (Highland, Georgia, #2)Highland Georgia #2, This is such a fun book, a light hearted and funny romance between one person determined to prove herself and a man who's trying to find himself. I loved Iain and Anna. Anna, after failing her dream of broadway came home and eventually took over her mother's dance studio. She has worked hard to make it hers to expand the direction of the studio to fit current trends and now she wants to run for mayor. Anna sees her chance at running the Highland Games this year as her chance to prove to everyone that she has what it takes to be mayor of Highland. Iain grew up the caretakers son he saw his dad's life revolve around Cairnow Castle. As soon as he could he left but while in HM Armed Forces he couldn't wait to come home. Until he actually got there and he didn't know for sure of that's what he wanted anymore, but he promised his Dad after helping with the Highland Games he'd be back.

At first Anna sees Iain as a threat, a very,very sexy, kilt wearing threat. Thinking he's going to come in and take over. That had been Iain's plan but seeing that Anna has everything under her control he takes on the one thing she can't control, the animals. Since the addition of livestock show is new and Anna is horrible with animals she is more than happy to leave that to Iain. As the days pass the attraction builds and Anna sees how good Iain is with the townspeople he even takes on extra work just to help out around the town and the attraction grows stronger. When they finally do give into the lust it's hot and heavy between them but they don't let that get in the way of the festival. The Festival is anticipated and dreaded as it also marks the ending point of Iain's time in Highland.

Overall, it was such a fun read. I am really enjoying this series and the teaser at the end about the next book, oh boy. It can be read as a standalone but reading the first book give you a bit more background on the town and the Highland Games festival.

Also by Laura Trentham, a recent release on the serious side of Contemporary Romance, An Everyday Hero.

An Everyday Hero (Heart of a Hero #2)Heart of a Hero #2, A heartfelt emotional romance about healing, grieving, learning to move on, and music. Greer left Nashville and came back home to find her boyfriend cheating on her, instead of feeling inspired to write she felt more dejected than before and thought she'd never pick her guitar up again. But after a night of drinking and getting in trouble with a perverted cop she winds up with community service helping out a local place where they use music to help with veterans and their family. Her first assignment is a young teenager, Ally, who lost her father overseas and her mother isn't handling it any better. Greer's second assignment is a little bit more personal. Emmett was the popular one in high school and he even stood up for Greer once and she never forgot the incident so when she heard what happened she easily took the assignment.

Emmett blamed himself for what happened, he may have lost part of his left but several of him men lost their lives. He plans to just sit alone in the cabin and just drink the pain away until a feisty little spitfire named Greer calls to his senses, brings music back into his life and shows him he still has something to live for. Ally hates her new school, she hates that her mom acts like her dad's not dead, she doesn't want to do the music therapy but Greer shows her a way to vent through her lyrics. Ally and Emmett also help Greer get out of her funk, show her that she deserves better than her last boyfriend and that the music never left her she just needed the right person, or persons, to push her where she needs to be.

Overall, this was a beautiful story. Laura Trentham wears a coat of many colors when it comes what she can write and she writes emotional, not to angsty, romance just as well as she writes the funny stuff. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

ARC REVIEW In Search of Truth by Sharon Wray

In Search of Truth (Deadly Force #3)Deadly Force #3, I don't think any of these should be read as a standalone they all have a connecting story arc, trying to clear the names of the two teams of Green Berets that were wrongly imprisoned and half, later, dishonorably discharged. The half that were released from prison and discharged are on the hunt to find proof they didn't do what they said they did and that lands them smack in the middle of two very powerful very secret people. It's a very complex story, which I loved, and has so much history, a great mystery, and ghost stories. There are quite a few characters but each books you only need to worry about a handful at a time. It is told in third person with three alternating POVs but each time the POV changes the characters name is the first thing you read so it's easy to keep track. We aren't limited to Savannah this book most of it takes place in Charleston and for a bit we go to New Orleans.

Zack has been in love with Allison for just about ever, even when she married his best friend but now seven years later Stuart is dead. Zach knows his death is in connection to The Prince and the Fianna and in turn Remiel. Zack is worried about Allison and for good reason because whatever it was the they told Stuart to do is now Allison's responsibility to see it happen. Allison is now incharge of finding a long lost treasure buried by an infamous pirate who disappeared along with his treasure. Zack is willing to help to protect Allison but as an extra measure The Prince kidnaps Zack's sister to make sure he plays along. Alex, who is now apart of the group even though he wasn't an original member of the Green Berets but who is involved nonetheless for his own complicated past, left Savannah against Kells (their boss and Zack's former CO) wishes to help out Zach and Allison.

Overall, if you are brave enough to take this on as a stand alone and can keep up with it it is quite the read. I loved it just as much as the first two. I can't wait for Alex's story, and Vain and hopefully after what transpired in this one there might be something later on with Kells. (???) It was exciting and action-packed read and it kept me immersed the whole time. I loved the chemistry between Zack and Allison. I can't wait to find out what happens next.