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I love Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. These are the reviews I have done so for of her books, but guaranteed there will be more. She has her epic tale of the Gods and trying to avert the destruction of the human race. She also has her King's Trilogy which is delectable and Fated series are to come.  (Links go to onsite review/blog tour)

The Accidentally Yours Series
BOOK 1: Accidentally in Love with...a God?
BOOK 2: Accidentally Married to...a Vampire?
BOOK 3: Sun God Seeks...Surrogate?
BOOK 3.5: Accidentally...Evil? (a Novella)
BOOK 4: Vampires Need Not...Apply?
BOOK 4.5: Accidentally...Cimil? (a Novella)
BOOK 5: Accidentally...Over?

Accidentally in Love with... A GOD? 
Accidentally in Love with ...A God? is the first in Mimi Jean Pamfiloff's Accidentally Yours series. Reissued and now in e-book format.
This story is kind of annoying at first; it switches between first to third person. Emma is a bit whinny and "Guy" can't tell her the truth until it's almost too late. Oh and have I mentioned I hate cliff hangers, ok so it's not really a cliff hanger, but it was still an annoying ending. When Emma is not being whinny she is funny quick witted intelligent. Guy is overbearing quick-tempered and I don't agree with him when he said that he was mean to her so she would toughen up. The story was an entertaining one but I don't think I will be reading it again anytime soon but it does pique my interest in to the rest of the series.

Emma has heard a voice in her head for all her life. An overbearing bossy opinionated deep sexy voice that turns her knees in pudding a voice that has kept her a virgin, comparing every guy to the faceless voice. Guy is really Votan the God of Death and War; he was trapped by evil witch doctors and a brethren traitor. Bonded with Emma because her half blood he has been able to talk to her and protect her by driving her crazy but when she accidentally walks in front of a cab yelling at him and is in a coma for a month she has had enough, she wants him out. After the accident she has been hearing other voices indistinct but a noticeable eleven different voices. It’s a harrowing adventure to Mexico, and then to Italy to defeat the evil and free the rest of the Gods.

Sun God Seeks ...Surrogate?: By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff I think Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is the only author I read where I actually put up with cliff hangers. This is the third book of the Accidentally Yours series and is worth the read and the aggravation of having to wait for the next one. If my husband hadn't been sleeping I would have screamed NOOOOOOOOOOO! when I finished the book, but damn I think I liked it more than Accidentally in Love with ...A God? These crazy Gods are so funny and Cimil bat-ass crazy as ever but man I love her. I can't wait to read her story. But on with Sun God Seeks... Penelope Trudeau is living in hard times her mother is ill and they can't afford the treatment for whatever is wrong with her. She hates her job and is working her butt of working a crappy waitress job when out of the blue this crazy lady wearing snorkel goggles as a headband offers her a million dollars to act as a surrogate for her brother. Pen doesn't think she can do it but when she meets this brother she is taken away by his beauty and his mesmerizing turquoise eyes. One night together, one wild night neither one of them can remember because apparently Cimil drugged the champagne. Kinich is the God of Sun (duh) and aside for Emma he thinks mating with Payals (payal: true genetic offspring to the gods and are the only one who can produce offspring with Gods) is wrong and wants to ban the Gods from being able to procreate with them. He completely blows a gasket when he finds out Cimil has paid a woman to sleep with him just to get pregnant. The only problem is that despite his feelings for Pen he still thinks it is wrong. "It's complicated" what he keeps telling her, she is falling in love with the stubborn God and he just keeps tearing at her making her feel even worse. To make matters worse the Maaskabs (bloodthirsty Mayan priest) and the Obscuros (evil vampires who only feed from the innocent) joined forces and are after Pen and her mother, Julie, has gone missing from the specialized hospital and the scary Viking looking vampire, Viktor has gone missing looking for her. Not to mention Cimil has gone missing. The Gods convene to discuss the pending apocalypse. Before it all happens Kinich and Pen start to give in to their attraction, in a quite literally steaming hot scene, when a Moboscuros knocks Kinich out of his body only giving him enough time to bind himself to Pen. Now he is trapped inside Pen's mind and now with the summit going on Pen is the surrogate Sun God. That's only the beginning they must plan an attack to rescue Pen's mother, and the other missing Payals and defeat the Moboscuros without the world ending in apocalypse.

