Friday, January 19, 2018

ARC REVIEW The Clan Legacy: Shifters by J.S. Striker

Mate Hunt (Clan Legacy #5)  The Ultimate Shifter Leader Dylan Masters is in charge of everything shifter related, well except for those panther shifter down in Brazil but they leave each other alone. When Dylan gets word that his brother maybe involved in a shifter child slave ring on an island off the coast of Brazil. Dylan decides to handle this personally, taking with him a young wolf shifter names Simon and a young witch Robin they head off to Brazil to ask the panthers for help. Dylan is fully prepared for them to turn him down but they have a reason of their own besides the fact that the whole situation is wrong. Isabella Hart snuck on to the island to see what happened to her brother, what she ended up doing was breaking his cover. Lucky to escape she is eager to get back to help all the rest of the kids and her brother. Their plan is to use Simon and Robin to infiltrate the island and scope it out before doing anything but one thing leads to another and all hell breaks loose. But freeing the kids from the pirates is only the beginning. A sudden kiss between Dylan and Isabella sparks the passion that they have kept hidden from each other. But now that Dylan knows what she is to him not even her Alpha can keep him away from her. 

I enjoyed this one. It had plenty of action and Dylan is smokin' hot and of course with as powerful as he is Isabella would have to be pretty badass herself, trained as an assassin and can hold her own in a fight it's match made in heaven; or at least Brazil.

Hans (Clan Legacy #6)  The Bear Clan Leader Hans Greyson was the only one to refuse to help when the shit came down with the vampires, witches, and shifters, but he knows it was a mistake. He still hates vampires, and even more so now, witches. The bear clan has been cursed by a witch and it's up to Hans to track down the cure hidden up on an enchanted mountain in Scotland. Hans is prepared to make the trek to keep his clan alive what he's not prepared for is that horde of rogue vampires. Ever since becoming a vampire Nell has expanded her talents to not just the assistant to Lucinda, the leader of the vampires, but now a rogue vampire hunter too. Armed to the teeth with plenty of potions and enchanted items that may help Nell is set to destroy the nest of vampires who infested a Scotland mountain, she never expected to find the leader of the Bear Clan fighting for his life against a couple dozen rogues. Nell is able to save Hans and heal him with the help of a potion, but Hans' hatred of vampires is well known so she conceals (with the help of another potion) who she really is, Hans knows she's lying he just doesn't know why. It isn't until they face the gnarly witch that started the whole thing that the truth comes out but by that point Hans feels a certain pull towards Nell. They agree to help each other achieve their goals and get off the mountain alive. 

I love that Nell and Hans took their time with their love affair. For being a jerk in the previous books Hans sure did redeem himself. I think this was my favorite out of the box set. It was entirely focused on Hans and Nell and had a pretty constant flow of action.   

Isaac (Clan Legacy #7) Isaac Hart the leader of the panther clan, cursed to never leave the clans land. Cursed by a vindictive and petty fairy. So when one shows up in his home he prepares for the worse. Roxie went to Isaac as a last resort to save her mother, it was a long shot that Isaac would help her but with the promise to lift the curse and he reluctantly agrees. Once they get their it's clear that Isaac has been played, he's taken prisoner and used as a plaything for the fairies. Roxie feels bad she didn't know the King of the Winter Court was going to do this so she breaks Isaac out and together the have their own misadventures going from sadistic fairies of the Winter Court to horny ones in the Spring Court to the Summer Pirate Fairies and finally back to Roxie's home the Autumn Court where her mother banishes her into Isaac's keeping for an undetermined amount of time. But Roxie's mother keeps her promise and removes the curse from Isaac. Isaac and his clan welcome Roxie with hesitant but open arms and the more time Isaac spends with her the more he wants her to stay, and Roxie wants to stay she'll even risk her own life to protect the clan. But can either of them ever truly admit their feelings?

This was a nice one it had a good flow and I liked the characters. I wasn't expecting a trip through the Fairy Realm so that was a nice surprise.   

Erik (Clan Legacy #8) not included in the box set but can get for free I believe when you sign up for her newsletter.

Simon (Clan Legacy #9) Simon and Robin continued to train together after the events of Mate Hunt. After Robin's time was up she went back to Africa to continue her training with her mentor, Red, to be the most powerful witch on Earth. Fast forward a bit Robin is one of the most powerful witches and Simon is well Simon, he has worked his way up and one of Dylan's best. Robin has earned some time off and the only person she can think of to spend it with it Simon. But upon her arrival Dylan asks a favor that she work with Simon one more time to rescue yet again shifter royalty Lucy, and along to help out is Jake. But things are not what they seem when they get there with demons and hidden mazes throw in the fact that Simon just realized his feeling for Robin are not and have never been platonic and he's feeling jealous as hell and conflicted because falling in love with her messes up all the plans he made to have a shifter mate. But that all goes out the window when he realizes that Robin's life is still on the lines and he can't stand the thought of life without her.

