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Jennifer Probst is one of my favorite contemporary romance writers she is funny and writes some pretty hot stuff. She has written a series Married to a Billionaire contains four books. Most recently she has another series out Searching For series which is connected the Married to a Billionaire series. She has also switched gears for a paranormal romance about a very unique superhero.

Searching For series

 Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst This is the first book in the Searching For Series. This picks up from the Marriage to a Billionaire series, with the twins Gen and Izzy, and a brief look into the last series' Happily Ever After. A funny story about a matchmaker meeting her match with a divorce lawyer. I have only one other book By Jennifer Probst, The Marriage Bargain, I loved it just as much as I loved this one. It is not imperative that you read the last series but it does give you the added benefit and insight to the twins and this book gives the hinting of their books in the future. I am chomping on the bit to read the rest of the Marriage to a Billionaire series and the upcoming books in this Searching For Series. Kate Seymour has a gift/curse/witchy talent that allows her be to able to see when two people are perfect for each other, she uses this gift to be a perfect matchmaker. With two of her best friends she uses common sense, detailed profile, counseling sessions to help get over issues that have prevented you from finding the right one, and sometimes a makeover, to aid in the finding if you believe you have she uses her touch to confirm. The only problem is she can't find the one for her, date after date she has failed to find her soul mate. Slade Montgomery is a jaded divorce lawyer who believes that love doesn't exist that it is only a pheromone inside your head that confuses you in to thinking you’re in love. He is fiercely protective of his little sister left in his care after the deaths of both their parents. He tries to protect her from everything believing she is too emotionally fragile to handle anything, especially after her suicide attempt. Until the day she announces she's moving out to a smaller community, quit her job at a big university for a community College and signed up for a matchmaking service. Slade believes the worse. Trying to prove that Kinnections is a fraud just trying to lead his sister to heartbreak and take her money he signs up. The only problem is that he is strongly attracted to Kate. Kate finally feels the touch with someone, that electric shock that tells her she has found the one. The hijinks between the two the back and forth on an off again pulls you and makes you just want to smack Slade.

Searching for Perfect: by Jennifer Probst Book two in Jennifer Probst's Searching For Series. I loved this book. The trio of women in this series are some of the best I have read they are each so different but devoted and loyal so close they are practically sisters. All the characters are so well written I feel as if I have known them forever. The story takes you in and wraps you up, I read it straight through stayed up late to finish it. Kennedy Ashe is the social director for Kinnections, the matchmaking firm that she started with her two best friends. Her job is to help boost the confidence of her clients, and while she may seem self-confident she is still dealing with her own personal demons. Growing up she was overweight and due to being bullied and sexually assaulted she developed an eating disorder, now as a beautiful adult she still worries about her weight. Nathan Ellison Raymond Dunkle, yes his initials spell out NERD, is a rocket scientist... Aerospace Engineer, and he is tired of being single so he attends a speed dating function held by Kinnections and completely bombs the whole thing. After talking to him Kennedy takes him one as her own "Eliza Dolittle" she is going to make him over and teach him how to properly behave on a date and throw out all of his brother's horribly bad advice. Nate problem now is to convince Kennedy to embrace her Nerd side and admit he is the one for her. Nate is an avid golfer, and Kennedy hates it but is a natural at it. While golfing one day Nate makes a new friend Wolf, if you have read the previous book you know as a friend of Kennedy and her group of friends. There is also follow-up on the side story of Wolf and Gen and their unrequited love story. Nate seems to be completely hopeless when it comes to picking up women and the girls at Kinnections put him through some pretty funny trial and error practice runs, one including an electric shock collar. I love (as a geek myself) how Nate's favorite drink is a Darth Martini, even thought what's in sound gross. Kennedy and Nate end up sharing things about each other that they normally don't with other people and it becomes clear to Nate she's the one he has been looking for. After a bad night they become intimate and boy if Nate sucked at picking up women he more than makes up for it in the bedroom department. But after spending two nights and one full day with Nate, Kennedy runs scared and is determined to keep their relationship a business one. She continues to set him up on dates even after he admits is love for her. When Kennedy finally comes to terms and admits her love for Nate it just might be too late. The story of Kennedy and Nate is a laugh out loud keep a box of tissue nearby kind of story and Jennifer Probst excels at those. These just keep getting better.

From the Baby it's Cold Outside anthology: 

 Dante's Fire: by Jennifer Probst Probably one of the best superhero stories I have read in a while. Jennifer Probst has the ability to take a genre and make it her own whether it just Contemporary or Paranormal she stands out. Trust her when she says a new kind of hero, Dante is the best kind of hero. I already love Jennifer’s writing style and the bits of humor she instills in her stories the touching moments between the main characters that stand out in your mind and it all makes for a memorable reads. Dante’s Fire is no exception, it’s just plain exceptional. Dante Stark was born with a power, it wasn’t until the horrible rape and murder of his mother that he figured out what it was and how to use it. Magically he is called away to help woman either before or after they are physically attacked and he helps them heal mentally. Dante owns a powerful real estate company but with his need to remain anonymous he hands the job of running the company to his best friend and he becomes the mail boy. Selena Rogers has worked her ass off to get to where she is now working at Inferno she is one contract shy of getting the promotion of a lifetime. On her way home one night she is physically attacked by two men but before it could get any worse she is saved by a masked man, who burns a mark in the offending men as a reminder to never lay a hand on woman in violence. The masked man takes her home helps her bandages her wounds and holds her until she fell asleep. On the nights that follow he shows up when she has nightmares and helps her get back to sleep or talk things out. Selena doesn’t know who he is but her growing emotional attachment for him is confusing her especially since she has been good friends with the mail boy Daniel, and the friendship is growing into something more. But her conflicting emotions are not the only troubling thing happening in her life the contract she needs to get her promotion is getting more troubling. Dante never meant to fall in love with Selena but after two years of getting to know her and then helping her in the hero capacity seals the deal. I can go on about how much I loved this book but then I would just get tired of typing and you would get tired of reading it. Jennifer Probst admits the inspiration for the story came from a long car ride with boys talking comic books and you can tell. Stark as in Tony Stark, Selena as in Selena Kyle aka Catwoman and even her last name Rogers, Captain America, Steve Rogers. It is always a pleasure to read Jennifer Probst books and I look forward for more from this series.

The Steele Brothers series:
These are reissues of early works ( except for Beg Me)  her BDSM romance

Hot in the Hamptons:

Is a series Jennifer Probst did with Liz Mathis and Wendy S. Marcus

Billionaire Builders series:
All or Nothing at All (coming soon)


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