Vampire's Need Not... Apply? By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Vampires Need Not...Apply? is the fourth installment to the Accidentally Yours series. I love me some crazy random ramblings of the Goddess of Suicide and the crazy handlings of Cimil. I love how Mimi Jean writes these stories because it's like your living inside their heads and you get to hear all the crazy ramblings and how easily they get distracted, I swear that is exactly how my mind works, from one topic to another. One word spurs off another line of thought which leads to another and then another and then you finally get back to the topic at hand. Cimil still is crazy as bat shit and manipulative as ever. Penelope and Kinich get their story wrapped up which I for one was looking forward to. Ixtab is a loving goddess who helps people who need it and can kill people who need killing she just also happens to accidentally kill random strangers who touch her. She also has been torturing herself for the accidental suicide of the one man she has ever loved, who after kissing her downed some rat poison. Absolutely, breath-takingly beautiful Ixtab wears a veil over her face as her penance for his and all the other innocent deaths she has caused over the thousands of years. She has never felt like one of the other always having to distance herself because her goddess powers, but that all chances when Penelope the acting head of the Gods asks her to look after the one person who can pull Guy and Niccolo out of the void-in-between-dimensions-place in which they were trapped in the last book, a scientist who found an ancient tablet and can unlock it's powers. Ixtab feels great that she was actually picked for this mission until she see what this scientist looks like, he is the spitting image of her lost love. Dr. Antonio Acero is a playboy, or as Ixtab says a man-whore, he is also from one of the wealthiest families in Spain and a certifiable genius. He has also become obsessed with the black jade tablet he discovered in Mexico determined that unlocking it's secrets will make his career, but when he fumbles it blinds him. Enter the Gods for help, Ixtab bullies him into not giving up and even hires him tutors to help him learn Braille and an assistant to help him figure out the tablet. That all goes to crap when Antonio meets his new neighbor Kinich, who still gets crazed at the thought or smell of Penelope's blood. (if you missed the last book her was turned into a vampire after losing his godhood and upon waking went crazy with the need for Penelope's blood ) Ixtab has been trying to help Kinich get over his unhealthy fix on her blood and bring him a small vial of her blood to desensitize himself to her blood. Unfortunately Antonio's newness to being blind he knocks over a table and spills the vial all over himself and that leads to Kinich to attacking him. Ixtab intervenes in just enough time and persuades Viktor to turn Antonio into a vampire. Anotnio hates that he has become a vampire and hold Ixtab responsible, and in order to persuade him to help Ixtab is forced to help him in unlocking the tablet. Despite wanting to hate Ixtab, Antonio can't stop thinking about her and wondering what is underneath her veil. Ixtab is in heaven for the first time in ever she can touch someone without it ending in suicide if only he would stop acting like a dick. It just makes matters worse when he accidentally knocks her out and kills her, Penelope and Kenich tell him he has to make amends because no one holds a grudge like Ixtab. Things go from good to worse especially when she calls out her lost loves name, which also happens to be his twin brothers name and then she finds out he is more then who he says he is. It all comes together in the end and at least this one really doesn't end in a cliffhanger, it leaves it hanging but they get their HEA.

Accidentally... Over? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Someone please give Mimi Jean Pamfiloff a gold star! What an epic way to end an outstanding series. I always love the snarky and smart ass remarks from the characters. Cimil of course her crazy misguided antics and insane sense of humor made the book. Let's not forget Minky, must mention her or else she will take out revenge on me, Minky the invisible unicorn is the cherry on top of this awesomesauce book. Maax loves his family and will do anything for them to the point that they use him to get what they want. Ashli clings to the past so much she doesn't even realize it's slowly ruining her life. Cimil has foretold the end of the world and Maax is the only one who can save them by saving Ashli. Easier said than done. Maax is feed up with everybody using his invisible self and time traveling knowledge against him but when Cimil says it's up to him he goes, after all it's to save the world after all. He never expected to find his perfect mate or that she would be on the Universe's hit list. Between slapping my forehead at Cimil's antics, laughing until I cried and wanting to strangle the book at what Mimi Jean has put these poor people through I really loved this book. Through the series the books have just gotten better and better and this one does not let down it's the best one; which is perfect considering it the last in the Accidentally Yours series, saving the best for last

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