Thursday, September 8, 2016

ARC REVIEW Shadow Falling by Rebecca Zanetti

This is the second book of Rebecca Zanetti's Scorpius Syndrome and while I enjoyed it I felt like something was missing. I loved the prequel novella and I was so excited for the series, but the first one was a little disappointing and I really didn't like Jax (I thought he was a bit of an ass). This one I enjoyed the story, the romance and conflict between Raze and Vivienne; I also liked Raze so much more than Jax. I guess I wish it was all a little bit more science fiction than just dystopian/post apocalyptic action, that's just my preference the prequel was more sci-fi and I really enjoyed that one. One thing and really I'm nitpicking but it is a pet peeve, "bazooka", nope sorry I cringed it pulled me out of the story and just, nope. I really don't like that stupid name. Unless it's an M1, M9, M18, or M20 rocket launcher, or another variance of those, it wouldn't be called a bazooka. (sorry, it's just me) There were some, I think, unnecessary parts in the story that just made me question why was this happening? How is this important to the overall story? I hope it all comes together in the later books.

What I did like, Raze and Vivienne, Vivienne especially. She was previously infected early in the outbreak, and as the FBI's best profiler she was used to track down the survivors who turned into sociopaths. Her instinct and determination is what lead the crazy president to think she was psychic, so he kidnapped her and tortured her injecting her will all manner of drugs. This lead to her current state of semi-crazy, she sees her dead step mother who tries to convince her that she can read minds. The drugs also disintegrated the filter between her brain and her mouth and she says some of the most embarrassing things and she can make fun of herself for it; she has become more open, more relatable to the people around her. She never gave up. Raze has a secret and as much as he trusts Jax and the other Vanguards he feels like he has to do this himself. He's very independant and alpha but a big softy when it comes to Vivienne. He's protective but knows when to give in he knows her strengths and lets her do her thing. Raze is very loyal and what he is being forced to do is torturing him inside. The relationship between Raze and Vivienne is strained at first, the sexual tension is there and they would both act on it but Raze is uninfected. After Jax gets done being an asshole it all changes and then there is no separating the two. Until Vivienne discovers the reason Raze is secretive, but even then it doesn't last long.

Overall, aside from the few things that I didn't like, this had some great action and suspense a very caring alpha male, Raze. It gave some clues as to what happened with the prequel couple Nora, Deacon and their psycho, but not near enough! I am desperate to find out what happened with them.      

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