Saturday, February 4, 2017

ARC REVIEW Justice Ascending by Rebecca Zanetti

 Justice Ascending is probably my favorite of the series so far. Aside from me finding the name Tace really annoying, I really did enjoy this one both characters have been established in the past two book, we know them well, or at least we think we do, Sami with her secrets and Tace with his mind slowly going psycho, or so he thinks, after being infected with the Scorpius Syndrome. Tace and Sami have been attracted to each other since before Tace got infected, it just taken Tace getting infected and slowly becoming more dominant rather than the laid back cowboy for him to act on his attraction. Sami is just all around badass, she' one of the elite soldiers of Vanguard and one of Jax's top lieutenants, (Thankfully Jax wasn't much of an a-hole in this book). But Sami's secret to one she is ready to take to the grave, until...

Since getting Raze's sister back from the Mercenaries they have had an uneasy truce.  Greyson, the leader of the Mercenaries, has greenhouses and he needs Maureen, Raze's sister, to help rebuild them. Greyson and Jax need to come to some common ground so they can work together. Meanwhile Tace and Sammi get sent up to Merc territory to help with the wounded and scope out what supplies they have. Jax is ready to raid the Merc territory when They get back but the secret Tace has been keeping has got the better of him and the only way to save him is if Sami reveals her deep dark secret. The only way to save him is if Jax and Greyson join forces against the President. They do hesitantly agree however that they need some kind of understanding they both want to find the legendary Bunker.

Overall, the book was very exciting and emotional and hot! OMG Tace and Sami together are wow. Tace knows, he is aware, that Sami can take care of herself but he has this protective streak that's telling him she shouldn't have to, that it is his job to protect her. I am guessing it has something to do with the Scorpius Syndrome that makes the men who have been affected by it more possessive. I mean look at what it did to the stupid President and his obsession over both Lynne and Vinnie. I do recommend that this series be read in order, it can be a stand-alone but to really understand it they need to be read in order.        

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