Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ARC REVIEW Primrose Lane by Debbie Mason

Book three in Debbie Mason's Harmony Harbor series. Yet another fantastic emotional journey for two people clueless to the fact that they are perfect for each other. Olivia Davenport has left her old life behind, or at least tried. She is now living at Greystone Manor and is the events planner under the name Dana Templeton, her past life one is one she left in pain and didn't want to return to it no matter what until forces beyond her control bring her old life to her. Finn Gallagher is just home to recuperate after being shot while in Africa working with Doctors Without Borders, as a doctor Finn knows an addict when he sees one and he immediately becomes suspicious of Dana. She's obviously hiding from something and he won't stop until he finds out what.

Ever since Olivia buried her son and then her husband she has had problems sleeping and problems with anxiety, she took her prescriptions maybe a little more that recommended but Finn flat out telling her she was abusing it in front of an audience it embarrassed her. It isn't until Finn finds out who she is and what she went through that he realizes just how broken she thinks she is and he feels the need to fix it for her.

Olivia son was dying of cancer and everyone was making her feel guilty for trying everything to cure him. Olivia and her husband were separated, her husband was a doctor working in Africa had an affair and fathered another child shortly after their son died he on his way back to the states and his plane crashed. He died before Olivia could finalize the divorce. Olivia has been hiding from her past life hoping she could get past the pain and move on she thought she was finally doing it when her husband's lawyer calls her and informed her that she has gained custody of her husband's other child, and girl named George; her mother went missing and is presumed dead. After a near breakdown she admits everything to Finn who quickly jumps in to help out. Olivia doesn't want George but takes her in none the less, they drive each other crazy it seems that George listens to everyone but her it's only after they bond over the death of Olivia's son that they find some common ground and finally start to get along.

Finding peace with George isn't the only thing wreaking havoc in Olivia's life right now, after her husband's parents find out about George and know they can hurt Olivia with it they threaten to take George way from her. And there is still someone out to ruin Graystone Manor and this time Olivia gets caught in the crossfire. The romance between Finn and Olivia was a sweet one, he was a bit of an ass at the beginning but soon jumped in to help out. Understanding Olivia was just the start and once he realized he loved her all he had to do was convince her that nothing could come between them.

Overall, it was a eventful book so much happens it makes you laugh and cry and with a touch of suspense at the end this book really has it all, complete with a mischievous ghost and her cat.      

ARC REVIEW Hope Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan

Hope Restored is the final book in the Gallagher Brothers series, a spinoff of the massive Montgomery Ink series universe. This isn't the first time Carrie Ann Ryan has written about a cancer survivor, it's a very emotional topic and this book a real tear jerker. The friends to lovers romance that happens between Tessa and Murphy was exceptional.

Murphy has already beat cancer twice, once as a child and again later as a teenager. Murphy was enjoying his life and enjoying his carefree flirting with his brother's neighbor, Tessa. But one family gathering and his life feels like it spinning out of control again, he has cancer again. To make matter worse the people he's renting his place from are coming back and he needs to move out. Murphy needing someone to talk to ends up at Tessa's house and turns out it's a good thing Tessa has an extra room and he needs someone to watch out for him when he's going through his treatments and Tessa is the perfect choice. She's a friend, she's next door to his brother so he's close enough to family but not close enough that they can be overbearing.

Tessa never thought she deserved anything she got, she was abandoned as a child and her foster parents who later adopted her loved her beyond anything. Tessa growing up put them through hell trying to push them away, but they never let her. Grown up Tessa has distanced herself from them feeling guilty but talking with and falling in love with Murphy through his ordeal and experiencing the love and comradery of the Gallagher family she realizes what she's doing and start to make it up to her parents. Murphy and Tessa had a carefree flirtation going on but as soon as they are in close proximity to each other for a couple of days the sexual attraction becomes more than they can stand and give into it. But Murphy's cancer isn't the only thing that's getting in the way of their happily ever after, someone from Tessa's past has shown up and threatening their HEA.

Overall, this was an emotional but happy ending to this series and I can't wait for more from the Montgomery Ink Universe.