This was the only one I have read and reviewed previously, it's not my favorite mainly because it doesn't flow as easily as the others do, but I love Simon and Robin they are great characters and had a great adventure together.  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

ARC REVIEW Howl For It by Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden

Like A Wolf With A Bone
by Shelly Laurenston. The prequel in her Pride series originally published in 2012. The main characters in this are the parents of Dee-Ann, and because this is a prequel and about the parents of course it would have to take place in the 70s. I was diggin' it I could just picture the Farrah Fawcett feathered hair the bell bottoms and southern rock blaring on the am radios, ooooo and the muscle cars. Needless to say I loved the setting. The characters, you can always count on Laurenston female characters to be just as foul-mouthed as they are badass. Eggie you gotta love that strong misunderstood man, sure he would just as soon as kill you as look at you but after he meets Darla-Mae he knows his life never going to be the same again.
Darla-Mae knows just by looking in his eyes that there is a good side to Eggie that other people just don't see. Darla-Mae was allowed to go to San Francisco to study to be a pastry chef, Eggie is in a super secret shifter only black-ops and was hardly ever home. Darla-Mae and Eggie had never met before even though all his brothers are mated to her sister. When they finally do meet Eggie is saving her life. Before leaving San Francisco Darla-Mae saw something she didn't even know she saw and now a bunch of human are trying to kill her and she doesn't even know why. Eggie will stop at nothing to protect her and she trusts him enough to know what he's doing and that he will keep her safe. Darla-Mae is a pacifist and pretty much takes everything in stride, except her sisters, and because she avoids fights Eggie's parents, the alphas of the pack, view her as weak. Boy are they wrong.

Wed Or Dead by Cynthia Eden. I'm not that big a fan of Cynthia Eden's Paranormal Romance I prefer her dark romantic suspense. But this was okay, it starts and it kind of throws you into it and it left me feeling like something was missing. Kayla's parents were brutally murdered by a shifter a hunter found her and her brother and raised them to be hunters too. Gage is an alpha wolf shifter just trying to keep his pack safe. He knows Kayla's secret the moment he sees her but he also knows that she's his mate. With all the hunters after them Gage is willing to wait until Kayla has realized her entire past is a lie and he's her future. But Kayla is a little slow on the uptake and only after they get captured does Kayla realize how much of a lie her life has been. There is some great action Cynthia Eden is always good with that. I liked the story I just wish this was a full length novel instead of this novella that felt like it was truncated. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

ARC REVIEW A Wedding at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer

Book two of Kieran Kramer's Two Love Lane series focusing on Greer Jones and Stanford Elliott Wentworth Smythe, the Eighth Baron of Wickshire, or Ford for short. I find myself really liking this series the cast of characters are fun and so likeable it's easy to get absorbed into their world. This one is funny and Ford is so sweet at times. I liked that their romance and seduction took a little bit to get into, they took their time and got to know one another first before sleeping together, but not keeping them from fooling around and doing everything but that. Two Love Lane is a matchmaking agency between the computer algorithms and Macy being part cupid Elle, Macy, and Greer have made a name for themselves as the go to for finding your true love. 

Greer Jones has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. For Greer it has to be perfect, that means the groom too. When her high school sweetheart and long time boyfriend proposed she realized they really were not right for each other.  Here she is four years later still getting grief from her parents about not marrying him and the fact that he's marrying someone else. Greer is truly happy for him if not depressed that she's still alone but for him she's happy they are both doctors and just perfect for each other. Until she finds out that they are having the wedding in Charleston and moving here.

Ford Smith is in the states to find his muse. As an artist he knows he paints well but there is something missing from his painting. He's in a funk and hopes that a change of scenery might help. In Charleston he finds his muse, the woman he wants to paint more than anything else. Now the tricky thing how's he going to meeting her, so he follows her. He follows her into the auction house and he does met her when she starts bidding on a wedding dress and accidentally sits in his lap. They are formally introduced when Greer runs into her ex and his fiance whose friends with Ford.

