Shiloh Walker and J.C. Daniels reviews

Shiloh Walker who also writes as J.C. Daniels is my favorite when it comes to mystery, misery, romance and some great paranormal fantasy. All of that mixed in to one and you have my absolute favorites of hers the Colbana Files series. Her Grimm series is something I just got into and wow; angels, demons and fairy tales oh my. Her Secrets and Shadows series is mystery, misery and romance at it's best. That's not even mentioning her stand-alone novels. 

Colbana Files
J. C. Daniels aka Shiloh Walker has created crack in book form. A highly addictive series that I am glad I was able to read all three straight through, two days three books and my life will never be the same again. A blend of Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson and Illona Andrews' Kate Daniels series will have you routing for this half amazon warrior who can take a lickin and keep on kickin ass.
Kit Colbana is an aneria, the mythical race the Amazons were based off. Kit is half human and her family hates her for it, torturing her and tormenting her as a child made her into the woman she is now. A world where vampires, werewolves, cat shifter and witches inhabit the world. Prejudices run high and Orlando is split into territories Wolf Pack, Cat Clan and Humans. There are strict rules about NonHuman (NH) and Human interactions but not strict enough in some cases. Kit is a neutral party who works for everyone as a PI or a currier and even an assassin when needed. She also is in good standing with the Assembly, the group of NH who represent and speak for the NH and police NH activity.
In the first book Blade Song Kit is hired to find the lost nephew to the Alpha of the Cat Clan. It's a shame the Alpha is a sociopath and says if she doesn't bring him back alive she going to kill her. The other bad thing is she has a babysitter, Damon, a cat shifter who is to good looking for his own good. Well it turns out it's more then just one missing teenager, more then just the shifters or the witches but all of them. Teenagers are going missing all throughout Florida all the way up to Atlanta. Despite a rocky start Damon and Kit become lovers. Throw in one powerful stalker vampire, Jude, and you have an addictive first novel.

The second book Night Song, I can't remember when a
book made me cry so much. Justin, Kit's old boyfriend comes back into town with a job she can't refuse, quite literally. Damon has been killing off members of the Assembly, and Justin wants her to find justifiable cause, without it Damon is going to be executed. To make matters worse Justin spelled her so she can't tell Damon anything. She finds the justifiable cause in just enough time, only to have Damon get mad at her and pull stupid typical oblivious, stubborn male syndrome and leave her. Broken hearted packs to take off for a while. That’s when Jude comes back in kidnaps her and breaks her completely. In the beginning J.C warns that Kit has a rocky path ahead of her but damn I wasn't expecting this.
Now if you haven't read the first two STOP right now and read them because this book is just better when you have read the first two.

Broken Blade picks up a couple of months after Kits rescue. Still unable to hear her blades song or any other weapon Kit has holed up in T.J.'s bar playing bartender. Ignoring everything from her life except Goliath and T.J. Damon has his cats keeping an eye out for her. When two vampires walk into the bar she panics at first and after shooting one in the head with silver bullets the other gives her a bit of advice. She then starts her healing process by covering up all the bite mark scars Jude gave her with cooper infused tattoo, much like Damon's tattoo it is the story of her life. Damon is suffering without her and wants more than anything to fix it for her but understands she is the one who has to fix it. T.J. starts her off again on the path of PI when a teenage girl shows up pregnant asking for help. The Father of the Baby is of the Cat Clan and Kit has to face her past to get the information she wants. Her confrontation with Damon has her tied up in knots. She wants him but she needs to find herself again. Damon tells her he would wait forever for her. Everything is going as it should slowly getting back into the swing of things, baby steps, until Pandora walks into Kits office looking for her box. Ok so it's not actually a box but a vase and Pandora talks Kit and Justin into finding it for here. Kit remembers an off hand remark said by Es the Mother of the local order of witches, Green Road. Ever present in all three books Es tells the tale of Pandora and how they tie in with all the NH. The shit hits the fan shortly there after and Kit has to delve into her stash of evil weapons for the upcoming battle against a house of vampires and Pandora herself. This series I love and now I am going to be chomping at the bit for the next one. Thank God the three of them didn't end in a cliff hangers I wouldn't have read all three and I am so glad I did read these.