ARC REVIEW The Line of Duty by Sidney Bristol

The Line of Duty

Sidney Bristol

Good Guys Wear Black #2

Happy Release Day to the fantastic Sidney Bristol. This is the re-release from 2014 originally published by Ellora's Cave. Good Guys Wear Black is a series about the Metro City SWAT. It is an emotional and suspense filled story about second chances. Jake and Nicole Vant have been married for some time now but a miscarriage last year set them back and now their is emotional wall between them. Nicole is lost and feels so alone and Jake acts like the whole thing never happened thinking that leaving his wife some time alone to heal was the best thing. Nicole feels like it's all hopeless and asks for a divorce. For Jake there has been no-one else but Nicole, and he never wants there to be anyone but her. He knew things were bad he just didn't know how to fix them. Nicole moved out and now Jake just has to figure out a way to win her back and fix what went wrong.

Nicole starts to receive gifts shortly after Jake starts his plan to seduce her back. It seems that everytime they get close and start to talk work calls Jake away with some anonymous tip about some illegal drug hideout. But Jake and Nicole start talking and start realizing they can make the marriage work, but just as they think that they are all better Nicole disappears and an old enemy makes demands.

Overall, it was a really good read. It has the Sidney Bristol flavor I know and love. The pacing of the story was really nice, with secondary characters you want to see more of, and it was so emotional and erotic between Jake and Nicole.    


Saturday, July 22, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Adorkable Girl and the Geek by Sidney Bristol

The Adorkable Girl and the Geek is the fifth instalment in Sidney Bristol's Gone Geek series. I loved this it was a quick read, very geeky and a little bit kinky. Nate and Cara have been friends since grade school and have been in love just as long but neither of them wanted to jeopardize their friendship by admitting to the other how they felt so they went years secretly pining for each other and never knowing they felt the same for each other.

Cara needs a break from her life, she hates her job, her coworkers, and her mother's attitude has gotten worse ever since Cara had to move back home, lucky she saved enough to go visit her best friend in California for the weekend. Nate's first dream of becoming a NAVY SEAL ended in a damaged knee but his fall back was to work behind the scenes in Hollywood now he works freelance post production one of his jobs is for the YouTube hit show HitPoint in which his high school friends Josh and Brian work on also. (If you read Beauty and the Geek you'll remember meeting these guys already and Tamara and Stephen make an appearance.)

The first night back Nate can tell something is wrong with Cara and with a little bit of libation the truth comes out about how miserable her life is right now and Cara kisses Nate with that everything comes out. Nate kisses her back and they finally tell each other how they feel and start making up for lost time. Things don't continue as easily, Brian has an issue with Nate and starts acting like an ass. The main issue is that Nate likes to tie up his partner during sex and Brian makes assumptions and then there's Ellie. Nate and Ellie had an agreement it was just sex to satisfy a need but several months before Cara shows up Nate ended broke of that arrangement. Only now Brian is all butt hurt because he has a thing for Ellie and didn't know about them until now and is taking it out on Nate and Cara.

Cara's own past issues factor in big, her father practically ruined her life and when she found out that Nate was omitting facts she felt betrayed and hurt and didn't think she could build a relationship with him after that. Cara has to confront her own baggage before she can move on and Nate just hopes she can move on with him.

Overall, it was a really good read, I love Nate. I love all the geekiness of this series and how each one is different. Sidney knows geek and her knowledge reflects in the characters and I love the subtle kink in this one.  

Saturday, July 15, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz

I'm sad, not that this book was sad but I'm sad that I didn't like this one as much as I had hoped. The idea the concept it really intrigued me but the execution was not what I expected not after Ashley Bell, which I really loved. It was well written Koontz has an excellent active setting but does tend to get a little to wordy, and as much as I like backstory reading an almost repetitive internal monologue gets tedious. I could not empathize with Jane, I could not connect to her. You know she is FBI and had a loving husband and has an adorable boy that she entrusted his care to two friends, she just seemed to cold and methodical to me and really whiny at other times. Everything she is doing is out of love but she has let her obsession take over, she's paranoid and doesn't trust anyone but a limited few, but as they say you're not paranoid if "they" are actually out to get you.

The Silent Corner is the first book in a new series for Koontz it follows Jane Hawk whose husband unexpectedly committed suicide, afterwards she became convinced that he was all part of some massive conspiracy and his death was part of it. Jane has gone to the silent corner, a term used when you are not off grid but hidden on the grid. She is questioning people who have had loved ones commit suicide and has figured out just where this may have all come from and through some shady people and the use of blackmail she just might have figured out the exact person who is behind the whole thing. Jane must trust someone, that someone in a short time won her trust and friendship and can help her get to the bottom of it.

Overall, I was disappointed with it. Disappointed in the same way I was disappointed in Fear Nothing and Seize the Night, I stopped reading Koontz for a while after that. I don't think I'll read the next book because I frankly just don't care what happens.      