For Greer that wedding dress was the epitome of the perfect wedding dress. It didn't matter that she wasn't currently engaged but she planned to be someday. Unfortunately she was outbit by the prissy, stuck up, metrosexual Pierre Simons. Pierre will do anything if it hurts Greer after all they couldn't find him a love match at Two Love Lane, and has therefore set out to ruin them and this dress is just the icing on the cake. Pierre decides to make it a contest, for brides to get the chance to win this spectacular wedding dress. That's not going to stop Greer she enters anyways. It's clear that Greer has no chance at winning unless she has a partner Ford steps up to the task, and in return Greer agrees to model for him.

Overall, this was such a fun read. Aside from all the contest fun Greer and Ford go through and falling in love there is a side story that Greer helps along (love the Nodding Hill reference) with Elle's sister. While Greer is faced with her baggage and deals with it head on, Ford is slow on the up take, it takes a bit for his to realize why he won't admit to actually being in love with Greer. But when he does he goes all out.        

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ARC REVIEW Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spear

Heart of the Wolf is the first book of the series of the same name. It was published ten years ago and to celebrate the awesomeness of the series the publishers re-released this one. When I found I could review this book I jumped at the chance to read it, having read and enjoyed the more current  subsequent spin-off series, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I loved everything about his book except for two things Bella's lack of belief that Devlyn can defeat Volan and Devlyn, I just didn't like him. One thing that shocked me because it not this way in her more current books but there was so much sex. I want to complain about it because it was borderline gratuitous but it was so damn hot at the same time. And I think all the sex threw off the pace of the book not a complaint just an observation.  
  Bella Wilder, a red wolf shifter, was rescued by Devlyn when she was a small pup when a house fire killed her family (in the 1800). Bella has always loved Devlyn but the alpha of the pack has been obsessed with her and wanted her for a mate, Bella was determined never to let that happen to the point she ran away from her adoptive family to live as a lone wolf. One hundred and fifty years later Bella is living a quiet life when she is out on a run one day she is shocked to discover the scent of another red wolf in the area. She is so distracted she gets caught by humans in her wolf form and sent to the zoo. Making headline news gives her the attention she has been trying to hide from. Volan certainly knows where she is by now and as Volan's loyal lap dog Devlyn is sure to show up soon enough to take her back to the pack. But now there is also the local red wolf pack whose leader, also called dibs on Bella, out there ready to force her into the mating. By the time Devlyn shows up Bella is ready to run for it again, but Devlyn has had enough and is ready to claim her right then and there and face Volan. Top it all off with the fact that one of the red wolf pack members is going around killing natural redheads and Bella won't leave until they figure out who it is and stop them.  

Overall, it was a good story, I think it could have been better but I enjoyed it. What I really liked was the bonus novella Night Wolf at the back, that was a great story!  

ARC REVIEW Collision Course by Marie Harte

YAY! Lou finally! Book four of Marie Harte's Body Shop Bad Boys, Collision Course. Despite what you might have thought about Lou in the past books, he's not a manwhore. Lou is a ladies man, true, but he likes the courtship. He actually likes relationships, he likes dating and getting to know a woman before sleeping with her. He was raised by a single mom and half a dozen aunts and helped raise all his female cousins and sisters, he knows how to treat a lady. With that being said he never wants to marry or have kids of his own, in his words he's raised enough kids in his lifetime. So it only makes sense that he falls for a single mom, only he doesn't know it, yet. 
 Joey Reeves made a stupid mistake when she was a teenager and her parents never let her live it down. They never forgave her for ruining the plans they had for her but that mistake was also the best thing to ever happen it gave her her son. Joey has spent the last nine years dealing with her parents backhanded compliments and passive aggressiveness, now that she has finally gotten promoted to manager of the flower shop and has a good opportunity to be able to branch out to do weddings she is ready to move out and away from her parents. She also decides it's time for her to start living again, and if that includes dating the gorgeous guy who works for her friend, Del, then so be it. After spending the last nine years trying to apologize to her parents and show them they are wrong about her and being entirely focuses on her son, it's time to focus on her for a change, as long as it doesn't interfere with her son.

Joey's decision to not tell Lou about her son was after some serious thinking, after all she didn't know Lou, she didn't know if it was going to be serious or just casual. It was made in the best interest to her son, to protect her son. After all he didn't need a father, her son has a father who abandoned him before he was born and signed away his legal rights as father. Unfortunately for Joey the same man is back after nine years and wanting to meet his son and make amends. Neither Lou or Joey were looking for serious but it didn't take long before they were head over heels for each other. But between Joey's son and Lou and wanting to be a father, no matter how awesome he is at it, those issues just can't be ignored.

