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Rebecca Zanetti is another one of my favorites that I try and read all of her books. Here are some of the reviews I have written for the wonder that is Rebecca Zanetti. One series I don't have on here but will soon be posting a review for all of the books in the series is the Dark Protector series. The Sin Brother series is the one that hooked me. Maverick, Montana is a Contemperary Western Romance. Links go to onsite review/blog tour page.

Sin Brothers series:
Forgotten Sins: By Rebecca Zanetti Hot Male Alpha Book One So I read them out of order but I don't care I was just so excited when I saw on my NetGalley dashboard Forgotten Sins. The Sin Brother's book one is action packed and hot, hot, hot. I love Jaime and Shane, but Matt is still my favorite, together they make a strong and intense couple. It is a great first book that gives all the insight into the characters, and flashbacks let you see and fall in love with all the brothers. Not to mention the hottie on the cover, (I look at him and I picture Drake from the Uncharted games) drool! Rebecca Zanetti has won my heart with this series and I can't wait to read Nathan's story and find out what's up with Jory. Jaime Dean thought she could finally move on. After Shane left two years ago without a word abandoning her and breaking her heart she started anew, different state different city she even started to date again, that all changes when she gets a call from the hospital telling her they have admitted her husband. Shane Dean was found on the banks of the river half beaten and no memory. She never knew Shane not really, he never told her anything about himself, his past or his present all she ever knew was the he was a Major in the Marines, and that she loved him down to the bottom of her heart. Shane Dean remembered nothing, not his wife or how he ended up in the river with bloodied knuckles and a concussion. He knows he's special he has super human hearing, strength and other weird abilities that are confusing to him. He also has weird dreams of a military camp and brothers he can't remember. His wife, his blue eyed angel is also a mystery to him, he know without a doubt that he loves her and why he would leave her for two years is baffling but if he did he had a damn good reason if only he could remember it. While trying to untangle the mystery of Shane's memory loss, Jaime has problems herself people breaking in trying to kill her steal files from her job as an accountant. Shane is concerned it has to do with him and his past and is determined to protect her no matter what she thinks. All the while her boyfriend is trying to steer her away from Shane. Even more dead bodies appear and Shane is under suspect but brothers Matt and Nathan show up in just enough time to save his butt, help figure out what the hell is going on and help Shane get his memory back. A great action packed, steamy hot mystery is what this book is. I loved it, I loved Sweet Revenge more but hell this book pulls you in and emotionally ties you to the characters making you want more by the end of the book. I love the way Rebecca Zanetti writes and I have to find more of the books she has written, I won't be happy until I do.

Sweet Revenge: By Rebecca Zanetti 

Hot Alpha Male Alert!

HOT! HOT! HOT! There is nothing I like better then a smoking hot Alpha man who would rather break his own arm then hurt the woman he loves (even if he is in denial about it at the moment) and boy do I get that in Sweet Revenge. Matt and Laney is one hot couple with some steamy scenes that almost fogged up my glasses. The Gray Brothers still struggling to gain their freedom are a hot set of men; tall, built like an ox and painfully handsome.

This second book of the series picks up with Matt Dean finally having isolated the location of one of the doctors who worked on the chips that is set to blow up in six weeks killing him and his remaining two brothers only they have no idea what she looks like. With three possible suspects Matt needs to infiltrate the town and find the right doctor. He never expected to find a woman like Laney, who inspires him to protect and covet her like he has never felt the need before. Laney with the mysterious past is being stalked by an unknown person who isn't afraid to kill to get what he wants. When she stumbles upon Matt almost bleeding to death from stab wounds she helps him and begrudgingly gives him a job working as a bouncer/bartender in her bar, which also comes with room and board. Matt doesn't know why he is drawn to Laney and Laney is scared of her feeling for Matt. It can't be denied there is something there and they don't want to deny it, with the agreement that it is only temporary they get involved only to get more attached then either of them ever wished to be. It doesn't help matters that a stalker/serial killer is leaving notes for Laney and dead bodies that point to Matt as the killer and the news of just who Laney really is almost ruins any future for them, but their love for each other is stronger. Fighting serial killers, armed deadly assassins, psychotic doctors and a Commander who'll never quit and never seems to die fills this steamy romance full of action and suspense enough to satisfy even me.