ARC REVIEW Wolf Hunt by Paige Tyler

Wolf Hunt book six in Paige Tyler's SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series. I loved it. I enjoy the suspense and the action and I'm a big fan of intsa-love. I also enjoy how the paranormal aspect plays second fiddle to the rest of the story, yeah it comes into play more so in this one than the others the fact that they are shifters is mainly for the romance side of the story. If you are new to the series the Dallas SWAT is a group of alpha wolf shifter, in the previous five books we have seen the introduction to the betas, a more submissive wolf shifter, and the omega shifters which are crazed shifters who are more animal than man. The Team has also begun to find their "One true mate" they can mate with anyone but the the One is the one person in this world destined to be with the shifter it is a rare thing that the guys originally thought was only a legend.

Like with the other books this one starts off on the traumatic experience that triggered their shifter DNA. Remy was a DEA agent who was in love with his partner and as you can guess it ended badly. Skip ahead almost half a dozen years later and Remy, Max, Jayden, and Zane are all in New Orleans for some cross-training with NOPD SWAT. For Remy it is also a trip home. The boys are out enjoying the nightlife when Remy gets a whiff of something good and follows it. When he finds the source he also finds his old school friend Triana and boom Remy finds his One True love, even though he's not going to admit it yet. Triana is only in town visiting her mother it's just happenstance that she is there the same time as Remy. Remy, whom she had such a crush on in high school and one of her dearest friends until they lost contact in college. Triana went on to study Forensic science and began working at one of the best labs in Texas in Houston.

The cross-training is going well but soon the buys are asked to take part in an active case, one where they can't pin down the new person in town bringing in drugs. Remmy and the other guys know who it is they just have to find the evidence that will nail him unfortunately this guy has a big political face and anything short of ironclad is just going to make the NOPD look like fools. Also Triana and her mom are having so trouble a mysterious person wants to buy an amulet that belonged to Triana's father. Triana's father was brutally murdered when she was in college and they never found the person responsible. Now someone is willing to go as far as needed to get the amulet that Triana's father wore and Remy isn't going to let anything happen to Triana or her mother because now that he has found her again he is not willing to let her go that easily.

Overall, this was a really good read. I'm just in love with every book so far, Tyler's active setting is fantastic and her romance always smokin' hot.        

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Batman Beyond vol. 1 Escaping the Grave

Batman Beyond vol. 1 Escaping  The Grave

DC Universe Rebirth
Issues: Rebirth and 1-5

By: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Bernard Chang (Artist), Marcelo Maiolo (Colourist), Travis Lanham (Letterer)

Story: Terry McGinnis is back from his own death, or faked death in this case, only to find that part of the city has been overrun by Jokerz, a gang of Joker wannabes who are shaking down the citizens for “protection” money, and rumors that The Joker is alive. To make matters worse the love of his life, Dana Tan who at this point doesn’t even know Terry is still alive has been kidnapped by the mad man behind the Jokerz. Terry is out of practice and the first couple confrontations with the gang end poorly but with the help of Terry’s younger brother Matt, and his best friend Max, Terry just maybe able to pull off a rescue and unravel the Jokerz from the inside out.

Art:  It’s pretty much how I expected it to be dark, futuristic, with accents of neon colors making it look very cyber punk-ish.  The detail work put into is great, the cityscape background was pretty impressive. The second cowl that he donned I didn’t care much for the eye holes were just shaped weird.

Characters: Terry McGinnis/Batman: is the young man that will pick up the mantle of Batman in the future. Bruce Wayne recruited him and trained him to take over. Matt McGinnis: is the younger brother to Terry who has custody of him. He idolizes his big brother and will do anything to help him. Max Gibson: Is the tech guru for the series her friendship with Terry goes way back she is irreplaceable (and in the animated series she was voiced by one of my favorites Cree Summer). Dana Tan: the love interest she was a high school sweethearts and until recently didn’t know Terry was Batman. Jokerz: the crazy money hungry gang who idolizes The Joker. Carter Wilson/Terminal: Former classmate and kind of a bully grows up to be a hopeful supervillain. Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, The Joker.

Review: I remember when Batman Beyond first aired on t.v. I loved the concept of it, and then to have it continue after the series ended with the comics was so much better. I love the progression of the story and how Terry just didn’t jump right back in and be all badass, he was out of shape, kind of, and he admitted it and worked around the issue. I also enjoyed how evenly paced the story was with the action and equal amount of intrigue. I always thought Terry was a great replacement for Bruce. Matt is a good comic relief.