Deeper than Need: by Shiloh Walker Another new series from the talented Shiloh Walker. I love Shiloh Walker and I know I can always enjoy her books Deeper Than Need was no exception it was wonderfully tearful and suspenseful. Deeper Than Need is the start of the Secrets and Shadows series, in the quiet little town of Madison, Indiana some pretty strange things are happening. Noah and Trinity are both hiding from their past both trying to come to terms with it. Trinity is trying to begin a new life with her son and the little town of Madison, Indiana and the fixer-upper Victorian house seemed like the perfect place to start. Noah is in a hell of his own making, believing the disappearance, and he thinks death, of his first love could have been prevented by him, his guilt has lain heavily on his shoulders for twenty years first finding his oblivion at the bottom of a bottle and between the thighs of any willing woman. The death of his mother and the need to make his father happy and repent his old ways he becomes a Preacher, but soon after his father's passing her realizes it's not for him and takes over his father carpentry business. He still fulfills his need to help by starting a group online for teens that drink or fill the need to drink. He never wanted to fill the feeling of desire again but one look at Trinity Ewing and everything in his life clicks into place. Trinity Ewing is trying to escape the hell her life became, trying to leave behind the knowing stares and not so veiled whispers of her former friends. Her son's well being is all that is important to her and she didn't want him around that environment. The old Victorian she bought needed more work than she initially thought and new she would have to hire someone to help restore the place. The first thing that need fixed was the floor which was rotting in certain areas. Hiring a contractor was her first priority and Noah Benningfield was the cheapest. Now she wishes she had went with the Santa looking old man instead because now she can't stop thinking about Noah and is having the most erotic dreams about him she has often woke herself up in the midst of an orgasm. Everything changes when the person who was supposed to do the floors bailed on them and Trinity fell through the floor and found a dead body under her house. Everything just keeps getting worse and worse. Noah knows it is his missing girlfriend they found but the cop in charge is just dicking around not really doing anything. Her death and the missing people who disappeared at the same time is still as big a mystery as it was when it happened twenty years ago and somehow it centers on Trinity's new house. The teenagers in Noah's group are starting to act off but Noah's is too distracted with Trinity to see it. His friend and fellow recovering alcoholic Adam is trying to figure everything out. The truth about what really happened in town twenty years ago and still is happening is as shocking as it is disturbing. Noah and Trinity rush into their relationship without blinders admitting everything to each other up front and when they finally come to terms with their feelings everything in their lives seems to click into place a feeling that everything is all right with their world even if the world exploded around them . This is not your angst filled whinny book about people not coping and doing hateful things to each other because they are scared. Well it does happen but it's not Noah and Trinity doing it to each other it's mainly all other peoples drama affecting them. I really enjoyed this perfect blend of misery, mystery and romance.

Sweeter Than Sin: by Shiloh Walker Secrets & Shadows books.  The story continues the traumatic story surrounding the quiet little town of Madison, Indiana. The revelation of the Cronus Club and its pedophile raping of their own sons has rocked not only the whole town but the nation, with widespread news of its depravity. There is a quote out there that says something like there is light in the dark if you remember to leave a light on; I thought of that when I read this book. The darkness Adam has lived in has lead him from one addiction to another, from alcohol to sex every night with which ever woman would have him and being drop dead sexy it's not that hard. But for Adam the light he left on was Lana, whose disappearance is what leads him to start drinking. A call in the middle of the night saying she was in trouble and another call minute later telling him never to tell anyone she called. But she called him, him, not her boyfriend but Adam. Adam has kept his feeling for her close to his chest ever since he met her, first she was too young being seven years older it was never the right time, then she started dating Noah soon followed by her disappearance. Noah has carried the guilt of lying to everyone about talking to her the night she disappeared. I debated with myself on revealing who the mysterious woman who comes back to town and throws everyone for a loop. Several of the reviews already out on Goodreads have already spoiled that and if you read those then you know who it is, If not you can probably guess because, I did when reading it. If you haven't read the first one, shame on you go read it, if you have then I think it is fairly obvious that it is Lana. Lana thought she left it resolved when she left, the only problem is that she really doesn't remember what exactly happened; she thinks she killed someone and that's why she left. She came back to fix it, but on the down low at first only revealing herself to Adam and the man who helped her escape. Lana has also been living in the dark homeless, addicted to drugs and a thief until the intervention a kind soul that cleaned her up and gave her a job. When Lana found out that the evilness that drove her away wasn't taken care of like she thought she goes back to right the wrong. Members of the Cronus club have been getting killed off and most the people in town are glad for it. Spurned slut Layla walks in right after the murder of the former sheriff and just misses the murder escaping but vindictive bitch that she is points the finger at Noah the day before his wedding to Trinity. When the shit hits the fan it hits it at a high velocity. Adam and Lana deal with past demons and feelings. As dark and mysterious as the story topic is the light at the end of the tunnel gives a hopeful and heartwarming feel. Shiloh Walker has a way with words, her humor helps lightens the dark mood of the book. This series is one to read, if this is the kind of thing you like because of the harsh subject matter it might be too much for some. For me I can't wait for the next book in the series.

  You Own Me: by Shiloh Walker   An outstanding book. Decker has trumped all other book boyfriends on my list... ok so maybe he's tied with Curran from the Kate Daniels series. But damn this was sweet and sexy and so typical Shiloh Walker in a slightly dark and erotic way that ties you up on the inside. When I finished I felt like sobbing in happiness. Decker spent the seven years in prison, and only one person stood by him the entire time the one woman he has loved and will never stop loving. Lizzie always has had self image issues, as a plus size girl she is self conscious enough that she is scared of being alone. The year before Decker was supposed to be released she met and started dating Noel. So when Decker is finally released he loves her enough to let her be happy with the douche bag Noel. Three years later Decker and Lizzie are best friends and she is still dating the unworthy Noel. On Lizzie and Noel's anniversary Noel drops the bomb that he wants to see other people, Lizzie also inadvertently discovers that Noel is the member of a kinky dating site and all the woman he has been talking to are ┼▒bber thin. Devastated Lizzie seeks comfort in her two best friends who tell her what's good for the gander is good for the goose so she creates a profile on the same site and almost instantly she has guys wanting a date. Decker has to deal with people being scared of him being a convicted murderer and is hesitant to joining the same dating site because of the background check but under a probationary period he is accepted and starts to try and seduce Lizzie under a false name. The experience with the dating site gave Lizzie the confidence boost she needed to see what a douche Noel is and Decker finally steps up and goes after Lizzie. The story starts ten years after Decker is convicted of murder, but slowly through flashbacks you learn how Decker and Lizzie became so emotionally tied together and how the title of the book ties in with the story. Decker is the tattooed bad boy who only looks like a bad boy. He is the kind of "bad boy" I love. He is absolutely loyal, loving, and completely lickable.

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