Blind Faith: by Rebecca Zanetti  ...And now we have Nate! *Fan Girl SQEEEEE* If you couldn't tell I love this series, I love these extremely HOT Alpha Males. These modified men with grey eyes are working hard and fast to find the code that will stop the kill switch implanted in their spine. In the first book we have Shane Dean who married Josie to try and get information on the nameless project run by the ruthless Commander and his bitch lover Dr. Madison. They didn't find what they needed but they did find out that the youngest brother Jory who they believed to be dead might be alive. Next we have (my favorite) Matt Dean who is undercover looking for a doctor who worked on the project and just might be the key to the kill switch code. What he didn't count on was falling in love with the Doctor. Elaine "Laine" didn't know what she got herself in too but is more than willing to help save them. No new information was learned about Jory or the kill switches but they did learn Nate might be a father. And now we have Nate. This series is action packed it makes you want to fit bump the air and smack characters in the back of their head Gibbs style for being idiots. The second chance romance, still one of my favorites, leads to some pretty hot sex... and a baby. Nate who came across like an ass in the previous books is shown in a different light as well as heartbreaker Audrey. Audrey who we learned previously broke Nate's heart because as the daughter of Dr. "Bitch" Madison was just being used as an experiment to see what would happen between them. The book opens up with Nate in disguise at a political function Audrey has attended. Reunited again Nate almost at once forgives Audrey when he learns she lost the baby to a miscarriage and was seriously injured in the explosion of the compound when they had escaped five years before. Audrey had several surgeries to repair the damage done and still has to watch how she walks so she doesn't show a limp. Nate still believing she is working with the Commander tries to talk her out of whatever it is she is doing but what he doesn't know is that Audrey is playing a double agent. Audrey is spying on the Commander for the Senator she works for. Things go astray when Audrey witness a murder of an acquaintance who knows all about the project and the Commander and is willing to help shut it down, and know Audrey is targeted to be killed. Yes there is a baby coming into play but I will leave how a surprise. Now the Dean Brothers work together to save Audrey and her unborn baby, try to destroy the Commander and this new group set to destroy everything, find the code to the kill switch and find out what happened to Jory. So much happens in this book and it still leaves off (NO CLIFFHANGER) with one more book to go. I love Rebecca Zanetti everything thing of hers I have read I love from her paranormal romance the Dark Protectors series to her contemporary romance Maverick Montana series.

 Total Surrender  

Blood Brothers series:
Spinoff of the Sin Brothers series
Lethal Lies (coming soon)

Maverick, Montana series:
Against the Wall
Under the Covers

Rising Assets: By Rebecca Zanetti  Maverick Montana #3  Rising Assets is a sexy and heartwarming story about two best friends finally realizing they were meant for each other. This Contemporary Romance is one of my favorite types to read. I love small towns, big friendly families, and cowboys who are more than just cowboys and I get all of that with Rising Assets. Melanie Jacobs, Colton Freeze and Hawk have been friends as long as they can remember and everybody, and I mean the entire town, has just been waiting for Colt and Melanie to realize they are perfect for each other to the point they have an outstanding bet on when they will finally admit their love for each other. Melanie is having a hard time working two jobs and working her ranch as much as she can without the aid of ranch hands and keeps her secret from spreading around town. She is not even asking her best friend, Colt, for help. Colt has been busy running the family business; he has always had a knack for making money and has been working hard to make sure his family has the means to do whatever they want to do. Colt becomes concerned when he finds Melanie working herself to the bone he is determined to find out what is wrong. Melanie's secret is revealed, in front of half the town because of a silly misunderstanding on Colt's part. Now Colt, who is starting to see Melanie in a whole new light, is determined to help her at all cost. Melanie's own growing attraction toward Colton is getting in the way of her plans but Colton can't stand the idea of her going at it alone. Friends with benefits sounded easier in theory then in applied application with each steamy encounter Colt and Melanie fall more in love. Meddling towns’ people and family are a push and pull as they try to win the bet. Hawk running off and getting injured in the middle of all of it adds more complications. Like most good series (well in my opinion) this can be read as a standalone but is best when read with the whole series. Rising Asset is a fabulously written, hot and sexy story that keeps you laughing and smacking your forehead with the silliness of the two as they try and make it work.

Dark Protectors series:
The Dark Protectors series is Rebecca's probably most popular series. It's Urban Fantasy/Paranormal 

Realm Enforcers series:
This is a spin-off series of the Dark Protectors series

Scorpius Rising series:
A dystopian urban fantasy
On The Hunt an anthology containing the first novella of the series

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