Thursday, November 19, 2015

ARC REVIEW Steele Brothers Series by Jennifer Probst

I love Jennifer Probst, and when I started reading her books a couple years ago I never expected her to write in the genre of BDSM. But WOW!

I am blown away, it's a nice subtle theme in the book. I was very impressed. The characters are battling their own demons and past hurts, connect for one night of passion. Tara to prove to herself that she is a sexual creature despite what he ex said she can move past the fear he instilled in her. Rick is stuck in a rut, all the mindless encounters since he found his fiance cheating on him, have gotten old and he needs some connection.

Tara is a natural submissive, she loves to please. But her last relationship he abused Tara's need to please horribly; so that when she finally go the courage to move on she was badly scarred mentally and physically. Tara opted for a night with a man who would be gentle with her; with her being extremely self conscious she thought that is what she needed, what she got was Rick. Rick takes on look at Tara and knows their is something special about her, and after one night with her he doesn't want to let her go. Rick is willing to teach and show Tara everything about how a relationship should be. Tara still scared is hesitant; Rick is patient and knows the best thing for her.
"I want to give you the pleasure you give me.
I want to give you my body, and my heart.You helped me see that I'm beautiful, and worthy of love.You helped me see...Everything."
This story was a great quick erotica read. I never expected this from Jennifer Probst and it has shown how versatile she can be as an author.

Book two, Play Me, delves into the BDSM theme a little more.
"What do you get if you win?"His face turned. Determination and promise gleamed from those blue-gray eyes in warning. His voice dropped to a growl. "You of course. But you'll listen to everything I say without any back talk." He paused and deliberately stated at her with the look of a warrior issuing an order. "And obey."

Rome Steele followed his brother to Vegas, and with little pushing he accepts the blind date with FANTA-C. One night, one perfect night with the perfect woman, what has he got to lose. Rome is pleasantly surprised to find a champion poker player, someone he's been half in love with. Sloane Keller was dubbed "The Queen of Cards" a beautiful woman who appeared on the scene and blew everyone out of the water. She was the perfect woman to give Rome the challenge he craved.

Sloane won the jackpot when she first saw her date for the night, stomach flip flopped and their was something about him that commanded her attention and made her want to give him everything he asked for, not that she would make it easy for him. The bet made, one hand of BlackJack, he wins she obeys him in every way for the night; she wins and he is hers whatever she wants. Sloane loses, but not just the hand of blackjack she loses her heart to him; but with Sloane's life she is worried that her work will jeopardize any relationship she will have and is scared to risk it with Rome

Play Me shows a little more of the dominating side of BDSM, a little bit more on the theme then the first book. A really nice storyline and likable characters

Dare Me, book three, Rafe Steele isn't like his brothers sure he's a card dealer like them, just moved to Vegas looking to start over after leaving the military; but unlike his brothers he secretly yearns to be dominated by a woman. So when his brothers give him the FANTA-C card for the perfect night he knows exactly what he wants. Summer Preston is not what he was expecting, she is a cute girl next door type. But Summer surprised him by immediately taking charge, being understanding, made him feel loved. The both enjoyed their one night and continued their budding relationship but after some time Summer started to feel like the dirty little secret.

Rafe has a lot of self discovery and issues to work through but the thought of not being with Summer tears him apart inside, and having her dominate him scares and thrills him. But he has to be able to admit to himself and to other that he is a sub before Summer will let the relationship continue.

"He was happier on his knees and showing his devotion than he'd ever been trying to dominate or control a woman in the bedroom."
"He was truly himself and vulnerable, and she made him feel more cherished and adored than any woman could."

Rafe and Summer work through some of the hard parts of a BDSM relationship, and the fact that Rafe is scared of what other people would say to find the big soldier and leader of men is a submissive in the bedroom. 

Beg Me, the final and previously never before released Steele Brother book and probably the most BDSM predominate themed of the series. Rem Steele always knew he was a dominate and in college when he found the perfect girl; his perfect submissive he knew. Cara wasn't so sure and at times it scared her so she left without explanation, leaving Rem broken hearted. Rem was never able to get over Cara, every woman since has been a poor comparison to Cara. Rem was the last of his brothers to finally make the move to Vegas, and his brothers knowing him gave him the FANTA-C card. Rem only did it so that he could finally move on. But FANTA-C really works magic the perfect date they matched up for Rem is Cara.

It was first supposed to be the final hurrah, one last time to get each other out of their systems. But all it did was dig them in deeper into each other's hearts. Cara was finally able to verbalize her fears to Rem and admitted she hadn't orgasimed since him.

"I'll give you as many orgasms as you can handle."
Oh, no. 
She stood frozen in place. Her belly fluttered with sweet anticipation and a hint of dread.     
Through the night they finally open up fully to each other and now Cara is willing to be exactly what she needs to be with Rem, but now with the new information of why Cara left Rem is scared that he isn't the dom she needs and rejects her. Rem, with the help of his brothers realizes his mistake, but it might be too late for Rem to win Cara over after the last rejection. Rem isn't going to give Cara up that easy though.

Overall, this series surprised me. I never knew Jennifer Probst could be this versatile. The progression of BDSM throughout the series gradually becomes more intense so by the time you get to Beg Me it can be a little tough for some to handle, I loved it, but I think I've just got thick skin when it comes to that. All the characters are great, I love the brothers. The struggles that they each have to overcome are very believable and very real struggles people face in the lifestyle. 

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