Overall, I love Lou. He is such a Casanova. (Don Juan was a manwhore who slept with every woman and then discarded them; where as Casanova really loved and cared about women who took the time to know them and remained friends with them afterwards.) Joey is a fantastic mom. I am so loving this series each of the guys are different enough to keep you entertained and each of their books unique to their characters. Marie Harte is so good with character development and romance, the sex is pretty hot too. I am crossing my fingers that Heller's book is soon.        

Thursday, January 4, 2018

ARC REVIEW The Duke Knows Best by Jane Ashford

Book Five, not including The Bargain because it technically isn't part of the series but it is the same family, of The Duke's Sons series comes to a close; I think... I mean this is the last son of the Duke's to get married. I love Jane Ashford's writing this series has been a joy to read, some I liked better than others and out of all I think this one ties with What the Duke Doesn't Know as my least favorites of the series. I liked the idea of the story but I just really didn't like Lord Randolph. Verity was fine then she would say stupid things and it would make me want to facepalm. I think the best character out of the series is the Duke himself and the Duchess, they know their kids so well that they can predict what and how they are going to act. As little as they are in the overall series they hold that family together like nothing else.  
Lord Randolph is a vicar and before he needs to be at his next parish he decides he needs a wife, then he meets Verity. Verity was raised basically isolated from society, having both parents prefer the country life Verity was determined that she would never get stuck living in a boring country parish. Upon meeting Randolph Verity, who has no filter, makes asinine remarks about vicars and country living. Randolph and Verity do share a passion for music and soon they are asked to perform together. The time they spend rehearsing they get to know each other better and Verity realizes how wrong and harsh the words she spoke were. They fight their feelings toward each other mainly because they know they are not what each other want, Randolph loves being a vicar and Verity wants adventure.

Overall, I really couldn't feel all that connected to either Randolph or Verity, and even though everything was tied up with a little bow, for one exception Olivia, wtf. I like Jane Ashford's writing and this was a good read I just didn't feel the connection.

ARC REVIEW To the Duke, With Love by Amelia Grey

The second book of the Rakes of St. James series, To the Duke, With Love, is a great second story that could be read as a stand-alone. It wasn't as good as the first one but it was still good. Aside from me just not liking Sloane as a boys name, blame Ferris Bueller for that, I liked this book.The few books of Amelia Grey's that I have read I have enjoyed. This one was amusing and entertaining and if I hadn't gotten sick while reading it and a sleep most the time I probably would have finished this book in one day. 

The Rakes of St. James earned their name after a youthful drunken bet almost ruined a handful of girls, and now that their younger sister's are coming out there has been rumors going around that it's their sister's turn to be ruined. The Rakes have no idea who is at the root of this rumor but so far one sister is safety married. Sloane Knox, the Duke of Hawksthorn, is determined to marry his sister off before the season starts or at least have her engaged. Hawk has gone through all the young men of the ton and finally found one he thinks is best suited for his sister. Loretta Quick and her younger brother, Paxton, were raised by their uncle. When the time was right he arranged a marriage for Loretta, right before the wedding she changed her mind. He uncle furious sent her and her brother away to live in the isolated Mammoth House and forbid her to ever go into society again. 

On a cold and wet night Hawk shows up at Mammoth House to talk with Paxton about arranging the marriage between his sister, Adele, and Paxton. What he finds is the stunning Loretta, and no Paxton. Instead of going on his way like a gentleman should the rain and the cold keep him there alone with Loretta, except the few servants. Hawks is fascinated with Loretta, she has him wanting things he's never wanted before and even though as a gentleman he shouldn't he kisses her anyways. Loretta is against this arranged marriage and plans to make it difficult for Hawk to talk Paxton into it, but as Hawk says it is ultimately her brother's decision. When he leaves he promises to return to see her brother, and see her too. They end up making a deal that Paxton and Adele will meet beforehand and decide if the arrangement is suitable or not. Paxton and Loretta will visit Hawk's country house and give everybody a chance to get to know one another, especially Hawk and Loretta. Hawk is willing to forget about his earlier determination never to marry as long as it is to Loretta. Loretta, however, has vowed never to marry and she takes that vow very seriously and Hawk will try his damnedest to get her to change her mind.

Overall, the romance between Hawks and Loretta is just that romantic and hot, the chemistry is there along with some great sexual tension. The secondary story of Loretta trying to save the street rat was nice and it helped move the story along. Grey's writing brought these two characters to life for me and very much enjoyed this and look forward to the next book.